Chapter 110: The Prince

The civil official rushed towards Otou-sama, and said, “I’m sorry, a problem has occurred, so I want you to start work straight away.”

“Hmm. I suddenly have work to do,” Otou-sama muttered, as he headed to the castle with me in his arms. It can’t be helped.


“What is it, Lei?” The people around us gasped at his gentle voice. He’s popular, honestly.

“Lei wiww be withh thhe Prince. Otou-syama, worw properwy.” (Lei will be with the Prince. Otou-sama, work properly.)

“But, Lei…”

“Ith’sh oway. I’ww thawe Hansh and Nathawie withh me.” (It’s okay. I’ll have Hans and Natalie with me.)

I don’t know what kind of misunderstanding they have, but I came here as a playmate, so I should do my job.

Otou-sama looked at me, then at the civil official who wanted to take me, and then finally at Hans and Natalie.

“Can I leave Lei to you?”


“We came here to look after her.”

The two nodded firmly. Otou-sama reluctantly let me down and crouched down in front of me. 

“Listen, that civil official over there is Linus. He’s the Prince’s caretaker, or well, he works as the royal butler. He’s stubborn even though he’s young, and is inflexible, so you don’t have to listen to what he says.”


I was a little shocked. And, I felt at ease. Otou-sama continued in a whisper, “Of course, you don’t have to listen to the Prince either. I didn’t bring you here for the Prince, I brought you here because I thought you would have fun. You don’t have to hold back in front of anyone, and have fun.”


I giggled while nodding. It feels refreshing to see him act like a doting parent here too. Otou-sama stood up and said to Linus, “Then, I’ll leave Lei to you.”

Then, he entered the castle with the civil official who came to pick him up. He’s quick once he makes up his mind. I shrugged, slowly walked over to Natalie and Hans, and reached out for Hans’s hand. I don’t think the Prince would be close by since this castle is enormous. The Linus person said we were pressed for time before, so this isn’t the time to be tottering. 

Hans was confused since this was the first time I reached out to him, but he picked me up.

“Dear me, Albans’s selfishness never changes.” Linus stared at Otou-sama’s back in shock, put his right hand on his temple and whispered. Hmm, he’s obstinate. Then, he turned towards me.

“Leila-sama. My name is Linus. His Highness has already started his studies, so I’ll be taking you directly to his study room. You would normally walk there, but we’re short on time, so please stay where you are.”


“I said that the maid and guard aren’t needed, but…”

“I’ww thawe Hansh and Nathawie withh me.”


Then, we followed after Linus and walked through the wide and long corridor. When we turned left at the entrance, it looked like a residential area in the inner part. There was a large hall beyond the door with guards stationed, and a staircase leading to the second floor. 

It was made like a smaller Albans mansion. In other words, it looked as if there was a mansion attached to the castle. By the way, I think I could have walked close to Hans until here. I looked out the window. Perhaps, it would have been faster to come here through the garden. 

“Ith wouwd have been fashther tho come here by carriage.”

“Leila-sama, I also think that.” Hans agreed with me. Well, I might have needed to enter through the entrance for my first time here, but I don’t need to tomorrow. I was horrified to think that I had to walk here from the entrance. 

“Now, His Highness is studying on the second floor. Let’s go.” 

Linus nodded at me, and Hans also nodded.


“Is that alright?’


I asked Hans to put me down and followed Linus up the stairs. Of course, the guard and maid followed behind us. 

There were large corridors on both ends at the end of the stairs with lots of doors. Linus proceeded to the last door on the left and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a high male voice came from inside, and we entered the room in turns. It was a library.

The ceiling was high and was built like an atrium with two or three floors. There was soft light coming in from the windows, and there were a lot of books placed on the wall.


I would love to read these books once I learn how to read. I tried to walk towards the books on the wall. 

“Leila-sama.” Ah, come to think of it, I had something to do. I completely forgot and turned towards the centre where Linus’s voice was coming from. 

There was a small classroom there. No, it wasn’t a classroom. It’s just if I had to put it in Japanese, then there was a blackboard, and a man was standing nervously in front of it. In front of him, was a small desk and chair with a boy on it holding something that looked like a pencil. He seemed very unhappy.

I looked at the boy and gulped. Yellow eyes. Same as Easter’s Third Prince who kidnapped me. I reflexively became anxious and angry, but I suppressed t. His eyes were widened in surprise like mine.

“Albans,” the small boy muttered. Even though he’s small, he probably understood that the eye colours of the royal family and the Four Marquises were rare. He was probably surprised that I had the same eye colour as Otou-sama.

If I ignore the uncomfortable feeling I get from his eyes, then he’s the same as me, no, he’s a baby who is a little bigger than me. However, his appearance aside, I couldn’t help but mutter, “Lothsh of magic.” 

He probably has the same amount of magic as Onii-sama even though he’s this small. I can’t see my own magic, so I don’t know how much there is, but he probably has a lot more than me. I could only accept that this was a member of the royal family who had magic exceeding that of the Four Marquises. 

However, that doesn’t matter right now. I faced the boy and properly introduced myself, “I’m Leiwa Awbansh.” The boy widened his eyes in surprise again, stood up from his chair and walked towards me.

“I am the eldest son of the First Prince, Lambert. My name is Nicolas Manfred Kingdom.”

It’s an impressive name. I was impressed that he said that without fumbling. However, it’s too long. So, in short, “Nico.” Nico seemed a little confused when I called him that.


“Ai. Leiwa ish Lei.”


“Ai, Nico.”

Now, we’re done with introducing ourselves. I heard that Nico is three, but he’s a head taller than me, so I had to look up to him. 

“Leila-sama, even as a joke, His Highness is a direct descendant of Kingdom. You can’t just suddenly call him a nickname like Nico.” Linus protested. I looked at Linus in amazement. A one-year-old doesn’t know anything about direct descendants or nicknames. Well, I know, but… When I tried to say something, Nico spoke, “It’s fine. I don’t mind. You can call me Nico.”


“I said, I don’t mind.”

I feel like he’s a little different from the violent Prince I’ve heard about. I felt a little excited. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam