Chapter 129: Too Many Senseis (Luke’s POV)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Felicia noticed our gazes and quickly shook her head in a panic. 

“It’s not what it sounds like. I think she’s getting close to the royal family for a reason. The Four Marquises are the Four Marquises. There isn’t a concentration of powers because they’re all separate from each other.” 

I rethought my opinion of Felicia a bit. 

“I’ve been going to the castle a lot more with Okaa-sama. So, Chris is always alone at home. The servants’ children aren’t on the same status as her, and no one is around to speak clearly to her. Not to mention, the maids and guards…” 

Of course, it would be like that. 

“And, I think she’s rather lonely, and I was wondering if I could bring her with me when I go to the castle. And, it’s almost time to teach her how to behave like a lady, so I also wondered if I should be the one to teach her…”

Felicia is anxious about Chris. 

“It would be convenient for Okaa-sama if I do this. Mm, I’ll suggest it to her.”

Felicia cheered up, but Marcus said, as if he was pouring cold water over her, “Apart from the fact that the Lisburns are servile to the Albans, the other nobles will feel uneasy if the Albans, Lisburns and Remingtons try to get close to the royal family.”

“Aren’t you overthinking?” Gill pointed out that Mark was overthinking. Is it alright for you not to deny that the Lisburns servile to the Albans? Even though he’s from the Molesey House and is the same rank as us, it’s not pleasant to hear something like that. But, Gill declared, “And father thinks it’s fine, so he agrees with what Albans does, but if he doesn’t think it’s alright, then he would stop Albans. He doesn’t publicise that he stops Albans, so it might look like servile, but I think it’s odd to be afraid of rumours and not do what you want or should do.”

“The next generations of the Lisburns are strong.”

“Mark, this is too important a discussion to make jokes.” 

There are times when Gill is serious too.

“Then, shall I give Felicia a boost too?” What’s with the ‘then’? Mark suddenly said, which confused us.

“I’ll also be a sensei. What should I teach her?”

He tilted his head as he looked like he was looking at children, but wasn’t he talking about how the nobles felt about the Four Marquises getting close to the royal family? 


“I’m only saying that the nobles will be unhappy, I never said you couldn’t make them unhappy. If that’s what you want, then go for it,” Mark answered indifferently to Gill.

“I even think that they should erase the influence of the Four Marquises if that’s what they want. We have to fill the magic stones even if we don’t want to. However, is it necessary for us to be at the centre of domestic and foreign affairs? Shouldn’t we separate ourselves from those matters?”

That’s a complicated problem. We cherish this country and won’t abandon it because we’re involved with politics, and it’s a nice feeling to have power. The Four Marquises of the previous generations have surrounded this country like that. 

However, some wanted freedom like Otou-sama and some wanted to be a little more involved in politics like the Remingtons. 

It’s still a long way before I become the head of the Albans in place of Otou-sama. Do all heirs worry about these things? The outcome is that we can’t laugh even if we wanted to in this hedged world. 

“Nii-syama, Giww, shweethsh,” Lei’s adorable voice broke my thoughts. I looked at the table, and most of the snacks and sweets were gone. They ate more than usual because they were having fun, and she quickly called out to me.

“We already ate a little while you guys were picking oranges. You don’t have to worry about us, keep on eating.”

“Ai! Buth, I’m fuww.”

Lei rubbing her stomach is so cute. She’ll probably get angry if I touch it. 

“Then, shall we go back to the hall?” Everyone stood up when I said this. The children also seemed satisfied and held onto their oranges again. By the way, Lei’s empty-handed because she made me hold hers. She’s cheeky. 

But, Lei, who hadn’t napped and spent the time playing, she became sleepy and staggered as she walked. So, Hans picked her up, and she then fell asleep.

“Ah, Lei-sama, you’ve worked harder than usual,” Hans handed Lei to Natalie and said. He’s the guard, so he needs his hands free.

“Hmm. She usually falls asleep earlier.”

“I don’t take naps anymore.”

“You’re already five, so you can’t compare yourself to her.”

“So what?”

His Highness and Chris seem to get along pretty well without Lei. Felicia sighed in relief. 

Lei is two-years-old, the debut went on even without the star, and everyone went home. I, the other lead, conducted myself well. I got the guests who didn’t want to leave to go home, and the debut was over. 

Ojii-sama finally arrived at that time.

“Luke! I’m sorry, I’m late. Happy 12th birthday!”

“Well, Lei got tired of waiting and took a nap.”

He probably really wanted to see Lei, but he still treasured me even though I wasn’t related to him by blood. He hugged me tightly, then grabbed my shoulders and looked at my face.

“You’ve gotten bigger since summer. However, you’re a bit skinny. You’re skipping your sword practices, aren’t you?”

How did he know? I started practising seriously ever since Gill spoke to me, but I have indeed been skipping, so I was surprised, and Ojii-sama acted pompously, “I even got you a new sword.” The northern fiefs produce good swords.

“I only skipped a little, I’m practising properly now! Where’s the sword?!”

“Hahaha, here.”


His attendant handed me the sword that he had hidden. I wanted to swing it straight away, but I was enjoying the weight. I pulled Ojii-sama’s hand. 

“Now, let’s go see Lei sleep. She’s adorable even when she’s sleeping.”


“Why were you late?”

“I brought a Rug Dragon for Lei to use, but it wouldn’t listen to what I say.”

That’s dangerous.

“Lei’s a little slow, so a violent dragon might be dangerous.”

“Well, we’ll find out when they meet.”

I quickly pulled Ojii-sama to the second floor while thinking, she can’t ride it if it’s dangerous. I wanted him to quickly meet Lei.