Chapter 115: Reckless

If it’s just a little bit, like really a little bit, then I can probably try it.

I ignored Odds-sensei, who looked like he wanted to say something.

“Nico, sith?”

“Like this?”

Nico and I sat face-to-face. How nostalgic. The last time I did this was in spring at the prairie.

“Handsh wiwe thhish.”

“Like this.”

We held hands. I looked at the magic flow carefully and transferred Nico’s magic to mine.



I can do it, but it wasn’t easy. Magic with different quality from mine flowed through my body. Instead of blending with my magic, it just swirled within my body. It’s disgusting.

But, Nico’s magic had decreased by a lot. He should feel better.

“Lei, you’re sweating. But it’s hot. What’s going on?”

“Nico, how are you feewing?”

“Don’t ask about me! No, the fuzzy feeling’s gone.”

“That’s good,” I whispered while feeling dizzy and fell down. It’s okay.  I’ll remove Nico’s magic and scatter it in the air, but magic that isn’t mine doesn’t listen to me easily.

If I make a barrier here, then the magic can be converted, but I know I can’t do that here.

Natalie’s screams echoed through the room. Maids are usually calm.


“Natalie, whath…?”

“This isn’t the time to be saying that!”

“Guh… magic shthone, if i had a magic shthone…”

The door opened with a bang. I laughed. It’s Otou-sama.

“Lei. What’s wrong!?” 

Otou-sama picked me up right away.

“Lei thried tho abshorb Nico’sh magic.”

“Idiot! Your magic certainly doesn’t look like it’s just your own. Damn royal family! They always make a mess!”

“O-otou-syama, nee.”

Why does Otou-sama always say unnecessary things?

“I can channew ith outh, buth need magic shthone.”

“Magic stone? I see, alright. Linus!”

“Y-es! Leila-sama is…”

“She’s fine. Bring all the empty magic stones you can.”


“Don’t make me repeat myself!”


Linus started running after he lost to Otou-sama’s yelling.

“Lei, Lei. Oh yes, if Otou-sama absorbs Lei’s excess magic.”

“No… Otou-syama, you’ww feew bad…”


“Ith’sh oway. Ith’sh oway. Channew ith outh…”

I feel a little better.

“I brought the magic stone!”

“Give it to me! Lei!”

“Magic shthone, hand.”

Otou-sama put the magic stone into my hand.

“Oh, don’t do anything dangerous!” I can hear Odds-sensei and Linus. I carefully moved Nico’s magic. A little at a time, a little at a time.

“What the hell is going on?!”


“Your Highness!”

Someone seemed to have come in, but I didn’t have time to pay attention to him. The magic stone became full.


“Yeah, here.”

A little more, a little more.


I opened my eyes.


A stranger was looking at me with yellow eyes.

“So, you’re Lei? I see you’re adorable.”

“This isn’t the time to joke like that!” Otou-sama shouted. He’s probably a real Prince.

“Lei, are you alright?”

“Ai. Oway.”

Nico was also looking at me, worriedly. Good, his magic is coming back. Even so, I was also trying to reduce his magic by a little, but I was surprised that I had absorbed a lot more. He probably has a lot of magic. And, this person, looking at me with interest, had a very different amount of magic. 

“What the heck happened? Can you explain it?” Otou-sama brought me some water and said after he’d calmed down a little. I wonder if I can talk about magic. I asked Otou-sama with my eyes. 

“We don’t publicise it, but the royal family knows that the Albans can see magic. We’ve already told the people who don’t know to go out, so it’s fine,” he said, and I looked around. I saw Nico, and probably Nico’s father and Linus. There was no one else. 

“Whath abouth Linush?”

“It’ll be his fault if this leaks out. Nice to know this.”


Doesn’t Linus look scared? I got on top of Otou-sama’s lap and started talking.

“Nico had more magic thhan ushuaw.”

“Magic? Can Lei see it?”

“Ai. Becaushe of thhath, he couwdn’th move his magic and fewth bad.”

Nico looked like he didn’t understand anything at all. Nico’s father put a hand on his chin and groaned.

“People who are direct descendants of the royal family feel bad on an irregular basis when they’re young. It’s normal, and we thought it was because of magic. So it really is because of magic…”

“That doesn’t happen to the Albans. The royal family’s magic is really different from the Four Marquises. Because of that, doesn’t the magic fluctuation, which normal magic users don’t have to worry about, make the royal family’s physical condition bad?” Otou-sama explained, and Nico’s father nodded.

“I see, that’s understandable. Then, what did Lei do?”

“Your Highness, I don’t recall allowing you to call her Lei.”

“My son always calls her Lei, so of course I learnt her name. Isn’t it fine? Don’t be small-minded, Albans.”

I don’t think now’s the time to be talking about this. Otou-sama didn’t know what to say, and Nico’s father asked me directly, “So, why did you collapse?”

“Lothsh of magic channew outh, ushe magic shthone. Buth, Nico can’th do.”

“I don’t think young children can do that. We even say that they can’t.”

I feel a bit of sarcasm. Well, it’s alright.

“Lei wiww abshorb magic in pwace of magic shthone.”

“Why would you do something so dangerous…?”

“Nico, painfuw. Feew bethther.”

That’s all. But, it is a bit reckless.

“Magic channew intho magic shthone. I’m awrighth now.”

“What the heck… is this child?” Nico’s father was surprised, and Otou-sama sighed.

“She seemed to have learnt this to survive in Frontier.”

“How heartbreaking…”

I learnt it before I was kidnapped, Otou-sama. Aren’t you just making things up?

“Nico do magic practhice.”

“But, you know…”

“You’ww feew bethther if you channew ith intho magic shthonesh.”


“Niini, good ath it.”

“Luke is?”

Otou-sama was a little surprised.

“It certainly is better for children to practice together. I’m not good at it.”

Was that the reason why he hesitated? Isn’t it better for Nico’s father to practice too?

“Luke can certainly see how Lei is if he was here, and he would be happy…”

Thus, we understood the cause behind Nico’s tempers, and Nii-sama was sent here once a week to be a teacher because of Otou-sama’s ulterior motives. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam