Chapter 132: Stay

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

I rested the day after my debut and rode on the Rug Dragon with Ojii-sama and Nii-sama. Nii-sama also took a day off from the academy since Ojii-sama was here. 


The little dragon became completely familiar with the group. She ran with the other dragons and helped look after the smaller ones. 



She still ran to me when I called her.


She put her head closer to me when I reached out, so I rubbed her big head. However, another dragon approached and poked my body.

“Hahaha, the dragons love Lei,” Ojii-sama laughed, but the dragons probably did like me. But, the dragon, who was poking me, looked at me meaningfully. I suddenly realised this, and pulled out the dragon whistle.


So, you get what I mean? The dragon said.



“Puu, puu.”

“Kyee, kyee.” The dragons sang happily and ran around energetically.

“I wonder why they react to the whistle.” Ojii-sama put his hand to his chin and pondered.

“Soundsh wike da wind.”

“The wind? I wonder if they remember the wide prairies.”


I don’t know what they’re thinking, but they look like they’re having fun, so it’s okay.

Otou-sama said that the Rug Dragon couldn’t run while we were riding her, but Ojii-sama said that it would be fine if she jogged, so Nii-sama and I rode her around the ranch with a fair bit of speed.

“Lei, why don’t you come to Ojii-sama’s place the next time you have a big holiday?”


I was happy with Nii-sama’s proposal and Ojii-sama was delighted as well.

“Yes, come, come.”

“I didn’t get to enjoy my time there last time because we moved around a lot and I had to train my sword skills, but it’ll be nice to stay there for a while and take rides on the Rug Dragon.”

I heard that Nii-sama went to Ojii-sama’s place, but I didn’t know that he had such a hard time there.

“Buth, Awishthair thoo.”


“I wanth tho meeth Barth and Miww thoo.”

We had only just separated, and they were probably busy with their studies, but it’s alright to want to meet them.

“Those guys will surely come to see you even if you don’t do anything.”

Those guys, that doesn’t sound like words Nii-sama would use.

“You’ll need a big holiday if you want to go see them. We’ll talk to Otou-sama about it, but we have to visit Ojii-sama first. Then, we’ll think about going to Wester after.”


We’ve made plans for a trip.

“By the way, how long will you be staying here, Ojii-sama?”

“Well, actually…”

Ojii-sama looked at the ranch after picking me up when Nii-sama asked him this question.

“You probably heard about this Luke. Nobles from Farland are pushing His Highness Albert to marry.”

“Albert-sama… Yes, I’ve heard. But, I’ve heard that no foreigner has ever married into the royal family, so they probably won’t go through with it.”

Who is Prince Albert? I listened to their conversation while looking at the ranch and Rug Dragons. 

“He’s the second Prince, Lei. In other words, Nico’s uncle.”


“He’s about 20 years old, so he’s around the same age as Marcus Molesey.”

The Molesey House is part of the Four Marquises, and they have wintery-sky eyes. If I remember correctly, the oldest one is Har-ojisama. And, “Marw. Grey-oniisyama.”

“That’s right, but…”

Nii-sama, what’s wrong?

“The only one who you can call Nii-sama is me. You can call Mark Oji-sama. Yes, that’s good enough for him.”

“Yesh, around shame age ash Barth.”

“Same as Bart? Then, Bart is an Oji-sama too.”

So overbearing. Ojii-sama held me as he laughed, and there was nothing more unstable than this.

“Lei, you only need one Ojii-sama too. You can call me as much as you like.”


“What is it, Lei?”

“That wasn’t what we were talking about, Ojii-sama. I asked you how long you would be staying here.”

“Hahaha, oh yeah.”

Ojii-sama put me down since I got tired of being held, and went back to the topic at hand. 

“Since people in Farland are pushing for it, they decided that the two will at least meet face-to-face.”


Nii-sama frowned. I listened as I gathered some kind of fluff that had been mixed in with the dead winter grass. 

“Wester and Easter won’t remain silent if the royal family has a connection with Farland. They will probably remove him from the royal family and turn him into a normal noble, but what is the King thinking?” Nii-sama sometimes says things that a 12-year-old wouldn’t.

“Surprisingly, it might just be a mere miai[1]formal marriage interview.”

“Miai?” Nii-sama asked back. 

“His Highness Lambert happened to find the woman he loved from a lower-ranked noble family, but His Highness Albert patrols around the country, so he doesn’t have that opportunity. He might not want to make connections with powerful nobles in the country.”

“If that’s the case, then it would be troublesome if he marries a noble from Wester or Easter.”

“Well, the royals can’t leave the Kingdom. It’s obvious that they would invite the young lady to the royal capital. So, they’ll be meeting in Neville.”

So, Ojii-sama is…

“Ojii-sama, you’re thawing him thhere?”

“That’s right. It’s a hassle.”

It seems like the Albans aren’t the only ones who say unnecessary things.

“Of course, my main purpose was to meet Lei.”


It’s fine since he can finish what he has to do.

“I think he went to the south on an inspection, but he should be back soon, so we’ll go to the north together. Until then, well, I’ll be staying here.”

Then, I realised that I never met His Highness Albert even when I was with Nico. The Prince should take his time to return so that Ojii-sama can stay here for a long time, I thought as if it was someone else’s business. 


1 formal marriage interview