Chapter 124: People who Can’t Read Between the Lines

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Ange.” Otou-sama’s voice was gentle. This was rare. Prince Lambert and Nico put their smiles back onto their faces and stood up. 

“Oh, Your Highnesses, you two are here.”

The person named Ange looked gentle and pleasant, and she laughed as if she was having fun. Then, she bent her knees and curtsied beautifully. This was an adult’s greeting. It was something that I wasn’t taught as an Albans because there were no women around. I’ll remember it. The lady had light brown hair that looked like tea with lots of milk, and her jade eyes looked like green tea with a hint of milk. 

“Prince Nicholas, it’s been a long time.”

“Hmm. Angelique-dono. I haven’t seen you since my birthday.”

Can Nico really remember an adult who he met six months ago? I was impressed. But well, I still remember the face of the guy who kidnapped me.

“Thank you for remembering. Please come to my daughter’s birthday as well.” 

She stroked his head gently as if he was a good boy. I pricked my ears up when I heard she had a daughter. I might be able to make some girl friends.

If you’re reading this anywhere other than, then you are reading stolen work.

“I don’t know about that. I’m not friends with the Remington girl,” Nico said bluntly. He’s a smart child, but he wasn’t considerate. The adults froze. This kid, honestly. 

“You are younger than my daughters. Then, please become friends with them if it’s alright with you. I’ll introduce them to you again. This is my oldest daughter, Felicia. She’s the Remington heir.”

What? I can’t believe her daughter was right next to her. Felicia was a slender girl who looked like Ange. She curtsied beautifully like her mother. She seemed to be the same age as Gill, or older. 

“This is my youngest, Christine.”

Christine had the same milk-tea coloured hair like her mother, but her eyes were the same milk-tea colour. It was really rare. She was a little bigger than Nico but smaller than Amy. So, she should be around five? The girl bent her knees a little awkwardly.

“Hmm. I’ve already met them before, so you don’t need to introduce them again. Anyway…”

Nico looked at me. I was enjoying the scene as a spectacle, so I panicked when their attention was drawn to me. 

“Today is Lei’s birthday. You should congratulate her first.”

A strange aura floated through the place. Nico had clearly pointed out what the adults were thinking but dared not say. I didn’t know how to pacify the situation either, so I behaved cutely and left it to the adults.

“Well, it’s true. Dear me.”

Ange laughed again, then bent down and turned towards me. Her jade eyes were looking at me. 

“You have the same violet eyes as Dean.”

It was as if she was saying that was all I was worth.

“How cute. I’m Angelique Remington. This is my heir, Felicia, and this is Christine. Please get along well with them,” she introduced and pushed her two daughters in front of me. I have to greet them properly too.

“I’m Leiwa Awbansh. Thanw you for coming thoday.”

Then, I quickly bent my knees. This should look better than before. Near me, Hans nodded as if I did a good job, but I don’t need his approval. 

“Oh, I’m Felicia. Happy birthday. It’s nice to meet you,” the older sister smiled and said. 

“Fewicia. I’m Lei.”


She rubbed my head. However, the younger sister glared at me with her arms folded. Isn’t she so proud, being able to fold her arms properly? If she’s not going to say anything, then I’ll say something.


“Wait! It’s Christine!”

That’s what I said, wasn’t it?


“It’s Ch-ri-st-ine!”

She cares about the details. Then…


“That’s too short!”

“I’m Lei.”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Otou-syama, juice.”


If she’s not going to say happy birthday to me, then I don’t need to pay attention to her.

“Chris, you’re the one who’s not saying happy birthday to her.”

“But, Nee-sama…”

“No buts. Now, say it.”

Felicia told Christine off, and Christine looked at me.

“Happy birthday.”


“Fine! You can call me Chris. It sounds better.”

I won and smiled.

“Chrish, I’m Lei.”

Chris reluctantly looked at me and turned a bit away before saying, “… Lei.”


We’re friends now.

“You’re as pushy as ever, Ange.”

“Oh my, Julia. You came too?”

A new person approached. She was a beautiful person with brown eyes and wavy brown hair. 

“Dean, thanks for inviting me. And, oh my, you’re Leila, aren’t you?! You’re just like I’ve heard you are. You look like Claire.”

“Okaa-sama, you were here? I was looking for you.”

Gill quickly came this way.

“I wanted to say hello together.”

“I’m sorry.”

This person also laughs pleasantly. Then, she looked at me and smiled.

“I’m Julia, Gill’s mother. I’ve always wanted to meet you but didn’t get the chance. I’m sorry.”

She hesitated a little before reaching out to me.

“You’re not a baby anymore, so I wonder if you don’t like it.”

That’s not true. I reached out to her, and she gently lifted me up.

“Oh my, girls are soft. Gill wouldn’t be able to stay still.”

She laughed while holding me, and gently swayed me. That’s right, this is a mother. I relaxed and put my face near her neck.


“Oh my. That’s right. Lei.”


“You should say that to Ange too.”

I looked at Remington. The sides of her lips twitched.


“Leila, people usually call me Ange-sama.”

Sometimes, people don’t want to be called Oba-sama. Then, I’ll call you what you want to be called. When I tried to correct this. 

“You’re despicable, Ange. You’re older than me. Honestly, and you still don’t want to be called Oba-sama? If Felicia gets married, then you would be an obaa-sama, not an oba-sama.”

“Obaa-sama?!” Ange muttered in shock. Mm, Julia-obasama is so strong.

“You guys get along like always. You’re talking about such nice things.” Otou-sama interrupted as if he was impressed. Both Julia-obasama and Ange-obasama’s lips were warped, but he didn’t notice. 


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