Chapter 104: Pretend it Didn’t Happen

“I had them prepare a family room in the inn,” Otou-sama boasted when we got into the room.

“Even so, it’s small. Well, inns are the same everywhere,” he said and nodded in satisfaction. The room had two double beds, one sofa that could probably become a bed, and a small table and chair in front of the sofa.

“Then, Lei and I will sleep on this bed.”

“What are you saying? Lei will sleep with me.”

“Otou-sama, you’ve never slept with Lei before, have you? I’ve already slept with Lei for two nights, so I’m used to it.”

“You should let her sleep with me since you’ve slept with her for two nights.”

They had a fruitless argument, as always. It might be small, but we can, “Everyone shweep thogethher.”

“Well, that’s fine.”

“Are you sure, Otou-sama?”

Nii-sama was amazed.

“What? People do sleep on the ground, don’t they?”

“That’s right.”

Hannah was still here at that time, and so was Sebas. No one said anything, but all three of us thought this. 

We got ready for bed and rolled into bed. Sleeping next to each other like this was natural, and there was nothing to talk about.

“Come to think of it, I want to talk about this first.”

“What is it, Luke?”

Nii-sama and Otou-sama were talking with me in between them. Sleepy.

“Lei can make a barrier.”

“Barrier,” Otou-sama repeated as he looked at the ceiling.

“You mean like the barrier box?”


“Without magic stones?”



Otou-sama turned over to face me in the middle.

“Lei, I want to see it.”


It’s late at night. Annoying. Even if you look at me with those sparkling eyes…

“Niini can do. Niini do.”

Nii-sama can do it, can’t he?

“What? Luke, you can do it too?”

“Yes, I can do it after Lei showed me how.”

“Then…” Otou-sama got up vigorously. 

“I should be able to do it.”

I thought it would turn out like this.

“Lei, I’m not sure since I’ve only done it once.”


It can’t be helped if Nii-sama says that. I had no choice but to get up even though I was half-asleep. I rubbed my eyes. 

“Then, I’ll hold Lei.”

“She can’t make a barrier if you hold her.”

“Really? Fine.”

I can still make a barrier even if I’m held, you know?

“Mawe shmaww barrier,” I declared and slowly altered my magic so Otou-sama could understand. I made a small barrier that could fit three people.

“I see. This is the same as the barrier produced by barrier boxes.”

Otou-sama raised the edge of his mouth slightly and began manipulating his magic. Nii-sama was able to make the barrier quickly, but Otou-sama tilted his head when he was nearly there.

“Niini made ith shthraighth away,” I reflected on what I had blurted out.

“Then, Luke. Show me,” Otou-sama said with his eyes narrowed. He looks a little cute.

“Then, Lei will you cancel your barrier?”


I cancelled my barrier. Because it seemed like there would be a big fuss like two days ago. Now that I think about it, I feel like it wouldn’t vibrate much even if I make a barrier in Kingdom.

“Then, here I go.”

Nii-sama quickly made a barrier. A genius?

“I see. Luke’s barrier looks more familiar. Is it because you referenced the latest barrier box? I see I’ve learnt it.”

I was offended. Alistair’s barrier box is certainly old. When I looked at Nii-sama’s barrier like this, I can tell that the magic quality is refined, even if I try to imitate it. I reached out and put my hand out of the barrier. It’s just a little different. Just like how some teas were bitter and some weren’t.

“Then, magic wiwe thhish.”

When you take away the bitterness, it’s refreshing.

“Like this?”


Our voices overlapped, “““Aah.”””

*KEE* The barrier, with a high vibration, instantly spread wider. We carelessly overlapped our barriers. However, unlike the barrier in Wester, it was faint like water pouring over water and swaying on the surface.

“Pull your magic back!”



Otou-sama and I, who were surprised by Nii-sama’s voice, deactivated the barriers at once.


“Lei, do you know how far the barrier will go?”


I feel like a thin barrier will probably reach Sebel.

“Barriers made by humans also resonate?” 

Otou-sama was the most shocked. It’s no wonder. We’re used to it because this was the second time.

“At least, if it happened twice, then they won’t doubt us anymore because we’re not there.”

“Nii-syama, shmarth”

I clapped my hands, and Nii-sama smiled as if he was shy.

“Luke and Lei, the second time means that you’ve done this once before?

Dammit. Otou-sama found out. We looked away a little.

“Tell me that beforehand. Jeez.” 

Otou-sama lifted me up and put me on his lap.



We apologised. Otou-sama sighed loudly.

“Well, whatever. We’ll pretend it didn’t happen.”



We put it out of our minds and laid down on the bed again.

“Well, I can’t say it’s strange,” Otou-sama said something difficult to understand.

“What do you mean?” 

Nii-sama, that’s a good question.

“A magic artisan’s job is to alter the stone slates. Few artisans can make barrier boxes, and they have magic to make barriers. But still…”

Otou-sama turned towards us.

“They wouldn’t think of activating a barrier within Kingdom’s barrier. It hadn’t happened until Lei ended up in Wester and was forced to make one.”

I only made it because it was interesting, but I couldn’t tell them that I wasn’t forced to make one. Well, there would be trouble if I have to activate a barrier from now on.

“Let’s quickly head back to the mansion in the royal capital.”


I’ll enjoy a slow baby life this time in the mansion at the royal capital. The next day, however, Gill and Jude seemed to have guessed what we were up to and were very angry. 

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Editor: Sam