Chapter 123: Debut

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Editor: Sam

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I had fun with my fluffy dress as I walked with Nii-sama. We reached the stairs in no time at all, and my tension flew away. 


Otou-sama ran up the stairs in a boorish way. 


I reached my hands out like always, and Otou-sama swept me up, then laughed. As soon as this happened, “Ooh…” people from downstairs started getting noisy, and I was shocked. I completely forgot since I was enjoying my time with Nii-sama, but it’s my debut today. 

“Do you want to be held as you’re being introduced, Lei? Or do you want to stand?” 

Otou-sama’s eyes were saying that I should be held, but that wouldn’t be good.


“What about being held?”



Otou-sama hugged me with regret and gently walked down the stairs.

“I’ll let you down when we get past the middle. Then, say your name and curtsy. That’s all you have to do. Can you do it?”


I’ll be fine. I practised how to curtsy. I’m giving my greetings on the stairs, so I don’t have to lower or cross my legs. I just need to bend my knees a little and stand back up. Otou-sama pulled my right hand and walked three steps ahead of me. Nii-sama walked one step to the left of me. Otou-sama strolled, then stopped, and let go of my hand. 

I looked forward, and there were a lot of people. I smiled. Ah no, I’m supposed to say hello.

“I’m Leiwa Awbansh. “

Then, I bent my knee a little and straightened my back. I wasn’t just lowering my head. 

Warm applause broke out with a cheer. I looked up at Otou-sama and he laughed as if I did well. I looked at Nii-sama, and he nodded and smiled. 

After the clapping subsided, Otou-sama lifted me up and put me on one arm, while he wrapped his other arm around Nii-sama’s shoulders.

“Although her debut has been delayed because of certain reasons, it is the second birthday of my beloved daughter, Leila Albans. My heir, Luke Albans, has also turned 12. I want you to celebrate both of their birthdays with them today,” Otou-sama said, then Nii-sama bowed, and music started playing. 

“There are a lot of people, so stay with Otou-sama, Lei.”


Nii-sama is Nii-sama, so a lot of people spoke to him because he was the heir of the Albans. There was delicious food and a variety of drinks arranged on tables around the room.

“Otou-syama, juice.”

“You have a good appetite.”

Otou-sama laughed. Even if the chefs had left some food aside for me, I would eat delicious food if I have the chance to. It’s important to eat them. Observe people because it’s your debut, you say? There are too many people. Someone will probably approach me. 

A lot of people went to Nii-sama, but no one approached Otou-sama and I. I never would have thought then that they didn’t approach us was because Otou-sama was smiling and it made everyone hesitate. 


“Harold. And Marcus.”

Everyone suddenly moved aside, and two people approached us. I wonder if they’re parent and child. They both have the same grey hair and eyes.

“So this is your lovely daughter who has just returned? She’s so cute.”

His grey eyes which were like winter clouds gently softened.

“Father, you have to introduce yourself first. I’m Marcus. Marcus Molesey.”


“That’s right. I’m fine with Mark too.”

“Marw. I’m Lei.”

Oh, oops. I have to tell him my surname. I got influenced by his tone. 

“What, Marcus? How can you introduce yourself before me? I’m Harold Molesey. You can call me Har-ojisama[1]Uncle.”

“Father, how can you ask her to call you Har-ojisama…”

Marcus was shocked. Well, if he says it’s fine, then it’s okay.

“Har-ojisyama, I’m Lei.”

“You called him Oji-sama? Mm, fine…” 

Otou-sama looked at him with cold eyes. 

“Harold, you didn’t even want me to call you Harold. What’s the meaning of this?”

“What, Dean? Are you telling me you want this cute little baby to call me Molesey?”


Yes, Otou-sama lost. 


On the other hand, Gill’s Otou-sama was the one who was shocked. Next to him, Gill put a hand over his eyes, and his expression said, ‘oh no’.

“I’m not going to introduce you again, Stan.”


Gill’s Otou-sama quickly raised his hand. 

“She’s never called me by my name before. Let alone calling me Oji-sama. Lei, I want you to call me Stan-ojisama.”

Nii-sama and Gill’s eyes said, ‘call him that already. He’s annoying’. 



“It’s pointless even if you reach out to her. I won’t let you hold her.”

“I can’t hold her today, either!?”

The wave of people separated again as if aiming for the lively place. Then, a small child rushed towards us.



I ran up to Nico when Otou-sama put me down.

“Lei, happy birthday.”


“Lei doesn’t have to sleep that much now that she’s turned two, right?”

“I, I don’th wnow abouth thhath.”

Nico seemed satisfied, but I don’t think that you would suddenly sleep less just because you turn two. However, it’s quite heartbreaking to smash his hopes, so I answered vaguely. 

“It’s my first time in the Albans mansion, but the garden is huge. Lei, why don’t we play over there?”

“Ai! Oh, I can’th.”

I was moved by the word ‘play’, but I was the star of today. 

“Nico, you can’t force her to play. Lei’s the star today.”

“Nico’s Otou-syama!”

“Happy birthday, Lei. I heard you guys talking. Call me Lambert-ojisama too.”


“Wait, Lei,” Otou-sama stopped me.

“Your Highness. Could you stop acting like we’re the royal family’s favourites? How can you show up at my daughter’s birthday? You’re a pain.”

Oh, that’s harsh. Everyone became quiet at once.

“The royal family and the Four Marquises are on equal footing. There’s no being in a higher or lower position, so there are no playing favourites. Everyone knows that.” His Highness Lambert raised his voice a little and waved his hand at everyone. Some people agreed with what he had said, and some didn’t. 

Are the royal family and the Four Marquises on good terms or not? Or, is it not good for them to get along? I don’t know which it was.

“I’m just a father who is accompanying his child. Everyone, enjoy the party,” Nico’s Otou-sama said, and the party became lively again. Then, he crouched down in front of me, and when I looked at him, he whispered, “Say, Lei, call me Lam-ojisama.”

It’s easy to say that, but when I stared at him and Nico standing next to each other, their blonde hair and golden eyes were blinding. 

“Nico, you woow wiwe your Otou-syama.” (You look like your Otou-sama.)

“Really?! Well, he is my father.”

“Exactly alike.”

I looked at them happily.

“Say, Lei.”

“Ai, Lam-ojisyama,” I answered in a tiny voice so that other people couldn’t hear me and the three of us laughed.

“Oh, she’s cute. Is she your daughter?” A lady’s voice said. Who? 


1 Uncle