Chapter 126: Snacks are Waiting

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

When we came back after walking around again, Nico looked bored.

“Lei, are we really not going to play today?”

I looked at Otou-sama. I finished greeting everyone, and the adults were busy warming up old friendships. It didn’t seem like there would be any problems even if I weren’t here. 



A person from the Molesey house approached us when Otou-sama looked like he didn’t want to let me go play. 

“Dean, what’s wrong? You have a more complicated expression than usual.”

“I don’t want to be told that by you. Well, the children look like they’re getting bored.”

“That’s how debuts are. Even one-year-olds withdraw when they’re shown to lots of people.”

Certainly, children get tired when they’re too lively.

“I see. She doesn’t want to go back to her room, the children want to play.”

Mark looked at Nico and me and nodded as if he understood.

“Leila and Prince Nicholas have guards, don’t they?”

“Of course.”

Mark looked around the hall as if he was searching for something.

“Oh, they’re here. You have guards stationed inside and outside of the mansion, so you don’t have to worry. And, I happen to want to take a break.”

Mark smiled wryly, and the young ladies froze and looked my way. 

“I’ll come too.”

“That’s not fair!”

A voice came out from behind. It was Christine.

“Oh, Chrishthine.”

“I told you to call me Chris!”

Chris folded her arms and bent her chest. It was really alright for me to call her Chris. I freaked out a little. 

“It’s really fine,” Nico arrogantly gave me permission. I’m the one who decides this though.

“Yeah, it’s time for the adults to talk. I’m a little bored. Can I come with you?”

“Of course. It’s your house, Luke.”

It’s also my house, you know? Gill is already 15 years old, but he stood next to Nii-sama and looked as if it was obvious that he was going to follow us.

“Chris. You’re wandering around by yourself again.

“It’s boring to listen to the adults talk.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Felicia quickly, but elegantly, chased after Chris. Felicia looked relieved to see that she found Chris, and turned back, but Ange-obasama didn’t pay any attention this way.

“I’m going to go play with Lei and Prince Nico.”

We didn’t invite you, though. She was planning on following us, and I freaked out a little.

“With just these kids?” Felicia looked straight at Otou-sama. He still seemed hesitant but answered Felicia. 

“No, the guards will be there too. Mark, Gill and Luke will also be there.”

“Marcus-sama and Gill? Then it should be alright.”

Nii-sama looked a little unhappy that he wasn’t included in that list. Well, from her point of view, he’s still only 12, and looked fragile and kind, so it’s hard to explain that he’s really reliable. Besides, Marcus-sama and Gill. I understand the rank of the Four Marquises’s boys very well.

I’m so close to laughing.

“Then, I’ll show you around. We don’t have time to go outside, so how about going to the greenhouse? It’s quite big.”

Apparently, the Albans greenhouse is quite famous. I’ve only been there a few times, but it should be enough to run around. Why only a few times, you ask? I was kidnapped before I could move around more, and then when I returned, I started going to the castle.


Nii-sama held out his hand. Anyway, I’m his younger sister. He ignored the guests for his sister. Nii-sama’s love is a little heavy.


Nico grabbed Nii-sama’s hand. Nico grew quite attached to Nii-sama after he came to the castle to play. I mean, to teach Nico how to train his magic. Nii-sama looked at me, a little troubled, but that’s fine. I nodded.

But, I want to hold someone’s hand.


“Hey, why me?”

Obviously, because you’re almost the same height as me.


“It’s Chris! Argh, fine.”

Chris reluctantly held my hand.

“Leth’sh fowwow Nii-syama.”

“Do you not know the way to your own greenhouse?”

“Too big.”

“You’re right. There’s a lot of places in my home that I haven’t been to either.”

It’s like that. We turned around and followed Nii-sama.

“Can’t you walk a bit faster?”

“I wiwe nice peopwe.”


I think Gill held out his hand for Felicia while smiling at me and Christine.

“Now, let’s go.”

“No, thank you.”

“Then, I’ll hold your hand.”

“I don’t need you to do that either, Marcus-sama.”

She refused them both, and the three of them walked normally.

“Nee-sama is independent. She doesn’t like depending on people.”


“Right? She can do everything herself. I want to be like her.”

Then why don’t you start with your manners?

“Stharth withh greethingsh.”

“Lei, you’re actually pretty strict.”

Chris frowned.

“I was jealous because everyone’s so loved.”

Aren’t you loved as well?

“Whath abouth Fewicia?”

“Nee-sama? I love her. She talks to me. But, Okaa-sama…”


“Yeah. Your Otou-sama is too, right?”

“He goesh tho thhe cashthwe every day.”

“Of course he does, he is part of the Four Marquises after all…”

The Four Marquises goes to the castle every day to do some kind of work, and channels magic into the magic stones once every few days.

“You’re so lucky to have violet eyes.”

“I wiwe brown eyesh thoo. Okaa-syama had brown eyesh.”

“My eye colour is like my Otou-sama’s.”



I swung our joined hands. 

“Pwetty. Ith woowsh wiwe thea withh miww. Yummy.” (It looks like tea with milk)

Delicious things are good. 

“Thea withh miww. Snacwsh!” (Snacks) 

Come to think of it, I didn’t eat any snacks.

“There’s tea, and snacks in the greenhouse.” Natalie, who was with us, told me. 

“Nathawie, thhanwsh.”

“Chrish, thhe shnacwsh are waithing!”

“Don’t swing our hands too much! Even if you rush, you only know how to totter.”

“I’m noth thoththering! I’m wawwing properwy!”

“Run, Lei.”

Being confused has nothing to do with it. I’ve only had drinks for a while now. I had a light meal before that, you say? That’s a light meal, not snacks. 

“Weird kid.”

“I’m normaw.”

“I’m not sure about that.”

Nii-sama giggled, and Gill laughed.

“Lei is normal, other than the fact that she sleeps too much.”

“I think sleeping a lot is normal.”

“Is that so?”

It’s rude to listen in on other people’s conversations.