Chapter 131: Nostalgic Sound

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam and delishnoodles

Of course, Rug Dragons had children as well. They carefully protect their children. This ranch also had several smaller dragons, but aren’t they bigger than this one?



The Rug Dragon snorted when I said that. You’re the one who’s small, right? I wasn’t saying I’m the small one. I folded my arms, stood in an imposing stance and glared at the dragon.


I’m not folding my arms, you say? Rude. I’m folding my arms properly, aren’t I? Anyway, you’re so small. Can you even work properly?

“They became good friends straight away. The Albans are really compatible with Rug Dragons.”



The Rug Dragon and I turned around at Ojii-sama’s words.

“See, aren’t you getting along?”

It was a coincidence. I turned to the side, and the Rug Dragon also turned away. Some large Rug Dragons approached the small one to calm it down. They seemed a bit angry as if to say that we should take care of the younger ones. Some came towards me as well and gently poked me with their noses. Get along, you say?

“You may be surprised by the small dragon, but that’s her breed. The Rug Dragons in the north are rather large, but there are some smaller ones. They can’t carry heavy loads, but they’re friendly, and it’s easier to handle them. They’re popular among women.”

So that’s the reason? It might have been rude of me to call her small. I untied my arms.


As long as you understand, you say? Well, she’s a bit sassy, but that’s okay.

“But, Ojii-sama. It’s still too early for Lei to ride dragons. And, Lei isn’t good at moving, unlike the other children.”

What?! I wonder since when have I been compared to other children? Children around the same age as me shouldn’t be able to move around well. Besides, he may think that I’m bad at moving around, but so what? There’s no P.E. in this world, so there’s no point in worrying about evaluation. I like to move, so I don’t mind at all.

“That’s where this comes in. Now, let’s put a basket on the dragon!” Ojii-sama proudly instructed, and a divided basket used for transporting cargo was attached to the dragon. They use this in Frontier, but it looks a little different.

“It’s originally a cargo basket, but it’s shaped like a chair, and it fixes the body to the chair when you put this strap on. It’s an excellent basket. She won’t fall out of the basket even if the Rug Dragon runs. It has been tested, so it’s okay.”

“Not the dragon, but the basket? But what about the balance between left and right?”

“There are some weights at her feet to maintain balance. Also, even if she’s a small Rug Dragon, she can carry two adults if they sit on the left and right baskets.”

“Which means…”

“That Luke and Lei can take a walk on the dragon.”

What?! Nii-sama stared at me with sparkling eyes.

“Lei, this is…”

“Nii-syama, dis is…”

“Let’s get on!”


“Wait,” Otou-sama stopped us, and rode the dragon first to try her out. The Rug Dragon looked disgusted, but she stooped down and let Otou-sama get on.


“Kyee,” the dragon let out an unmotivated shriek, but still started running around the ranch. Otou-sama rode her around the ranch while indicating left and right with his hand. Then, he came back. The Rug Dragon didn’t look tired at all. 

“She’s well-trained, Father-in-law.”

Ojii-sama looked proud.

“But, for the two-year-old Lei…”

“Kyee,” the Rug Dragon snorted, are you looking down on me? But, Otou-sama was right.

“Lei wiww ride with Otou-syama.”

“Lei and Otou-sama? Alright, then.”

“Otou-sama! That’s not fair!”

“But, you were able to ride on the dragon by yourself since last summer.”

Nii-sama looked disappointed, but he gave up when he was told this. 

“Then, if you think it’s fine after she rides with you, Otou-sama, then let her ride with me next.”

“Well, what should I do?”

I looked up at Otou-sama.


I took a step closer to him and stared at him. One more push.


“Alright. Anyway, let’s try first.”


Otou-sama instructed the Rug Dragon to run next to us, then he changed the position of the strap and strapped me in. I was strapped in now, but if the position of the strap was fixed from the beginning, then I just need to wiggle in. The basket which had been turned into a chair had cushions in it and felt good to sit on. I felt Otou-sama getting in next to me, and our eyes met on the back of the dragon. We’re unexpectedly close. And it’s fun.

“Go slowly.”


The dragon started strolling. It felt the same as the Rug Dragons I rode in Frontier. The dragons would dash, Mill would be riding next to me and Alistair would ride in front of us.


I wonder how he is. Otou-sama glanced at me, then spoke to the dragon, “Run.”

The Rug Dragon picked up her pace. We quickly approached the edge of the ranch. The dragon ran along the fence, then turned sharply. I felt gravity on the side. I never experienced this in Frontier. 

“Wow!” I laughed. The wind blew my hair back. The cold winter air blew everything away. 

Even though Otou-sama hadn’t said anything, the Rug Dragon stopped in front of everyone.


“Hmm. It seems fine. You can’t let the dragon run when you’re riding with Lei, Luke. But, you can get the dragon to walk around.”

“Yay!” Nii-sama jumped in joy. It was fun to ride the Rug Dragon with Nii-sama. We could talk as well. However, it was cold in the middle of winter. We ended the ride before our bodies froze. Now, I just need to name her. 

“Nii-syama, whath’sh your dragon’sh name?”

“My dragon? Doesn’t have one.”

Huh? Apparently, it was pointless to name them since they operated as a group even if they were being used exclusively. Therefore, no one gave them names. Come to think of it, I didn’t see anyone in Lentforce with their own dragon. 

“How do you caww thhem?”

“You can just ask the dragon’s caretaker. But, Otou-sama also prepared something special for you to match with Ojii-sama’s present.”


Uh-oh, I start talking like a baby once I let my guard down.

“Whath? Otou-syama.”

“You don’t have to change the way you talk. Well, whatever. Here.”

In Otou-sama’s palm was a small whistle attached to a thin gold chain.


“You blew them in Frontier, right? A grass whistle which made a strange sound.”

I took it gently and put it in my mouth.


There was no sound.

“Blow it harder.”


That’s right. Even the grass whistles didn’t make a sound when I blew on it softly. I blew harder.



“Puu, puu.”

“Kyee, kyee.”

The Rug Dragons cried along to the whistle.

“Soundsh wike Weshther.”

The wind blew. I heard the laughter of my friends.

“You don’t have to forget. But you can.”

Otou-sama added unnecessarily and put the whistle chain around my neck.

“It’s not lonesome. Rug Dragons are always our partners.”


Ojii-sama also seemed satisfied. My debut ended peacefully, and I made new friends and gained a Rug Dragon.