Chapter 081: The Me in the Mirror

Compared to the extravagant welcome, Huu, who is a Prince, wore a much simpler travel outfit which was suited for movement over fashion. Bart nonchalantly asked the prince, who was frowning in displeasure, “This doesn’t have anything to do with us, but that’s a bit… Prince, did you plan this from the beginning?”

“Nonsense! Alistair has already turned us down many times. They probably weren’t sure if he was really going to be with me this time,” Huu said as if he was spitting. 

“Just picking us up in the town before the capital isn’t going to be a big deal. What happened?”

A gorgeous carriage which seemed to have been sent by the royal family was at the centre, being pulled by a Rug Dragon covered with a decorated cloth. On both sides of the carriage were knights in beautiful outfits riding Rug Dragons who were also wearing decorated clothes.

“The dwagons woow wiwe thhey hathe ith.” (The dragons look like they hate it)

“They do.”

The dragons, who seemed down, also looked like they were annoyed.

“Your Highness!” From amongst the welcome group, a knight, who seemed skilled, got off his dragon and approached the Prince.

“Kurt, what’s going on?”

“My apologies. It became like this because of some complicated matters. The Deputy Prime Minister has come as a representative of the welcome group.”

“What did you say!? How annoying…”

A man got off the carriage from the opposite side of the two who were talking. The man was fat, but he was smiling and said while breathing heavily as he walked towards the prince, “Your Highness! This Herman has come to pick you up.”

“Hmm. Good job. But, I didn’t ask to be picked up,” the Prince nodded, but he sounded sarcastic. Yet, the Deputy Prime Minister didn’t falter, and he laughed while his stomach wobbled.

“There was a big uproar in the capital when we heard that you wouldn’t just be bringing a Lisburn with you, but a violet-eyed child as well. But, that’s not all.”

The Prime Minister made a grand gesture and put his hand on his chest. Alistair and I were flabbergasted and stared at his gesture. What’s with him? He’s like a clown. Our thoughts were alike. On the other side of the Prime Minister, the knight named Kurt shook his head faintly.

“A messenger has arrived from Kingdom.”

“What did you say?” 

The Prince looked surprised, but I could tell that he was just pretending because I learned a lot about him since I’ve been travelling with him this whole time. I’m sure that Kurt had whispered this to the Prince.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect a good reply from Kingdom no matter what we asked for, but the Albans child, who didn’t seem to be cherished, is very important.”

I was shocked. The Deputy Prime Minister had said that in the middle of the plaza, in a place where Alistair and I could hear him. Is Wester alright?

The Deputy Prime Minister didn’t wait for the Prince’s reply and looked around restlessly, “So, where are the children from Kingdom?” Us, the children who the Deputy Prime Minister was looking for were with Bart and his crew, only a few metres behind the Prince. Also, we were the only two children in the Prince’s small group.

“Are they, perhaps, still at the inn?”


“Then, I’ll go welcome them.”


The Deputy Prime Minister looked at the Prince blankly.

“Your Highness, is something wrong?”

“Nothing. They’re behind me.”


The Deputy Prime Minister’s gaze slipped past us. Then, returned. He looked at Alistair, who had turned away, for a bit and then finally looked down at me.

“Blonde hair and light purple eyes. Don’t tell me…”

“I don’t have to tell you anything. That’s it.”


His glance went up again, and this time he fixed his eyes on Alistair.

“Ooh, I can see his summery-blue eyes if I look closely. But…” The Prime Minister shook his head as if saying this was wrong. The fat on his chin trembled.

“Why are they dressed like commoners? Speaking of which, Your Highness, you’re dressed poorly too.” 

I have a feeling that the Prince’s temple twitched.

“Herman, you can’t dress up on long journeys. To begin with, you would have been able to meet them in formal clothing at the audience in the castle had you not come to this place. You came here on your own without giving us any time to prepare.”

“No, this isn’t good. The messenger is already here, and if they come to the capital dressed like this then it would look like we don’t care about the Four Marquises. I didn’t mind when I was young like you, Your Highness. I’m glad I came to get you. Now, everyone.” The Deputy Prime Minister didn’t listen to anyone at all, and spoke to the people who had come with him while clapping his hands. It really did make a nice sound.

“Get them ready!”

The attendants, who had already got off the wagon and were holding onto some luggage, quickly approached us. They were looking at Alistair and I as if they’d caught their prey. I’m sure they’ll dress me up without listening to me. At times like this…

“Dory!” I called Dory.

“Leila-sama, what’s wrong?” Dory, who was standing a bit further away, quickly approached us, looked at the people who were carrying the luggage, and knew what was happening.

“I also heard what you said, Herman-sama. I’m in charge of changing Leila-sama, so I’ll take those.”

“Dory-sama, this will be a problem. We’ll lose our jobs.” Those carrying the luggage protested. The fact that Dory is called Dory-sama means that she’s important amongst the servants.

“Shut up! You don’t even know what Ojou-sama likes, how are you going to take responsibility if you offend her by doing your job? Whatever, just carry those to the inn!” Dory said and the servants quickly carried the luggage to the inn.

“Alistair-sama, you too. Give up here and find a way to compromise somehow.”

“Okay, Dory,” Alistair obediently agreed. During the trip, Dory and I found a way to compromise with each other. Dory isn’t a bad person. We just wanted to be comfortable and independent during the trip.

The dresses looked like they were the Deputy Prime Minister’s taste, and I wore a dress which I could agree with, and a violet ribbon was tied to my head. It felt a little uncomfortable, but well it’s not like I can’t put up with it. Actually, it’s a secret that the thing that surprised me the most was when I looked in the mirror. “How is it, Ojou-sama?” No one showed me a mirror when I was a baby, and Hannah didn’t show me a mirror when she changed me because I was a baby. 

No one cared about how cute I was when Alistair and the others took me in. Including me.

That was why this was the first time I had looked in a mirror. Standing there was a cute baby with fluffy light blonde hair which was tied with a ribbon. She wore a pale pink dress with white laces around the collar. My big violet eyes were droopy like Sebas had said, and my nose and mouth are slightly small. My white skin and chubby cheeks were slightly coloured.

“Niini. Otousyama.”

Don’t I look like my brother? Otou-sama and brother have similar almond shaped eyes.

“You’re so cute,” Dory also muttered. All the attendants, who were surrounding the mirror, nodded as if they were admiring me.

“You really have the same colour as Onii-sama,” one of the people said ecstatically. I looked at Dory in surprise and then looked at that person. Dory asked instead of me, “You said Onii-sama, didn’t you?”

“I did. He’s one of the messengers. There’s a big uproar in the capital since two of the Four Marquis heirs are there.”


“Yes, Ojou-sama’s Onii-sama, and Alistair-sama’s Onii-sama.”

I’m sure that’s brother and Gill. They really came to pick me up in Wester.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam