No one answered, and a circle closed around me at the centre. Dory was shivering, but she hugged me and pretended that she couldn’t see the man.

“Fine, do it.”


Along with the man’s voice, his follower grabbed the man at the front of the circle and dragged him out. He binded the man’s arms behind his back and put a sword to his neck. The man who was caught was the one who always makes tea.

“Woah, stop!”

Dory held onto me tightly and turned her back on the scene. But, I could see the scene well from between the gaps.

“I’ll kill him if you don’t give me the girl.”

“Ah, wah, uooah.”

But, no one moved.

“We don’t have time. Do it.”

The man who was pinning that person down put force into his hand.

“No!” The man’s hand stopped when he heard me.

“Dory, weth me go.”

“No. Leila-sama, be quiet.”


“She’s there,” the man said.

“Dory, weth’sh thaw, k?”

Dory reluctantly let me go.

I met the man’s eyes for the first time. How rare. Are his eyes amber?

“Oh, your violet eyes are easy to tell even if they’re light. So you’re Albans’s daughter?”

We seemed to be thinking about the same thing, but I wasn’t obliged to answer.

“I’ll let this man go if you come here.”

“Lei-sama, you can’t. Uooah.”

The catering Onii-san seemed like he wanted to say something, but his neck was suppressed tightly. 

The sounds of a furious battle continued at the door, and there were no signs of anybody coming to help. Even if I don’t follow them now, I’ll get people involved in this and eventually be taken by them. If that’s the case, then there’s no other way.

I stepped forward, and Dory stopped me, “You can’t!”


Speaking of which, I forgot that I was still holding onto the barrier box. I gave Dory the barrier box.

“Howd ith properwy.”


“Howwowsh come.”

When we leave, the Hollows will come through the hole in the wall. Then, everyone will be killed.


“Ith’sh oway.”

I walked towards the man step by step as people kept calling me. Of course, I was tottering. At times like this, I can only stall.

However, I was scooped up in no time at all and lifted up.

“A barrier box? Should we take it?”

“No! Chu promished.” I began to struggle as I said this clearly when the man looked at Dory with disturbing eyes.

“Tsk.” The man glanced at the barrier box in annoyance and held the struggling me as he walked out of the hut.

“Leila-sama!” Everyone’s heartbroken voice followed me from the hut. It’s inevitable. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday. 


Outside the hut, there were a few men, one holding a large mallet and another an axe who were gathered around a man who was holding a barrier box. There were also Rug Dragons, so it was narrow. 


“Kyee!” The Rug Dragon wandered around restlessly in response to my voice. There were five adults and five Rug Dragons. The inside of the barrier was very narrow. The Hollows around the barrier were repelled *WHIRR, WHIRR*.

“You got her!”

“Yeah. Let’s withdraw. The fark. The Rug Dragons are annoying.” 

The men jumped onto the Rug Dragons. 

“Don’t leave the barrier!” The Rug Dragons began to move when a man said that. The dragons had to move when they were told to even if they were worried about me. 

Moreover, the Hollows were waiting for them if they went a little out of the barrier. The dragons couldn’t move quickly. The group who were attacking the wall on the side of Lentforce headed in the direction of the fief capital, where we were going. 

I was held on the left of the man who was controlling his Rug Dragon with one hand. It felt uncomfortable, but I’ll fall off the dragon if I struggle. I remained still, but when we passed the entrance of the hut, “ARRGGHHH!” I raised my voice as loud as I could.

“Damn baby! I thought she was going to stay still!” 

The man held onto me tighter, and I couldn’t speak. However, the people around the hut noticed us.

“Lei!” I heard a voice say, so they at least knew where I was going. This was all I could do.

“I heard that you were small, but jeez!” 

I didn’t feel the need to answer and was jolted by the dragon. It seems like it’s dawn. The sky is getting a little brighter. 

The dragon quickly stopped. We could still see the hut. There was a group guarded by a barrier box where we had stopped. They had around five people and a lot of Rug Dragons. Those dragons are probably for the men who attacked the hut. They didn’t fit in a three-metre diameter barrier. 

So, there should be two barrier boxes here. The attack team has three and the people who kidnapped me have one.  

Five people kidnapped me. They have five people here, and there were probably 20 men who attacked the hut. It was a large-scale operation. 

I was put down roughly by the man who descended the dragon. You could say I was abandoned here. I fell down. 

“Hey, that’s the important violet kid, right? Don’t be rough on her.”

“I know, but they noticed us because she caused a commotion.”

“What did you say?!”

I got up but curled myself into a small ball as if I was frightened. Is there anyone who could blame a toddler after seeing this?

“W-well, it can’t be helped. Prepare to withdraw,” the person, who seemed like the leader, issued an order, and everyone divided into groups of five.

*Piririri* he blew a whistle. It’s not a glass whistle. It’s a real whistle. The men at the hut started coming back here when they heard the sound of the whistle. They were probably holding the barrier box as they moved.

Everyone at the hut had to protect the Prince, so they couldn’t move. Bart was right. 

While he may have been right, I wasn’t going to just sit around and wait for them to take me away. I had observed my surroundings when I was thrown down. I looked at the hut. The sea was on the left, and the Wellington Mountains on the right. They were nearer to the mountain range because they had barrier boxes. 

Fortunately, this group hadn’t turned on their lights so that the people at the hut wouldn’t notice them. Even though morning was approaching, we could barely see each other’s faces.

If I run away, I’m sure I’ll find a way back to the hut. 

Then, I should hide in the dangerous mountains. 

I crouched down and moved to the edge of the barrier little by little. 

They hadn’t paid any attention to me after the man had thrown me down. He’s probably going to hold me with one hand while he controls the dragon with the other again. They didn’t prepare any baskets. They seem more concerned about their allies who were rushing back here.

A little more until the edge of the barrier.

“Hey, where’s the kid?” A man noticed. I stood up and ran towards the direction where the sounds of the Hollows were. *WHIRR*

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Anon