Chapter 080: The Town Before

A week has passed since then, and the distance between the towns became shorter. There was a highway going through the prairie, and we saw more people and Rug Dragons. I saw mountains in the direction the capital was in before I saw towns, and found out that the capital was near the mountains.

In short, there were a lot of Hollows. 

The capital is near the east end of Wester, and I don’t think it’s a convenient place to rule over the whole of Wester. If they’re worried about safety, then the safest place to be would be that town where we hunted. I thought it was strange.

My thoughts aside, once the people who we passed knew that this was the Prince’s party, they avoided us, got off their Rug Dragons, and some saw royalty for the first time. Of course, the inns in these towns became more luxurious.



The Prince said something as he approached me. I’m going to behave myself. It’s pretty fun to look everywhere as we pass people.

“Stop those eyes.”

“They won’th wnow thhey’re vioweth.” (They won’t know they’re violet)

“They do. They definitely know who you are.”

What is he on about?

“She’s probably saying, ‘Huu, they think you’re the Prince so cover your face’, Prince.”


“What is it?”

“Do you think this too?”



Alistair turned to his side. I think the last person is disqualified as a guard.

“Jeez, I thought I’d finally be respected as a royal now that I’ve returned near the vicinity of the capital.” Grumbling isn’t Prince-like.


“Ai, Huu.”

“We’re nearly at the capital. Behave yourself properly, no, well you’re always behaving yourself when you need to. In short…”

“In shhorth?”

“That part of you. Honestly, act like a baby, like a baby.”



He looks dissatisfied even when I answer him. He’s naggy. But, I could only have fun teasing him until the town before the capital.

“Leila-sama, this town is the town before the capital. We’ll be there in a few hours if we rush, but we’ll be staying here tonight.”


Dory told me this. I wonder if we’ll be staying in a luxurious room today too. The closer we got to the capital, more and more mayors and VIPs wanted to see someone from the Four Marquis, and the Prince granted their request. And Alistair and I agreed because there was nothing we could do.

Most people looked at Alistair and I as we stood next to each other, or they would look at us as I sat on Alistair’s lap and they would smile and say, “Oh, so these are the summery and violet eyes.” 

“This is Kingdom’s,” there were also people who showed their sarcasm and dissatisfaction at Kingdom, and it was really tiring to meet those people.

If Otou-sama was with me, he probably wouldn’t even take notice of those who want to meet us and say, “Why do we have to meet them?” Frontier royals have it tough. I found out later that the Frontier royals didn’t have it tough, and Otou-sama was just weird.

If I stick close to Alistair and open my eyes wide, then I get a good bed and delicious food, so I didn’t have a hard time when I thought of it as an easy job. 

But, that wasn’t the case for Alistair. He hates nobles and reluctantly came because he was told that he could continue being a hunter. He looked displeased with being praised just for the colour of his eyes even though he hadn’t been taught the responsibilities of the Four Marquises and he hadn’t enjoyed their abundant lifestyle.

“Say, Lei.”


“Don’t you hate it? They’re just staring at us.” We finished practising our magic and were practising how to make barriers when Alistair muttered this. I can easily feel the change in my magic, but it was difficult for Alistair. 

Even so, he was practising hard because he said he would be invincible during hunts if he could do this.

“Lei doesh.”

“So you do. But you’re putting up with it. Lei, you’re amazing.”

Alistair patted my shoulders.

“I really hate it when people look at me like I’m an exhibition sometimes.”

“Ai, I wnow.”

“I wonder what I should do.”

“Wubbishh,” I said when I remembered Otou-sama. They’re not rubbish. But, apparently, Otou-sama treats people who are noisy around him like they’re rubbish.


“Otousyama doeshn’th care abouth peopwe.” (Otou-sama doesn’t care about people)

“Otousyama? Lei’s dad?”

“Peopwe aren’th wohthh wohwying abouth. Thath’sh why he doeshn’th cawe.” (People aren’t worth worrying about. That’s why he doesn’t care)

“It’s not like they’re not worth worrying about,” Alistair said as if he was a little shocked.

“Mayowsh Awishthaih don’th wnow don’th chewhishh you. You don’th have tho wohwy abouth peopwe who don’th chehwishh you.” (Mayors Alistair doesn’t know don’t cherish you. You don’t have to worry about people who don’t cherish you)

Whew. I was able to talk a lot. I feel like I’ve achieved something.

“People live to help each other, don’t they?”

“The mayowsh don’th hewp you.”

“Buufoo.” The guard, who was standing quietly in the same room as us, burst out into laughter.



“Hubert-sama is from the royal family of this country, so he thinks of the people’s benefit even if they don’t help him.”

Alistair nodded meekly. He’s not just a troublesome Prince. Alistair and I learnt throughout this journey that he is an excellent Prince who tries to hold back what he says all the time. 

“But, your position as part of the Four Marquises is different.”

“So I don’t have to think about the people?”

“It’s better if you think about them, but…” 

The guard smiled.

“The Lisburns already have a heir and so do the Albans. So you’ll have your freedom even if you live in Kingdom, right?”

“No way will I be free! Say, Lei.”

I wondered how it would have been if I raised myself.

“Lei wiww pwobabwy be free.” (Lei will probably be free)

“Lei.” Alistair looked betrayed.



“Nothhing you can do shince you have poweh.” (Nothing you can do since you have power)

“I know, but…”

“The reshth ish up tho you.” (The rest is up to you)

Can’t you just do what you like? 

“So… the rest is up to me?”

“Lei ish fwee in Kingdom or in Weshthewh. I won’th do anythhing I don’th wiwe.” (Lei is free in Kingdom or in Wester. I won’t do anything I don’t like)

Alistair asked a little maliciously, “Even if you become an exhibition?”

“I geth food and a good bed.”

“Buufoo.” The guard held his stomach as he laughed.

“Lei-sama is really good at explaining things.”

“I don’th thhinw abouth hahd thhingsh.” (I don’t think of hard things)

I tapped Alistair’s knees. 

“I don’th do whath i don’th wanth tho do. If I can howd ith in, thhen I wiww.” (I don’t do what I don’t want to do. If I can hold it in, then I will)

“It’s okay to be selfish?”

“Ai. Otousyama ish shewfishh.”

Alistair looked like he had mixed feelings, but he also looked relieved.

“A baby who says it’s alright to be selfish. What the heck are the Four Marquises…” The guard was greatly perplexed. We couldn’t be carefree. The next day, Alistair and I were surprised. A grand welcome had arrived from the capital of Wester.

“Don’th need.”


“Buufoo.” It’s already the guard’s signature move to laugh. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam