Chapter 107: You Can’t See Anything Looking Down

Nii-sama and Otou-sama played with me all weekend. It was especially fun when Otou-sama took me to the stables and showed me the Rug Dragons.



The Rug Dragons, who approached us, cried loudly. Although it was called the stable, it’s a bit far from the mansion, and it was connected to a reasonably vast prairie. There were about 30 Rug Dragons. Perhaps, the Albans are rich since they have this large plot of land in the royal capital that was being used as a stable for the Rug Dragons. 

“I mainly use this Rug Dragon, but the Rug Dragon will get lonely by itself, so I’m taking care of the neighbouring Rug Dragons as well since they don’t have a stable. The dragons will calm down if they are in a group. We currently have five dragons.”

“This is my dragon.”

Nii-sama happily tapped the chest of one of the dragons. I could tell that that was the dragon who was with him during our journey, and the dragon also knew who I was since he pressed his mouth against me worriedly. I hugged the dragon’s head with both hands. 

“I’m oway.”


“Really? You don’t seem fine.” He seemed to say. I tapped the dragon’s head telling him I was alright.

“It’s rare to see a child who isn’t afraid of the Rug Dragons,” the guard spoke.

“What? Ojou-sama is special. Well, Luke-sama and Dean-sama aren’t scared of them either.” An old man boasted, he seemed to have heard that I’ve been adopted by the Rug Dragons and was treasured by them beforehand. 

“Lei, do you want to ride them?”


Otou-sama got on the dragon first, and I was then handed to him by the stableman. He held onto me without holding onto the reins and walked the dragon slowly around the prairie. Nii-sama rode his dragon next to us, matching our pace. Although, we were in an enclosed space, I felt relaxed for the first time in a long time because I wasn’t able to see any buildings from the prairie which spread on forever. 

“Lei, are you bored every day?” Otou-sama suddenly said. Bored. I might be. At least in Lentforce, I was a member of the shop, I held barrier boxes while on hunts, and felt alive. But everything is ready for me now, and I don’t have to do anything. 

“Ai. Lei hash nothhing tho do.”

“Playing around is work for children your age.” 

Otou-sama seemed to be thinking about something.

“How’s Natalie?”

“Worw properwy.”

“She doesn’t play with you?”

I shook my head. Sorry, but it’s hard to ask her to play with me. Nii-sama looked at me, worriedly.

“I can get you a tutor.”

There’s still a lot of words I can’t read, so I’ll be happy if he does.

“Lei wanthsh tho read hard boowsh.”

“I see. Well, there’s that, but it’s still too early.”

“I started when I was three. I’m not sure about giving her a tutor when she hasn’t even turned two yet.”

I see, so Nii-sama had a tutor since he was three. I feel like three is too early. 

“In Luke’s case, Diana, no, it’s nothing. *COUGH, COUGH*.” Otou-sama unexpectedly said something terrible out of carelessness. Who the heck is this Diana? I’m curious, but I probably shouldn’t ask about her. 

“Say, Lei.”


Otou-sama called me, but he went silent. Nii-sama was shaking his head. Stop it?

That’s the feeling I’m getting. 

“Someone asked Otou-sama to do something. But, it’s before your debut, and I don’t want to let you go outside. But, it’s the castle, we can at least have lunch together, and we might be able to meet during my breaks.” He mumbled. Nii-sama looked at Otou-sama in shock.

“You’re doing this for yourself in the end, aren’t you? That’s not fair, Otou-sama.”

“At least, I think there are more toys in the castle. And if she’s with His Highness’s child, then a lot of people will have their eyes on her. I also feel at ease with the guards.”

It seems like Otou-sama is asking me to go to the castle with him, but what is he on about?

“Lei, actually, the Prince has been asking if you would be his son’s playmate for a long time.”

“How owd?”

“Oh, he’s older than Lei by a year and a bit, so he’s three.”

“Thee-yearsh-owd. Troubweshome.”

“Buufo.” That came from the guard who was following us from behind. He’s thinking, what is a one-year-old saying about a three-year-old? However, of course there are quiet boys around three, but they’re mostly active children who run around all day. Compared to them, I don’t have that much energy. 

“Lei ish one. Ith wouwd be bethther if I pway withh an owder chiwd.”

“You’re right. I thought that too, but…” 

Otou-sama put his hand on his chin as if he was troubled.

“Otou-sama, please think about it properly, no matter how much you want to spend time with Lei. He’s a hot-tempered child who even older children don’t want to play with. People say it’s good to be active, but what the heck is the royal family thinking letting him play with a girl younger than him?”

“Well, you’re right. He doesn’t particularly misbehave in front of me.”

“Adults are no match for you, do you think a three-year-old would be?”

“Luke, you don’t have to say that much.” 

It’s interesting to see Otou-sama in a mess. Nii-sama has become quite outspoken. I looked at him in admiration.

“Anyway, won’t you come to the castle with Otou-sama at least once? I thought it would be fine after your debut, but you’re also compatible. And you can have lunch with Otou-sama.”

I think I would typically say I want to go. And, it would probably take a long time before I actually visit the castle since Otou-sama will do all sorts of preparations since he’s prone to worrying about me. I hadn’t realised this, but I must have been pretty depressed. 

“Lei wiww behave ath home.” I replied. I’ll be alone anyway if I go to the castle. I’ll have to play with a violent three-year-old if I’m not alone. I might eat lunch with Otou-sama, but I’m going to be alone after that anyway. If so, then it would be better to stay at home.

I couldn’t believe it myself, that there would be a child who thinks that is fine that they should do that. 

“Lei, what?”

“Otou-sama, she can’t.”

Nii-sama and Otou-sama turned pale for some reason, and they agreed that I should be taken to the castle straight away.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam