Chapter 063: It’s Still Too Early to Get Engaged (Otou-sama’s POV)

“Even if I were to decide on his fiancée, Diana, that girl being closely related to you means that she is also closely related to Luke. I wouldn’t choose someone from your family.”

“Oh my, Luke was born this excellent because we joined together. It’s a smart choice if you think about the next generation.”

I know that that way of thinking exists.

“Listen carefully, I’ll repeat it. Luke doesn’t have any plans to get engaged right now.”

“But they look like they get along really well.”

“That’s because they shouldn’t listen to the adult’s talk, so Luke was considerate.”

“No way!”

I was disappointed that Diana wasn’t interested in Luke, himself.

After that, a troublesome silence continued to reign the room.

“Oh yes, do you know that there are rumours that the Four Marquises are divided?” Diana suddenly said such a thing. I was surprised because I had never heard of this before.

“Really? How are they divided?”

“You. Do you honestly not know?”

It’s really frustrating.

“They say that the Albans instigated the Lisburns away from the other two Marquises and the supervision department.”

“I didn’t know that,” I answered honestly.

“I thought you wouldn’t,” Diana seemed shocked. 

“You’re blunt, and you totally don’t understand a woman’s heart, but at the same time, you also wouldn’t plot or scheme. You’re not that passionate.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say.”

“But you know, I think it’s just a small fraction.” 

I noticed that she was serious, so I looked at her face properly for the first time.

“You’re old.”

“I hate that part of you.”

Dammit, I said it out loud.

“No matter how much you hate the duty of the Four Marquises, people around you will think it’s only natural that you do it. People are jealous that you have power and enjoy benefits from it.”


“The only people who know the truth are the few around you. It really is just a small fraction,” Diana interrupted me.

“If possible, I want to chip off that power. If possible, I want to replace the Four Marquises. If possible, I want to obtain strength that is close to that of the Four Marquises. Many people think that even if they’re not from your generation.”

“Like people from your house?”

“… Yes, just like them. You should be grateful that they’re easy to understand.” Diana turned away rudely. Come to think of it, she’s a woman with a pretty side profile.

“You’re old, but your side profile is as beautiful as ever.”

“I also hate that side of you.”

She gets angry even if I compliment here. There’s nothing I can do. She’s difficult to deal with because she always flies into a fit of rage. 


“Aunt Diana.”

Meanwhile, the two are back. The girl named Chelsea was blushing happily. Luke was the same as always. 

After that, Luke suggested that Chelsea drink tea since she was tired from playing. He gave her sweets to eat, and they had a lot of fun talking about the academy. 

“Our business is done. If you’ll excuse us.”


Unlike our curt greetings, the children were gentle.

“I had a lot of fun today.”

“Me too.”


Maybe because the child named Chelsea is more immature than Luke or perhaps this was how she is, but she said honestly, “I heard that I’m going to be engaged to Luke-sama. I came to meet you because of that.”

Luke raised an eyebrow in surprise, “Who said that?”

“Well, my grandfather and aunt.”

“Not your Otou-sama or Okaa-sama?”

“No. They told my aunt that it was still too early.” 

Diana turned her face away as if it was tiresome.

“But, I think it would be fine if I got engaged to you, Luke-sama,” Chelsea smiled and said.

“Chelsea…” Luke looked troubled. “I’m grateful for your feelings, but I’m not old enough yet. I still have a lot to learn. I’ve never thought about getting engaged.”


“Listen, Chelsea, like your Otou-sama and Okaa-sama, said, it’s still too early. It’s something you decide after you grow up a little more.”

“I understand. But can I come back after I’ve grown up more?” Chelsea said innocently, and Luke sighed secretly.

“If you want to see the garden, then it’s fine. But if you want to come here for an engagement, then don’t.” 

Chelsea’s eyes filled with tears. But Luke didn’t lie to her, “Engagement and marriage are something you do when you become an adult.”

“What is this? You can’t even give her hope?” Diana said and stood up. She put her arms over Chelsea’s shoulders and tried to leave. Then, without looking at Luke’s face, she said, “But I like it when you’re honest.”

And then left.

“That’s Diana.”

“Yes. I understand, somehow. Lei is more adult-like than her.”



“Lei… certainly… haha… I see… I think the unbefitting conduct of hers is practical. I thought that was her nature, but if you think of her as an adult, then it isn’t right… haha.” 

The figure of Lei, who I was trying hard to not remember, revived in my mind. Lei, who crawls out secretly from the gap in the door. Lei, who pretends not to notice something that she’d noticed. And yet, her happy shrieks are very cute.



I put my arms around Luke’s shoulders, and he put his around my waist. Then a knock came from the door when we were remembering Lei.


“It’s Jude. It’s an important matter.”


Jude came in and said, “The person who went to look for Ojou-sama is back.”

I felt like time had stopped. However, the arms of Luke which were around my waist became vigorous. Lei.

“I’ll see him right away. Show him to my office.”

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Editor: Sam