Chapter 070: 3rd Day at the Tough Spot

The first and second days went smoothly. The road will widen the day after we stay in this hut, and then we can stay in an inn. It is said that children are weak, but I can easily fall asleep even if someone is holding me and I was able to sleep soundly even if there was only a blanket laid on the floor, so it was fine. The Prince said he was accustomed to this because he went on a lot of inspections to different places. 

Isn’t Dory having a hard time? 

“I’ve already experienced this on the way to Lentforce,” she said proudly, but she looked tired, so I tried not to trouble her. 

When we meet in the mornings, she will check to see if I am wearing my clothes properly, if I ate correctly and if I was clean. She also did this with Alistair who hated it. Of course, we did all those things properly even if she wasn’t with us, so it was fine, but it’s funny how she seems disappointed if there isn’t a problem. She probably wants to take care of us. 

So Dory was generally docile. I didn’t bother Dory on our entire journey and tried to be a good girl so I became her favorite.

“Leila-sama, please lookup. Okay, your neck looks clean. Next, please raise your hands. Okay, your clothes are put on properly.”


The Prince, who was watching me being looked after by Dory and obediently raising my hands, looked at me as if he was looking at something creepy.

“Not only can she do everything by herself, but she’s also someone who forced Alistair to eat potatoes.”

Oh, did you notice?

“Well, Your Highness. Children of this age want to do everything themselves. Still, they can’t manage it, so they need help. Right, Leila-sama?”

“Aai,” I answered honestly, and Dory looked at me warmly, but the Prince eyed me suspiciously. 

“Who are you?”

“I’m Leiwa, Huu.”

“You, for crying out loud.”

He turned red for some reason and walked off somewhere. The Prince is a pleasant person. 

In this relaxed atmosphere, it showed on everyone’s faces that they couldn’t wait to stay in town after the day is over. But, the guards, who arrived before the sunset, gathered together and had a discussion. “It looks like the guys who followed us are still there. If they want to hurt us, then it’s best to let the Hollows take care of them here. However, given their tactics so far, they are most likely to try and kidnap Leila-sama or Alistair-sama. If so, I think it would be dangerous for them to attack us here. It’s impossible for them to get through the Hollows.”

Bart shook his head, “That assumption quickly crumbles if one of them has a barrier box. A normal barrier box is about three metres in diameter, right? What if someone were to hold that, carry Lei away and run off on a Rug Dragon? We wouldn’t be able to chase after them.”

I thought about various scenarios on what to do when they attack.

“Let’s use the barrier box today.”

“Your Highness, that’s…”

“The Hollows definitely won’t come into the huts if we stay in them. But, it’s been bothering me how blind we are to our surroundings once we close the door. I don’t have a problem with using it because I can channel more magic into the magic stone. The only reason why I haven’t used it before now was that we didn’t need it.”

On the last day we gathered all the luggage into a separate hut, and everyone gathered in a single hut. They lit the portable light, and the light could be seen from a fair distance away. 

The barrier box was set up outside so that it would cover the entrance of the hut, and activated. Bart and his crew took care of the Hollows that had obstructed the barrier just before it went up, and the guards remained vigilant inside. 

Alistair’s barrier box was also made known to everyone, and it was entrusted to those who couldn’t fit inside the hut. It will be activated if the Hollows manage to get inside. Depending on the situation, each barrier box will be moved to the hut next door.

“I’ll help with diminishing the Hollows,” Alistair announced and the Prince had a serious expression as he said, “Alistair, you stay in the hut with Lei. The barrier box belongs to you, doesn’t it?”

“I’m useless at fighting with others. Lei will be protected from Hollows within the barrier. If an unexpected enemy appears, I’ll be a burden as well as drag Lei down.”


The Prince was astonished that Alistair had said something surprising. Mill tapped the Prince’s shoulder lightly.

“Prince, Alistair might be an apprentice, but he’s a hunter. He’s called an apprentice because he’s only 11 years old, but his strength isn’t inferior to that of an adult’s. He’ll be more useful hunting Hollows than sitting back here. Right, Alistair?”

“Of course.”

Alistair puffed his chest out with pride. Mill looked at Alistair as he spoke casually to the Prince, “And it’s easier to protect him if he’s close.”

The Prince was startled, but it didn’t seem like he understood. Mill nodded lightly, “Then Alistair will be hunting Hollows. Don’t overdo it.”


Alistair looked bright as he turned to look at Bart and his crew.

“You…” The Prince looked down at me.

“It’s Leiwa.”

 “Leila you stay in the hut. You got that?”

“Ai,” I agreed vigorously. I know. All this was probably caused because of me. Protecting me is a job.

“Well, babies should sleep.”


“It makes me angry when you’re that obedient.” The Prince is an annoying person. I shrugged.

“That also makes me angry.” He ruffled my head before leaving.

“Ah, Ojou-sama’s hair…” It goes without saying that Dory nearly fainted. 

Once today’s schedule was decided, we quickly had dinner, placed the portable lights in various places and waited for night to fall.

“You’ve been with us for a long time, but you haven’t properly seen a Hollow yet, have you? You should observe them early in the night,” the Prince said. Those who followed him to do chores, not to fight, looked terrified and took turns to go outside.

The barrier box was placed on the table, which was usually used for tea time. The radius was 1.5 metres from the centre. Half the guards were in the hut so that it wouldn’t be too narrow.

The lights began to assert their existence as the sunset in the sea and radiated. Swaying shadows began gathering at the hut, one after the other.

Many of them were in the forms of animals, but some were human. 

“It’s a person. A person! We have to let them into the hut…” The servant, who prepared snacks and tea, tried to stagger to the front. But, his companions stopped him. 

“If that is a person, then they’ll be fine with the barrier. They’ll definitely come in, so you don’t have to go out.”

“Ah, oh, I see.” 

The Hollow, who looked like a person, drew closer to the barrier as everyone watched it. *WHIRR* it was repelled back.


With that, the other Hollows started getting repelled by the barrier, *WHIRR, WHIRR*. The servants were stunned and glanced sideways. Kyaro, Clyde, and Alistair moved forward.

“No way…” 

The faint red glow from the Rhodolite sword tore through the Hollows who were illuminated by light. Their bodies shifted from the cut, disappeared with a whiff, and the sound of magic stones being dropped could be heard.

“Woah.” The servants put a hand to their mouth, paled and pulled their companions back into the hut. This is the Frontier. 

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Editor: Anon