Chapter 094: Unexpected Encounter (Luke’s POV)

Even though we were told to rest, we had a dinner party that night and then another party afterwards. They probably couldn’t let that many nobles go without meeting the Four Marquises. 

Gill and I haven’t had our debut yet, so we weren’t invited to dance, but it was annoying that influential people kept coming up to us one after the other with a drink in hand. Earl Tucker stood next to us and dealt with the annoying people, but I had no interest in being told about their daughters without Otou-sama present. 

Gill is older than me, so they talked to him about various things, and I could see that he was getting fed up. 

There was another surprising thing at the dinner party. The Easter royal family was here.

Neither Gill nor I meet with the royal family of our country that much. This was the first time we had met the Wester royal family, and we’ve never met Farland’s or Easter’s.

“Gilbert-dono and Luke-dono, this is the Third Prince of Easter, Cyrus-dono.” I lightly gulped when he was introduced, because his blonde hair and yellow eyes were similar to those of our royal family’s. 

Looking closely, even though those colours are rare, his hair was dark and was closer to Wester’s royalty, and his eyes were a pancake colour rather than gold, and the differences were apparent. It was like the difference between Albans and Wester, and perhaps Kingdom’s royal family have the same roots as Easter’s. 

Taking away his features, he was a young man who looked fearless and like a warrior. In short, he was a man who I want to grow up to be like. There aren’t many royalties in Kingdom with his aura. 

“He’s a reliable young man who grew up two years ago, just like my brother. He went to Kaylie on business, then he came to Sebel for sightseeing. He happened to hear that the Four Marquises were visiting, so he dropped by. It’s a rare opportunity, so he revealed his status and will be staying here,” Wester’s First Prince introduced him to us. He’s 25. Of course, he’s married, and he has two children. I could tell that he liked Prince Cyrus because he is the same age as his brother. 

I met Gill’s eyes for a moment.

It’s a surprising situation.

I felt this yesterday, but Wester’s royal family is extremely unpleasant and aren’t they naïve? I feel like they trust a foreign Prince, who suddenly visited, a bit too much. Easter’s Prince was travelling incognito and on business. In other words, he had entered Wester without permission to conduct business.

There aren’t any quarrels between countries right now. However, isn’t that too careless?

I could tell that Gill was thinking the same thing as me, but we shouldn’t make matters worse here. Still, I feel like he’s been looking at me for a while now instead of Gill. I wonder why.

I reluctantly met his eyes. His slightly lifted almond eyes were opened a little as if he was looking at something interesting, and the corner of his thin lips was somewhat raised. I’ll be honest. It’s disgusting. It’s more cruel than fearless. That’s my impression of him.

“This is the first time we’ve met. How lucky am I to meet the Four Marquises when I just happen to be in Wester.”

Gill stepped forward as if to block Prince Cyrus’s gaze.

“I’m Gilbert Lisburn. I never thought that I would meet Easter royalty in Wester. I’m still inexperienced, but pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Luke Albans,” I greeted reservedly after Gill. I lowered my head lightly, and when I raised my head, there was a big hand in front of me. The moment it tried to touch my cheek, I stepped back inconspicuously.

Prince Cyrus looked at his own extended arm with a strange face and whispered, “It felt like something I let go once.” Disgusting. Gill gently stood in front of me, protectively and said, “I’m thirsty. Shall we go get a drink? Then, please excuse us.” We quickly left, but not too fast so that we wouldn’t seem rude. We grabbed drinks and hung around the wall for a while.

“What the hell was that?! The Prince of Easter was a little too surprising!”

“Did he come because he knew that Wester made a request for the barrier box?”

“I’m sure they’re keeping it a secret from the citizens until they succeed. This time, we’re here to pick up our family. Other royal families shouldn’t know this, but if the Wester royal family is that casual…”

“I’m certain. Even if Prince Cyrus came out of curiosity without knowing that we would be here, there’s a possibility that they told him ‘They’re finally here, so you should come too’. Just because they’re royalty doesn’t mean they could be reckless.’

“No matter how you look at it, you have to remain alert around him.”

Why does the Wester royal family not understand the danger when we, children, can? We glanced over and saw the fat Deputy Prime Minister talking with the princes.

“They’re the kind of royal family who trusts that person to come pick us up.”

“You’re right.”

It was inevitable that I smiled wryly.

The dinner party ended without anything happening.


Before I left as a messenger, Otou-sama said, “Don’t hold back.” Gill and I were taken to a room by Otou-sama. Of course, Gill’s Otou-sama was also with us.

“I’ve never seen this room before.”

“Hmm, it’s not something I would show you on purpose.”

It was a room with various magic tools. It was also my first time in this room. There were new magic tools that the Albans Company was selling, and there were also ancient magic tools which were beginning to decay. I wanted to look around if I had time, but I can do that later.


“Hmm, was it around here?”

Otou-sama took a big box that I could barely fit my arms around down from the shelf. Although adults could easily hold it. He put it on the table and opened the lid with a click.

“Oh, this is also…” Gill’s Otou-sama said. It was a magic tool with three magic stones arranged beautifully in a triangle.

“This is probably the same as the barrier box that Wester is trying to activate.”

Gill and I gulped. Next to us, Gill’s Otou-sama shrugged and smiled wryly.

“Should I say as expected of the Albans since you own something like this?”

Otou-sama looked up at the shelf.

“Don’t tell me you have more?” Gill’s Otou-sama said, and Otou-sama shrugged. I feel like I can hear Otou-sama say, “It’s no use even if you nitpick.”

“How is it? You rarely see magic stones this big, right?”

““Yes.”” Gill and my voice overlapped. My magic training had processed considerably, and I can easily fill a magic stone big enough to fit into an individual barrier box, but I’ve never seen magic stones this big. 

“Then, try channelling your magic into these empty magic stones now.”

He suddenly presented us with a difficult challenge. That’s just like Otou-sama. 

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