Chapter 127: Oranges in the Greenhouse

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

We walked for a while and went to the greenhouse straight from the terrace of the guest room. The greenhouse that Okaa-sama dearly loved.

“This is our greenhouse. Lei has only been here a few times.”


“Please make yourselves at home,” Nii-sama said, and Nico ran into the greenhouse at once. The guards quickly followed after him. There were a lot of rare plants, so I was worried about whether he would pluck them.

“This is the guest room, but from what I know, no one has ever stayed here. Okaa-sama came here a lot.”

Did he come here with Okaa-sama? I’m jealous. 

“Ever since Lei became able to walk, Otou-sama stored her portrait and tea utensils.”


“He was worried that Lei would be sad and wonder why she didn’t have an Okaa-sama.”

It’s a good reason, but I won’t get moved or cry because of that, because Otou-sama was just feeble.  

“Lei, you don’t have an Okaa-sama?”


I looked at, and Chris, who was still holding my hand, looked surprised. 

“Chris, I’ve told you this before, haven’t I?” 

Felicia looked at me worriedly. Children don’t remember things that don’t interest them. It probably never occurred to her that the Okaa-sama of the star of the party wasn’t there. 

“You only have your Otou-sama?”

I certainly don’t have an Okaa-sama. But, “Nii-syama too.” I have a wonderful brother. I puffed out my chest with pride.

“I’m here, too.”

Nico came running back. He’s fast.

“I’m always with you in the daytime, so I’m like your Nii-sama. And, Luke is your Nii-sama, so he’s like my Nii-sama. And, Gill is like Luke’s Nii-sama, so he’s like our Nii-sama.”

“That’s a little confusing.”

It really was confusing. That wasn’t all Nico wanted. 

“It’s boring to run around by myself. Lei, come. I don’t mind if Chris comes too.” 

This is my house, you know? Well, fine. Let’s explore the greenhouse! Nii-sama called me, “Lei.”

“Nii-syama, whath?”

It’s rare for him to interrupt me when I’m playing. But, that wasn’t what he wanted to do.

“If you go straight to the back, there are oranges.”


Our eyes sparkled at the valuable information.

“Alright! Let’s go get some oranges!”

“Leth’sh go!”

“I guess I’ll come too.”

Come to think of it, isn’t the castle’s greenhouses more luxurious, so wouldn’t they have oranges too? But, I didn’t have time to think about it because the oranges could be stolen away. We ran like the wind.

“Lei-sama can’t run fast, like always.” I looked at the guard who said something unnecessary. Shouldn’t Hans follow the example of the other guards and stay quiet?

I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but we went straight through the maze-like greenhouse and saw an orange tree at the end. It wasn’t in a very high place, but children couldn’t reach it. I don’t even know if Nii-sama could reach it. 

“It’s beautiful! I’ve only seen orange trees which have been cut.”

Chris, the biggest of us three, reached out, but she still couldn’t reach the oranges easily. Nico jumped up, but couldn’t reach. Shouldn’t we use something that can be used? I looked at Hans. 

“Hansh, up.”

“I’ll lift you up whenever you ask me to, but isn’t this foul play, Lei-sama?”


I looked back, and Nico and Chris also made a face that said it was unfair. Then, what should we do?

Let’s talk about it.

We put our heads together and thought. 

“How about we climb it?” Nico said since he got good at tree-climbing lately.

“The branchesh are thhin. They’ww breaw.”

“So, we can’t?”

“If you ask a maid to get the oranges.”


Didn’t you two give me that look when I asked Hans to pick me up? In that case, we have to use something. We looked around.

Should we throw stones? There aren’t any stones in the neat greenhouse. Then, how about a stick? Three sticks which had been supporting a plant behind Hans had fallen down.

“Nico, thath!”


Boys and sticks are a dangerous combination, but we don’t have another choice right now. They were a bit heavy, but Nico and Chris were able to hold the sticks.

“Ah, Lei-sama!” I heard a shriek. I held the stick and aimed it at the oranges. 

“It’s dangerous!”

Oh, I nearly hit Hans for some reason. I staggered because it was heavy. 

“Even the smallest stick is heavy. Babies are such a pain.”

Should I stagger again?

“Yes, yes. It’s dangerous, so please watch, Lei-sama.”

The stick was taken away. Well, he is looking after me.

“Hith thhath big one over thhere.”

“Lei, you’re only using your mouth.”

I gave instructions to the two who were staggering while holding their sticks. Nico looked unhappy. Aren’t the two older ones also staggering? I looked at Hans disgruntledly, but he shook his head. 

“Lei wiww cheer you on!”

I wasn’t allowed, so I waved my hands and cheered them on.

“Oh my gosh, Lei.”

Chris laughed, and her stick managed to hit the oranges even though she was staggering. 

“Ah!” I heard a shriek from somewhere. It was probably the gardener. A few oranges dropped down along with some leaves. Nico’s stick seemed to have hit the big orange.

“It dropped!”

“We got some!”

Three people picked up the fallen oranges. Why was I late even though I wasn’t holding a stick? But, everyone was able to pick up two each.

“These are for my father and mother!”

“Then, Lei wiww give it to Otou-syama and Nii-syama.”

Chris looked at her own oranges. Hans secretly shook the tree branch behind us.

“Ah, Chris. Another one dropped.”


Chris turned around and carefully picked up the orange.

“These are for Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, and Nee-sama.”

I’m glad there was enough. Hans checked the oranges that had dropped.

“It’s ripe enough to eat. Lei-sama, isn’t that good?”

“Ai! Leth’sh go bacw, and everyone eath.”

We went back slowly so that we wouldn’t drop the oranges.