Chapter 055: I’m One Years Old!

“You’ve even contacted Kingdom…”

The Prince replied calmly to Alistair’s dumbfounded mutter, “It’s a truly difficult situation, your cooperation is vital even if you don’t know this. And that’s not all.”

“There’s been a lot of dissatisfaction in the regions in Frontier because Kingdom is the only place with a barrier. They’re also not happy that the people in Kingdom are living inside the barrier while relying on the magic stones produced in Frontier.”

Well, of course.

“But what happens if Frontier doesn’t supply enough magic stones? Wester produces the most magic stones out of the three regions of Frontier. We lightly hinted that we wanted Kingdom people to fill the magic stones.”

The Prince continued, “Of course, we’ve also made a formal request to the royal family in Kingdom. But, we only hinted that we have people from the Albans and Lisburn families.”

No one could say anything. The mayor couldn’t stop this. Bart and his crew didn’t know what to do because they knew that I wanted to go back to where father was and that Alistair didn’t want to return to Kingdom. 

“I’ww go.”

“Lei!” Alistair said sorrowfully after my declaration. 

“A magwic usher wiww come from Kingdom. If Lei ish there thhen they don’th need Awishthair,” I said clearly. They will probably come up with some excuse for why they had an Albans child but not a Lisburn child. They didn’t need us as magic users; they needed us to act as bait for the magic users of Kingdom. 

The Prince put his hand on his chin and looked at me when I said this to Alistair. “Hmm. To be honest, I’d rather have you, the summery-blue eyed child rather than a baby who isn’t useful.” I stared back at him. 

“The fief capital has received information that Albans is frantically searching for his baby even though he’s doing it in secret. I guess it’ll be fine if you’re the only one who comes.” Then he scoffed. It wasn’t like he got cooler just because he laughed. But, his cold image was fading a little. 

“You’ve got candy scraps on your face.”

He’s an arsehole after all.

“But, summery-blue boy.” The Prince tensed his face and looked at Alistair. 

“This barrier box plan was carefully planned out by us siblings when we realised that we had a lot of magic power at a young age. Your guardians may be able to turn down this request since you’re only 11. But when you turn 18, you’ll be coming to the fief capital even if you hate it. Keep that in mind.”

Alistair clenched his teeth and looked down.

“In the end, it will be for Lentforce.”

He lifted his face when he heard that. 

“Prince, that’s mean,” Bart, who had been silent, said.

“A messenger will come here from the fief capital every year until he’s an adult. But what will happen to the reputation of this barrier town that everyone envies?”

“That’s why I’m saying you’re mean!”

“I’m just saying the truth. Frontier isn’t affluent enough to leave a magic user alone.”

Everyone was at a loss for words. It’ll never end like this.

“Need thime.”

“Lei, that’s right,” Bart was surprised by me and answered in place of Alistair.

“We’ve certainly heard your request. But we’re their current guardians. Alistair doesn’t know what to do, and not everything Lei says is right.” 

I looked up at Bart in surprise, and he nodded lightly. This was something I had decided.

“I want them to think it over before they make a decision. You’re not going to tell me to bring them to you tomorrow too, are you?”

“Hmm. I actually want to see them tomorrow though.”

“Impossible. If you can’t wait, then, we’ll take them there. You can go back first.”

That’s probably not how someone should talk to a prince, even as a joke. I watched Bart and the Prince in anticipation.

“Fuu.” The Prince sighed in an un-prince-like way.

“We were only late because we heard of scoundrels who planned to kidnap her, so we went looking for them. What’s with your remarks?”

 “What did you say?”

The people who tried to kidnap me? The Prince’s amazed face went back to a serious one. “Do you want to know more about it?”

“Of course.”

“Then, give me your response as soon as possible.”

“Fine. I’ll do that.”

It’s like they’re making a gloomy deal.

“In Kingdom, there seems to be a force that doesn’t want that baby to return to Kingdom.”

“Did you find out something about this?”

The Prince shook his head. 

“It’s just a guess. They went out of their way to use the name ‘Remington’, so they probably aren’t part of the Four Marquises. You can also reach this conclusion if you consider that the current prince of Kingdom is 2 years old and has strong magic,” the Prince stopped speaking there. I didn’t know that there was a prince in Kingdom. There are a lot of things that a one-year-old doesn’t know. 

“That baby who’s playing innocent-.”

It seems like I’ve been demoted to a baby who’s playing innocent.         

“I’d say that there are guys who are worried about them being around the same age.”

Oh. A two-year-old and a one-year-old? No way. I looked off into the distance.

Bart, who had been silently listening to the Prince, stood up. Everyone else also stood up, and Alistair carried me off the chair. There’s still some sweets left! I felt disappointed. 

“Wrap up the sweets.”

“Ah, yes!”

When the Prince said that, the servant quickly wrapped all the sweets on the table so that it could be carried in one hand. He might actually be a decent person. 


“You’re welcome.”

The servant smiled and gently rubbed my head when I thanked him. 

“You’re not going to thank me?” I held onto Alistair’s hand and was about to go home with my snacks in hand, but I turned around when I heard the Prince.


I smiled and the Prince froze with a surprised expression on his face. What’s surprising? There’s nothing to lose by smiling. Because smiles are 0 yen. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM