Chapter 075: I Ended Up Here

I had come down to the dining hall but ended up returning to a room upstairs. However, it was the Prince’s spacious room. I sat down deeply on the coach with Alistair. The Prince said I would probably not dangle my feet if I sit like this. Isn’t it okay if my feet sway? 

“Leila, you said that the enemy’s eyes are yellow, but did you make a mistake because of the dim lighting?”

“Lei shaw bad pershon.” (Lei saw bad person.)


The colour of people’s eyes represented their power in this world. A very light colour meant that they had strong magic power, no matter what colour it is. Even so, I have never seen yellow eyes before.

“I’ve heard about this before,” Kyaro muttered.

“The royals of Kingdom have golden eyes.”

“Don’t say something rash. The royals of Kingdom don’t have any reason to kidnap Lei.”

The Prince looked at the guards, and they nodded.

“But, I’m not sure about this either. It is said that the Easter royal family also has golden eyes.”

“Easter.” Bart and his crew couldn’t help but leak in surprise. This is also the first time I’ve heard of this. 

“There’s no way Leila would know about this. I’ll teach you about geography. It can’t be helped.” 

The Prince said it can’t be helped, but he was smiling. He definitely wants to talk about this. But I’m interested.

“The world we live in is surrounded by the ocean. Kingdom is at the centre, and there are three frontier territories around it.”

“Trii.” (Three)

“That’s right, Leila, there are trii kingdoms.”

“Trii.” (Three)

“No, three kingdoms,” the Prince quickly corrected himself. 

“First, is Farland, north of Kingdom. Farland is closer to Lentforce than Wester’s capital.”

“We trade with them.”

“I guess you would. The people who were originally forced out of Kingdom were appropriately divided into regions.”

The Prince nodded and continued. He spoke rationally.

“The founding of a nation is like that. Then, Wester southwest of Kingdom.”

Everyone nodded.

“And east of Kingdom is Easter.”

“Now that you mention it, it must have been. But…”

“We hardly hear their name. Wester and Easter are separated by mountains, and we have little diplomatic relations with them.”

“Yes, the north of the capital should be a dead-end full of mountains.”

Kyaro and the Prince talked.

“We do have diplomatic relations with them, but it’s not very active since we have to go through Kingdom. Easter has mountains on the south and north, but their territory is mainly on the ground level, so they don’t get much damage from Hollows.”

I didn’t know this at all. Even about Farland.

“That’s why it’s a place like Kingdom.”

“A dependant nation,” Kyaro muttered.

“But like, being a dependent nation, is kinda like Kingdom, right?” Mill asked curiously.

“Well then, couldn’t they just normally say that they want to marry Lei?”

That’s right. But I don’t intend to.

“It’s worth getting married to her if you don’t know this playing innocent baby.”

The Prince is rude.

“However, Kingdom doesn’t let those in the Four Marquis line out of Kingdom. That’s why Leila will never be in Frontier.”

The Prince looked at me.

“Or that was how it was supposed to be.”

I ended up here. And I had no choice in it. 

“Come to think of it, why did Lei come to Frontier?” Kyaro asked after all this time.

“I can imagine what happened, but can you talk about it now?

I can. I thought about where I should start. Let’s start from the beginning.

“I shwepth, wash wowen up, changed and wefth.” (I slept, was woken up, changed and left.)

“Who did that?”


Bart and his crew were stunned. They probably remember Hannah. The Prince and his guards looked questioningly at Bart and his crew, but Bart signalled that he would tell them later.

“When I wowe up again, I wash in thhe dragon bashweth.” (When I woke up again, I was in the dragon basket)

“What happened to that, Hannah?” Bart asked as if it was a difficult question to ask. 

“She cried, why, why me thoo?” (Too)

“So that means she was planning to only hand you over. But I can’t believe that a young kid like that would help in a kidnapping.”

I also wanted to know why she did it. If she did have a reason for doing it, then I wished she had consulted with Sebas. Even if I were the only one who was kidnapped, Hannah would have been caught as the culprit, and she wouldn’t be able to live with her family any more, let alone cure her brother’s illness.

“Her brothher ish shicwwy.” (Her brother is sick)

“Was she threatened…?” Bart’s face said, “So she had a reason for doing that.”

“We where always on da dwagon. Otou-syama came thoto sab me.” (We were always on the dragon. Otou-sama came to save me.)

“You, Marquis Albans, came personally?!”


I nodded at the surprised Prince.

“The dragon ran and went out with a ding. Otou-syama shthopped.”

“So he couldn’t cross the border…?”

Even though he almost had me.

“I see. At that time, you had just separated from your pops…”


“No, wait, what happened to the kidnapper?”

“Wash shthopped.” (Was stopped)

I looked at Bart and did my best to explain.

“Dragon ran, thhen shthopped. Differenth bad pershon came.” (Dragon ran, then stopped. Different bad person came.)

“Their allies?! They were probably supposed to meet up…”

“Den howwowsh appeared.” (Then Hollows appeared.)

“Fuu,” someone sighed deeply. Alistair put his hands on my shoulder and hugged me tightly.

“Even if Marquis Albans couldn’t, the others could have crossed the border.”

“The convoy was probably with him. They also can’t cross the border. But…” 

The Prince patted my head.

“I can’t believe that this playing innocent baby went through so much.”

“A lot of things also happened afterwards.”

“Tell me about it,” the Prince said to Bart, who was looking off into the distance, and then he looked at me with unusually soft eyes. 

“We’ll get to the capital safely!”

“Ai! Gimme whishthwe.” (Give me whistle.)

“I can’t do that.”

He still won’t give me the whistle even though he’s kind. 

“The dragonsh wiww go fashther.” (The dragon will go faster.)

“They’ll get tired, so no.”

Fine. I puffed my cheeks out, and Alistair poked my cheeks straight away. We both started laughing. Huh, what were we talking about?

“We just heard about what happened to Lei.”

Oh yes. We were talking about the bad people. 

“Now then, could you talk about how you saved her in a place with no barrier?”

The Prince sounded startled. 

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