Chapter 090: The Person in the Mansion

“Lei, hand.”


I held Nii-sama’s hand and headed to the castle. The guards at the gate, who shouldn’t have changed their expression, smiled. I occasionally looked up at Nii-sama. He looked down at me and smiled. I also smiled. We walked gallantly, and a heavy voice called out from behind us, “How long are you planning on taking? Now, Luke-sama, you’re blocking the people behind you. It’ll get dark if you match your pace to Leila-sama’s. Her tottering is slow.”

At that instant, everyone’s thirst for blood definitely turned to Herman. I usually don’t let people say that I’m tottering, but I don’t want to say a single word to him. I gripped the Rug Dragon on my shoulders and turned away.

“Then, Lei. Can Nii-sama hold you as we walk?”


“No, I’ll hold her.” Bart quickly stepped forward and scooped me up.

“No, me.”

“I understand your feelings, but you’ve had a long journey. Lei has been quarrelling with that tanuki since morning, and she’s probably tired.”

“With Herman?” Nii-sama’s eyes quickly narrowed.

“I’m sure you also want to know what’s been happening with Lei since she’s been kidnapped. Let’s hurry first.”


I leaned against Bart. I was a little surprised because Mill can’t read between the lines, so I thought he was going to say something. 

“You seem used to it. Lei also looked like she’s used to it.”

“No matter how much Alistair looks after her and how much she can walk on her own. We’re hunters in Frontier, so there are a lot of times when we have to be quick.”

“Hunters. I see. I’ve heard of hunters.”

“Lei’s also like a hunter’s spawn.”


“Lei too.”

Nii-sama looked like he couldn’t believe it.

“It took a month to get to Lentforce, so we camped. We got Lei to hold the barrier box, and she did her best.”

“Ai, Lei preshsh shwithch.” (Lei press switch)

“Are you saying that you turned the switch on the barrier box in a field?”

“As expected of the elder brother. You understand what Lei says.” Bart laughed as if he was impressed. However, I felt a chill. The cold air seemed to have been transmitted from Nii-sama. You got my precious Lei to hold a barrier box in a place where there were Hollows. He didn’t say that. 

In Bart’s crew, only Mill couldn’t read the mood and says and acts in a way that isn’t considerate towards others. So, I finally realised that the other three may look like straightforward men, but they were actually fearless. 

Which means Alistair might be like that too. In fact, he was walking in the front garden of the castle with Mill and Kyaro without any hesitation.

“He’s also gotten stronger during this trip. He’s been working hard ever since Lei came to us.”

“Ai. Awishthair did hish beshth.” (Alistair did his best)

“Lei, I also worked really hard.” Nii-sama heard Alistair’s name and said that.

“Ai. Niini thried bery hard.” (Niini tried very hard)

“I feel so much better now.” Nii-sama seemed satisfied.

Even if it was a castle, the entrance wasn’t far enough to require a carriage to reach it. I could see the distance between the gate and the castle, and I feel like the garden at Otou-sama’s mansion was a lot bigger. 

Somehow Nii sama noticed my thoughts and said, “They want to get to the castle or gate as fast as they can if they have to move at night, so the garden isn’t that big. So people can take refuge at the gate.”

I see. That’s what it means not to have a barrier. We talked and reached the castle. The big castle door opened automatically. Of course, someone timed when they had to open the door.

I never had a good look at Otou-sama’s mansion. Even if this is a castle in Frontier, it was the country’s castle and looked gorgeous. There were a lot of things to see on the way such as pictures, tapestries and complicated chandeliers. I looked around restlessly, and we were guided to a dining room which could fit dozens of people even though it was small for a castle. 

“What? Isn’t this room for personal gatherings? Even if the Four Marquises are children, there’s four of them. It isn’t appropriate to welcome them in a room like this.”


“And why are the hunters also here? Wester’s dignity…”

“Herman, it’s fine. The King wanted them to enjoy their reunion,” Huu rebuked, and the tanuki reluctantly went quiet. No one said you have to eat with us in the first place.

I was about to be put on Nii-sama’s lap, but thankfully, they had prepared a child’s chair for me.

I controlled myself so that I wouldn’t bang on the table, and even though they had said this would be a light meal, they had properly brought out soup first. They had placed mine in a child-size cup.

“Lei, I’ll…” Nii-sama tried to feed me. That’s right. Nii-sama used to feed me a lot like this.

“Pardon me, but Lei-sama can eat by herself,” a voice called out from behind. It was Dory. It was meddlesome for a servant to speak. However, I was moved by Dory because she understood me well from this trip. 

“Niini, Lei eath by hershewf.” (Lei eat by herself)

“Lei. Okay.”

Don’t look disappointed. Next time, I’ll let you feed me if it’s just the two of us. No, children should become independent. Don’t spoil me.

Then, they brought out boiled vegetables boiled in the gentle soup, and soft meat. They also brought out meat with mashed potatoes.


“Lei really likes potatoes.”


The potatoes, which were served with soft meat sauce, were utterly delicious.

After eating the fruits, we moved to a smaller room. Those who weren’t related were kicked out, including Herman, and only the Prince, his guards, Nii-sama, Gill, Alistair, Bart and his crew, and I remained. Dory was waiting quietly in the corner of the room.

There was a knock at the door, and another person entered. When he looked at me, he looked relieved, and his eyes were gentle. I’ve seen him before. He lives in the mansion, and I saw him sometimes. He talked with Sebas a lot. Sebas.

“Jude, it’s better if you also listened to this. Come.”

“Pershon in thhe manshion. Lei wnowsh.” (Person in the mansion. Lei knows)

“Ojou-sama! You remember me.” The person was moved to tears. But, that wasn’t what worried me. If people from the mansion came, then Sebas should be here.

“Sebash. Where’sh Sebash?”

Jude looked like he wanted to hide.


“Lei, Sebas didn’t come. Now, I want to hear about you first.”

“… Ai.”

Something’s wrong. But, I have to talk about what happened to me first, as well as about Hannah.

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Editor: Sam