Chapter 074: Person Who Think Bad Things

It wasn’t far to the next town. The narrow road suddenly spread out from where we stayed on the third night, so there were hardly any dangers from the Hollows. I noticed that we were running along the coastline, but I think we’ll get there before noon. When I regained conscious again, I was on a bed in the inn, and I had a band-aid wrapped around my arm.

Dory quietly came into the room carrying a tub while I was looking at my arm.


“Oh my!”

Dory put the bucket down next to the door and quickly walked to the bed. She put a hand on my head first.

“You don’t have a fever. That’s good.”

“We in thown?”

“Yes, you fell asleep on the way here Leila-sama, so it must have been quick for you.”


I must have been tired. Dory helped me up when I was squirming.

“You had a little cut, so I wrapped a band-aid around it just in case. You were dirty, but it’s fine since you were wearing your clothes properly.”




Dory brought a chair to the side of the bed and held my hand. She held it gently as not to hurt my wound. 

“You can’t be reckless.” Dory is probably talking about me protecting my allies. Well, it was reckless. But, the situation had been absurd to begin with. It was a difficult choice for a one-year-old to make. 

No. It wasn’t difficult. I would always make the same decision. I don’t want someone to die protecting me. So, I didn’t reply to Dory. I just stayed quiet and looked forward. 

Dory gently let go of my hand. 

“I wonder why? I know in my head that there’s no point in talking to you about this because you’re still a baby, but everyone talks to you like this,” she smiled wryly while speaking.

“Eat a light breakfast, and we’ll go downstairs. Everyone has been worried about you.”

“Ai,” I was able to reply properly this time. Bart and Mill showed up while I was eating, but I didn’t see Alistair, who would normally show up first. 

“Where’sh Awishthair?”


Kyaro looked at Clyde, and Clyde shook his head faintly. They looked iffy. 

“He ishn’th injured, ish he?”

“He’s okay. Alistair is, I mean, he’s confused about climbing the stairs to adulthood or going back to himself.” Kyaro scratched his head because he didn’t know what to say. 

“He’ll definitely come up here to hug you and not let you go, but right now he’s stubborn. Alistair that is.”


“I think it’s fine for him to act his age, but he wants to grow up faster.”

So, that’s why he’s lost right now. I tilted my head a little, and Clyde lifted me up. 

“You’re so cute, Lei.” 

This isn’t the time to say that. I slapped Clyde’s hand, and Kyaro looked serious, “The Prince being attacked is a major incident. Alistair is following the Prince even though the Prince is going around, giving orders all over the place.”


Speaking of which, Alistair was like that from the start.

“Awishthair awsho obshervesh Barth whiwe thravewwing.”

So that he would be able to take the initiative without being taught. What does he have to see? How does he have to move?

Clyde swayed me gently, “Lei also observes a lot.”

Because there’s not much I can do other than observe. I always think they’re remarkable.

“Now, shall we go down? Everyone’s worried about you.”


Every inn is similar. We went down the stairs and slowly headed to the dining hall. 



People were calling me from all directions.

“Ai!” I replied in a loud voice, and everyone was relieved. Meanwhile, one of them came out to the front and kneeled down in front of me. 


He had a bandage around his neck. He was the one who was taken hostage. You got hurt at that time. 

“Necw hurth?”

“Just a little bit, Lei-sama. Just a little bit.”

His neck hurts a little bit. 

“Heaw quicwwy, w?”

“Lei-sama, I…” The servant quickly put his hands on the floor. What’s going on? I was surprised.

“I’m sorry you were taken away by the enemy because of me. E-even though it doesn’t matter what happens to me!”

It does matter. He was flustered for some reason, and the door opened with a bang. The Prince and Bart entered. 

“Lei!” Alistair, who was with them, ran up to me and lifted me up.

“Are you alright?!”


He was just holding me, but I was honestly curious about the person on the floor.

“Awishthair down.”

“Don’t wanna.”

“Awishthair!” I made my tone a little stronger. Alistair reluctantly put me down. 

“If I hadn’t said that I wanted to hunt Hollows and stayed by your side… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s because I was taken hostage.”

They both looked down. I understand their feelings. When I looked up, Dory and everyone in the room looked as if they were thinking about what they should have done. I looked at the entrance and saw that many of the guards were injured and bandaged up. 

The Prince remained silent and had a poker-face on. 

I looked back at the two who were looking down. 

“If you were thhere Awishthair thhen you wouwd have been widnapped.”

Alistair raised his face in surprise. 

“They couwd have thawen anyone hoshthage.”

The servant raised his face.

“Becaushe Lei wash there.”

“Lei! You’re wrong!” I shook my head at Alistair’s voice.

“Everyone wash burdened becaushe Lei wash thhere.”

It’s the truth. No one said anything. But, I know.

“Lei bad?”

“How can you be?! What is so bad about you being yourself?!” Alistair screamed.

It’s the third time. People fought desperately for me. Someone got injured trying to defend me. I can’t help but think this even if it’s unpleasant.

I looked up.

“The bad onesh are thhe bad peopwe.”

Everyone was dumbfounded and went silent.

“The bad onesh are thhe peopwe withh bad thhoughthsh.”

“The bad ones are the bad people…” The servant muttered.

“Lei ishn’th bad. Awishthair ishn’th bad. Everyone did thheir beshth.”

The Prince nodded as if he agreed with me.


“Ai, sthand.”


The servant stood up.


“Awishthair, puth me down.”

Alistair was still holding me. It was no use, so I put my hands tightly around his neck. Then, I looked straight at the Prince.

“Yewwow eyesh.”

The Prince widened his eyes.

“What is…?”

“Bad pershon shaid Lei’sh eyesh are vioweth. Lei awsho shaw thhe bad pershon.”

“Yellow eyes.” 

The room became noisy.



“Tell me more.”

How annoying, but okay. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Anon