Chapter 073: The Sound of the Whistle

“Hey, wait!”

No one waits when they are told to wait. I made a thin barrier around myself as I stepped out of the barrier. I quickly crouched down after taking several steps towards the hut. 

I felt a man’s hand graze my back. 

“The kid went out of the barrier! Give me a barrier box!” 

It wouldn’t be difficult for them to catch me if they searched for me with a barrier box. I got on all fours and began crawling towards the mountain without hesitation.

I wasn’t showing off that I was able to crawl quickly for a baby. At the beginning of autumn, while the grass was still high, I crawled above them like I was some kind of insect. I quickly crawled while firmly maintaining my barrier.

Those who were carefully paying attention to me would probably notice that the Hollows were being repelled off me with a WHIRR.

But, they didn’t notice that I was turning at a right angle towards the mountain. The men took the barrier boxes and searched for me on the road that led to the hut. 

“She shouldn’t be dead yet. Find her even if she’s weak or dead!” A man said some horrible things. I crawled further toward the mountains. However, if went too far away, then I wouldn’t be able to see what my enemies are up to. I sat in a way that wouldn’t stand out and strengthened my barrier.

“We made it!”

“Now, let’s go back!”

These men must have been the ones who stormed the hut. It seems like they’ve returned to their base.

“Did you pass the kid?”

“Kid? Did she get away?! No, we came here straight from the hut, but we didn’t see her.”

“What should we do? There’s no point if we don’t have her. The sun’s coming up soon.”

The base was noisy.

“Left and right! Expand the range and search for her again!”


I was shocked. Now that the men have returned, they have three more barrier boxes. Their search for me had become easier. But, the grass will expose their movements if they rustle around too much now that the sun is rising. 

When I heard the sounds of rustling come closer, “Piririri,” a whistle was blown. 

“They’re coming with the hunters in the lead! Should we fight?! Or should we withdraw?!”

“Tsk,” this voice belonged to the man who had taken me. I made myself smaller.

“Our strategy failed? We don’t have enough people to get rid of them without leaving any witnesses. These are all the people we hired,” he muttered such terrifying things.

“Alright, gather around! We’re withdrawing,” he shouted and left with a rustle. 

The number of Hollows bouncing off my barrier became less as the surroundings got brighter, and I heard the sounds of Rug Dragons running. 

I also heard the Rug Dragons from the hut as if they were chasing after the men. 

“No, Kyaro! Stop!”

“Bart! But, Lei’s…!”

“You saw them too, didn’t you? They had about 30 men. Honestly, it would have been dangerous for us if they attacked us all at once. Don’t chase them too far.”

“Fark! I can’t believe they’re using the barrier boxes for something like this!”

To hurt people and commit crimes. I didn’t think that they would use it for these things. It was nice to be picked up by people who lamented these things. The morning sun rose, and the Hollows also disappeared. I dispelled my barrier.

I will make my appearance in a cool way now. I stood up.

But the grass was tall. The grass that hid me from my enemies is now hiding me from my allies. 

“Now, let’s hurry back to reorganise and then we can gather information in the next town. They broke the hut and attacked Wester’s royal family. This isn’t just about Lei anymore.”


“Get a hold of yourself, Kyaro,” I heard Clyde’s voice while walking desperately towards them.

“The bigger the incident, the more resources we could use to find Lei. We have to hurry and get to the next town.”

“… You’re right. Okay.”

Don’t agree with him, Kyaro! Look for me a little more! I grew impatient. Something, do I have anything? Oh right!

I took out a grass whistle from the pocket of the Rug Dragon. I get it remade from time to time, so it should work. I blew on it with all my strength.



“Now, let’s go.”



“Wait! Be quiet,” Bart’s voice made Clyde wait. Alright, they noticed it.



“The Rug Dragon’s reaction. That’s…”


“Over there!”

The rustling got closer.



Bart, Kyaro, Clyde and Mill appeared.

Huh? Mill didn’t talk.


His face was a mess of tears and snot.

“Miww chu shhowd hab a handwerchief.”

“Yeah, I’ll bring it with me next time. Definitely.”

I’m saved. Bart picked up the crouching me.

“You were great. You did an amazing job. I’m so happy. Really glad.”

“Now, let’s go back.”


It goes without saying that I was welcomed back at the hut.


I was surprised that the Prince hugged me, but he quickly handed me to Alistair.

Alistair hugged me and didn’t let go. Those who were in the hut cried and apologised.

“Now, now, at any rate, don’t let the mud drop.” Everyone noticed my muddy appearance for the first time after Dory said this. My knees, elbows and palms were covered in mud, and my hair was covered in grass. I looked horrible.

Dory immediately took me to the cabin, “I really want to give you a proper wash, but we have to get to the next town and send people after those men. Let’s wash your hands properly.” My hands were washed, and my wounds treated.

“Leila, it must have been hard on you, but we have to hurry to the next town,” I was put in the basket while covered in mud, and the Prince said this to me.


“I can hear your voice. Clearly.”

I looked proud.

“I’ll let you have it just for today. Here.”


The Prince handed me some new whistles.

“I made them with Alistair. We’ll be troubled if you get bored when you come back.”

“Huu, thanwsh.”

The Prince’s voice sounded a little strange, but I didn’t care. He probably made these because he thought I wouldn’t return. 

“Then, let’s go!”



The group began to move.

“… It gets on my nerves after all.”



Two weeks until we arrive at the fief capital. I hope we will arrive safely.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Anon