Chapter 114: Temper

I had plenty of sleep since I went back to sleep after getting tired from playing with the Rug Dragons. Then, it was decided that from the next day I will be going to the castle every day. In other words, it was like a kindergarten. I did that for a week, and if there were a lot of problems or burdens, then the times I visited the castle would decrease the next week.

Don’t people usually increase visits little by little? In the morning, I studied with Nico with a break, then, we each had lunch separately. In the afternoon, we read picture books together and ran around outside. After my nap, I would go home with Otou-sama.

Studying was boring, but I helped Nico when he didn’t understand something, and it was fun to see him study more. Nii-sama is smart, but I was impressed that Nico understood so much for a three-year-old. The garden was also looked after like ours was, but it was more fun to run around with someone else than alone.

“Leila-sama, you’re not running though,” Hans said, but I think I’m running. Nico just runs faster because his legs are longer. It’s a bit disappointing that I become sleepy whenever I run around after lunch.

“Why does Lei sleep so much?” Nico complained, but what can I do?

“You geth bigger if you shweep a woth,” that’s the only thing I could say. 

“I didn’t sleep that much when I was younger,” even if he said this, I can’t really do anything because I only sleep well because I’m a child.


Then, a week passed.

“Even I haven’t played with Lei that much,” Nii-sama was annoyed, so I played with him all weekend, and it happened the week later. 

After I dropped Otou-sama at the entrance of the castle and the guards got in, I slowly headed to where Nico was. Linus was with us the first few times, but now there were only maids and guards and the tutor, Odds, in the morning.

However, Linus was waiting for me that day.

“Linus-dono, this is rare,” Hans said lightly. The guards had a lower position than Linus, so they couldn’t talk to him like this, but Hans had the backing of the Albans family, so his position was the same as Linus. I’m not really sure, but it’s helpful to have someone who speaks clearly around.

“Hans-dono, you’re…” 

Linus put his hand on his temples. This person is very formal.

“No, thank you for coming today, but His Highness is in a bad mood.”

“So, his famous temper flared?”

Temper? The two of them understood each other, but what were they talking about?

“Linush, Nico doeshn’th feew weww?” (Linus, Nico doesn’t feel well?)

“That’s not it.”

Linus leaned towards me. I don’t think he’s going to crouch, but it’s progress that he’s bending down closer to the baby to talk.

“For some reason, His Highness gets irritated for a whole day sometimes, and his temper flares. It’s difficult to play when he gets out of hand. Today is one of those days. You’ve come all the way to the castle, but it’s best if you go back for today.”

In that case, should I tell Otou-sama that I’ll be going home first? I looked up at Natalie and Hans.

“What’re you doing!? Get over here, Lei.”

“Your Highness, don’t jump out.”

“Shut up!”

Nico rushed out probably because he had seen the carriage. His words were more vulgar than usual, and I can tell he’s irritated. His face might be a little red. No, that wasn’t all.

“More magic thhan normaw.”

Nico had more magic than me. I don’t think there would be any problems just because it’s big, but is it connected?

“Lei, hurry and come here!” Nico said and pulled my hand, so I fell down.

“Your Highness!”

“Because Lei’s late! I waited for you, but you never came!”

 Natalie tried to pick me up when I fell in front of Nico.

“Ith’sh oway. I can geth up myshewf.”

It was a bit withered, but I fell on top of the grass. I was just surprised, it didn’t hurt.

“Ai. Coming.”

I got up and reached for Nico. He held my hand tightly.

“You’re a bith hoth. Leth me shee your forehead for a bith.”

“My forehead?” Nico asked curiously.

“Ai, forehead.”

I stood on my tiptoes and put my forehead on Nico’s. Nico froze, and the adults had their mouths gaped open.

“You don’th have a fever.”

Now I’m certain it has to do with his magic after all. I took my forehead away from Nico’s and grabbed his hand. I said something to the people who couldn’t reply and remained frozen.

“Hans, dishquawified ash a guard.”

“Leila-sama, no way! Ah, Master will definitely get angry if he saw.” Hans cried, and the other adults finally moved.


“Anyway, weth’sh go,” I said, and everyone began moving. Nico grasped my hand tightly as if he was clinging to something, and it hurt a little. We move together when we play, but we don’t hold hands.

“Nico, whath abouth shthudying?”

“I don’t want to!”

Indeed, you wouldn’t want to sit down if you were this irritated. I held his hand and searched for his magic. He had so much magic, and I felt like it was stagnated in various places. If you have too little magic then you could collapse, so do people feel bad when they have too much? In that case, he’ll feel better if he channels his magic into a magic stone, but can he do it?

I should call his parents, but his mother is probably an ordinary noble, so she probably isn’t familiar with magic. His father is the Prince, so I can’t just summon him. And, how would I explain it to him? I have no choice left.

“Hans, caww Otou-syama.”

“Leila-sama, but Master is working.”

“Ith’sh importhanth.”

I looked at Hans. He thought for a while and then dropped his shoulders.

“Okay. Then, I’ll ask Linus-dono. He can get away from work if Linus-dono calls for him.”


“He’ll come straight away if you tell him that Leila-sama called him. I’ll leave it to you.”


Linus started moving. I also walked up the stairs while holding Nico’s hands. I always climb up by myself, but it’s fun to climb up while holding hands. I looked up at Nico, and he looked like he was having fun.

We entered the library, and Odd-sensei was waiting for us.

“Then, today…”

“Senshei, waith.”


“Breaw from shthudying.”


Nico probably can’t study like this. 

“You can’t decide that on your own.”

“That’s why Albans are always so annoying,” I felt like I could hear Linus say, but he isn’t here right now, so I’m hearing things.

Now then, I pushed my magic into Alistair when I was teaching him how to handle magic, but that would be terrible for Nico since he has a lot of magic. Then, what should I do?

How about absorbing it?

I’ve never absorbed magic before, but it’s like transferring magic into a magic stone and then transferring it back. Do I reverse the flow? I turned to Nico.

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Editor: Sam