Chapter 069: Mouse is Not a Compliment

It was called a tough spot, but when we went there during the day, I could see mountains on the left and the sea on the right. It was a beautiful scene. Come to think of it, I saw the sea on the left on our way to Lentforce and got excited in my basket. At that time, I was so happy to see the sea that I didn’t even notice the mountains on our right. 

So it was that time? I remembered. This happened for a few days, but our tent, which was enclosed in a barrier, was surrounded continuously by Hollows. After a hunt, the number would go back up while we slept. Bart and his crew who usually kept one person on watch were so nervous that they did it in pairs. 

I was used to Hollows and hunting at the time, but I would still be influenced by the unpleasant sounds the Hollows produced whenever they hit the barrier and would wake up feeling uneasy. 

Bart told me to use Alistair’s barrier box when the time came because we don’t know what would happen. He said that I might end up with the barrier box, so I should prepare myself. 

While staring at the sea, I was made to listen to such things and recalled what had happened a few months ago 

“Hey, Leila.”


What is it? I’m behaving myself, so why is the Prince falling back while still riding his Rug Dragon?

“Are you alright?”


About what?

“You’re too quiet.”

“Worried abouth Lei?”

“I’m not worried about you or anything! I was just wondering what was going on with you since you were too quiet!”

“Thhen gimme whishthwe.”

“No! I worried about you for no reason.”

“Worried abouth Lei.” I smiled. He actually has a sweet side to him.

“Hmph!” The Prince returned to the lead in anger. I giggled. The guards also smiled. 

We progressed steadily, and it soon became mid-afternoon. Our journey for today would end once we see the traveller’s huts.

We had 20 people with us, so we couldn’t fit into a 10 person hut. There wasn’t any room to spare even if the hut was big enough for 10 people. However, if we divide our group into three, then our defence will weaken. 

I wondered what they would do, and we ended up using two huts. The Rug Dragons had a separate hut, so we put them in there. I think one of the prince’s good points is that he doesn’t fuss over special treatment even though he is a prince.

Three people need guards. Prince Hubert, Alistair and me. There are ten guards. Apparently, they had a discussion about whether they should put us all in one hut or split us up into the two huts. In the end, they decided that we would all be put into the same hut with five guards, Bart, and Mill. 

We weren’t camping, but we had to cook and get ready for bed. The Prince prioritized getting guards, so he didn’t hire anyone for cooking and chores. I wondered what would happen, but Bart, Mill and Alistair did the cooking. 

Of course, the guards tried to help, but they didn’t know where to start, especially when it came to cooking. 

“I said it’s fine. We’re hunters, but we’re also chefs. Meanwhile, take turns cleaning up,” the guards were told. So, they put up a cloth at the corner of the room and took turns wiping their bodies and changing. They could have changed into their pyjamas since we were at our lodging, but they still had to guard, so they changed into the clothes they had prepared for the next day. 

The Prince looked as if he wanted to say something when Alistair helped me bathe, but Dory wasn’t around so he couldn’t say anything. 

It’s been a while since I’ve had warm soup made by Mill that was filled with a lot of shellfish. 

“Where’sh thhe pothathoesh?”

“They’re being boiled separately. I’ll mash them for Lei.”


Mill mashed the potatoes up for me. Dory wasn’t here today, so I grabbed a spoon and fed myself. I was annoyed that my body wouldn’t move the way I wanted it to even though I knew how to eat neatly. This happened at every mealtime. 

I put the spoon in my mouth. I chewed and swallowed.

“Miww yummy.”

“It is, isn’t it?”

I stuck my spoon into the potatoes and scooped it up. Hmm. I might have scooped too much. 

But why did everyone stop eating? Some even had their mouths open. 

“Eberywon, eath,” I said as I started on my food.

I carried the spoon to my mouth, but I had put too many potatoes on my spoon so it might not fit in my mouth. Yes! *CHEW* It was fine. I like having it a bit chunky. I enjoyed the chunky bits until the end and swallowed. Why is everyone swallowing at the same time as me?”


“Really? Lei, you like potatoes too much.”


Someone muttered, “Lei-sama likes potatoes.” Is no one going to eat? But, I saw that everyone had already finished when I looked at them and I was the only one left.

Potato. Soup. Bread. Soup. Potato.

They’re paying a lot of attention to me. What’s with this? *CHEW CHEW*

“Eh, it’s a prairie mouse.”

“Prince! You can’t say that!” The Prince was reprimanded by the guards. But, does that mean that everyone is saying the same thing even though they won’t say it out loud? *CHEW CHEW*

I looked at Bart. He tried to avoid my eyes. I looked at the guards who always accompanied me at night. They quickly looked away. I looked at Alistair.

“Prairie mice are cute.”

Yup, guilty. I stuck my spoon into my potatoes and scooped out a lot. 

“Ai. Eath.”

“No, I’m…”

“Awishthair, eath.”


Alistair stopped moving for a movement and opened his mouth. 

“Yummy, righth?”

“Y-yeah, it’s good.” Alistair hates potatoes. His voice sounded pitiful, but he should be sorry. But that might have just been an outburst of anger.

Under Mill’s guidance, the guards took turns cleaning the kitchen and sorting the luggage. Two blankets per person. One was used as a rug and the other to hang. 

“Now, we have eight people, so we’ll have four shifts in pairs.”

The Hollows can’t enter the hut. But, they were going to take turns keeping watch because there was no telling what could happen. Alistair and I are the only ones who can sleep throughout the night. 

“Wiww thhe Prince guard thoo?”

“Of course.”

Even if he was taking the easiest shift, it was remarkable that he was helping to keep watch at all.


“Of course, I am.”

The Prince crossed his arms and puffed out his chest. Are you a kid? 



It was rare for him to call me Leila.

“I’m Hubert. I may be a prince, but it irritates me when you call me that.

What an annoying person. 



It’s a little long.


“Guhee.” That was probably a guard. The Prince uncrossed his arms, crouched down and looked me in the eyes. Then he put his hands on my cheeks.

“Whath’re chu doing?”

“You…” He rubbed my cheeks.

“Damn, it’s soft.”

“Weth go.”


The Prince, no, Huu let go of my cheeks and frowned. 

“Listen, I said you could call me by my name, but I didn’t say that you could call me by a nickname. Do you understand?”


“No, you do. You’re doing it because you know. Definitely.” 

The muttering Prince is weird.

“Your Highness, it’s hard for an infant to say, Hubert.”

“But she’ll just get her way.” 

The Prince made a face that said, “But she gets it,” to the guard who had gently advised him. 

“We’re the adults.”

“Damn. Why do I feel like I’ve lost?”


“Argh! Whatever. You can call me Huu. You get it?”


We’ll get along if we stay in the same room after all. I was satisfied and went to sleep straight away.

“Ah, I feel a little sorry for the Prince too,” I have a feeling that Bart had muttered this. What do you mean ‘too’? Rude.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Anon