Chapter 133: From Two People to Three People

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Delishnoodles

My debut was over, so Nii-sama tearfully returned to his dormitory, and I went back to commuting to the castle. The difference was the Ojii-sama saw me off every day with a smile.

What happened to the little dragon, you ask?

It would certainly be fun to ride her around town, but Natalie will have to sit on the other basket. And, Otou-sama will sit in the carriage. Otou-sama refused since he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his time with his daughter on his commute to the castle.

Or, Otou-sama could ride in the other basket, and Natalie and the guard will ride in the carriage. But this is also strange. Otou-sama liked this idea, but Jude was firmly against it.

I think Jude’s temples were twitching when he said this to Otou-sama when Otou-sama tried to climb into the carriage, “The Four Marquises don’t ride in baskets to go out! I know that Leila-sama is cute, but please be more aware of your position as the head of the family.”

“I know, I know.”

Otou-sama didn’t seem to care, but I’m glad he didn’t get into the basket. Therefore, the little dragon was returned to the ranch, but I was somewhat angry that she went back happily without any complaints. Well, she can only stay in the castle ranch even if she came with us, so it probably didn’t matter to her.

I want to brag to Nico, but I don’t mind doing that when the opportunity presents itself.

I had a lot of fun with Ojii-sama during my debut, but I’m happy to go back to my normal days. I cheerfully walked up to Nico when I got off the carriage, but then I saw an unfamiliar and imposing carriage.

“That’s the Remington carriage,” Natalie said after glancing at it.


“They came to your debut the other day. The family head is Angelique-sama, and her daughters Felicia-sama and Christine-sama picked oranges with you.”

I know who the Remingtons are. I just didn’t understand why they were here. But, I figured it out from Natalie’s words.


“I told you to call me Chris!”

Chris came up to us while Natalie was talking. Felicia stood behind her with a troubled expression on her face.

“I told you not to look at other people’s carriages without permission…”

“Because Lei didn’t come out straight away.” That sounds just like Chris.

“You should have gone to where I am before going to where Lei is.”


We haven’t seen each other in a few days.

“Hmm. Lei, I thank you for the oranges. Mother was most pleased.”

“Okaa-syama? Nico, thhath’sh good.”

She might have told him that he could have taken some from the castle greenhouse and didn’t need to bring them from another place. I’m glad she liked the orange.

“My Otou-sama was really happy. He patted my head.”

“Head! Thath’sh nice.”

I’d be happy if my head was patted.

“Chris. Follow His Highness’s example. It doesn’t matter what Otou-sama did, you should give your thanks for.”

“But, Nee-sama.”

“No buts. We came here because you promised that you would study etiquette.”

Chris pouted unhappily, but surprisingly, she turned to me and said expressed her gratitude, “Lei, thanks for the oranges.”

“You’re wewcome,” I also replied politely. However, it was strange to be thanked since it wasn’t like they were my oranges.

“Chrish, Chrish, did you awsho come tho shthudy?”

“That’s right. I was told that it would be fine since the small Nico and Lei are studying properly.”

“We shthudy properwy.” I puffed my chest in pride.

“Lei is right.” Nico puffed his chest in pride.

“What? You two actually study?”

Why is she disappointed? It’s also boring to play the whole day.

“Chris!” Felicia rubbed her hands anxiously. She worries more than Nii-sama. Nico and I looked at each other and nodded. It’s annoying, so we should just take her with us.

“Leth’sh go.”


We held out our hand to Chris on both sides.



“Like this?”

Chris stretched out her hand, and Nico took one while I took the other.

“Now, leth’sh go.”

“Hmm, Lei, we’re going to my library. Shouldn’t I take the lead?”

“Then pweashe.”

“You’re making me angry.”

The way he spoke strangely reminded me of Prince Huu.

“Awrighth, off we go!”

“Aren’t you leading in the end, Lei?”

We walked to the library while Chris was still confused.

“Ah, Chris!” Felicia cried out from behind her, but I ignored her.

“Mm, Felicia-ojousama.”

“Huh? Oh, I’ve seen you before.”

“I was a Ojou-sama’s maid before,” Natalie said. It isn’t rude for a maid to talk if the situation calls for it. Felicia looked as if she remembered this.

“Hmm, I think it’s alright to leave Christina-sama with His Highness Nico and Leila-sama.”

“Oh. I’m supposed to look after her.”

“Odds-sensei will be there, and so will other adults.”

“If you were Christine’s maid, then you know that she’s a difficult child.”


Natalie, you didn’t hesitate.

“But, please leave her to us. Felicia-sama, what about your political affairs?”

“Oh no! I need to go back! I’ll come back at lunch.”

Felicia left in a hurry. I knew that she left and looked up at Chris. She seemed alright. She was looking around since it was her first time here.”

“Nexth, we cwimb up shthairsh.”

It was dangerous to climb up the stairs while holding hands, so I let go off her hand under the stairs.

“Second fwoor.”

I stared at the two who had gone ahead and walked up the stairs steadily. Chris looked down worriedly at me from the top of the stairs. Then, she glanced behind me.

“No matter how slow Lei-sama is, she won’t fall down from the stairs,” Hans spoke behind me to reassure Chris. Rude. It’s because I’m slow that I’m careful and don’t get hurt. Wait, I’m not slow.

Then, the three of us finally entered the library.”

“Big…” Chris muttered because Nico’s library was so big. There was another library in the castle, and this one was exclusively for the royal family. There was also a small bed under the window.

Three desks were arranged neatly in front of the blackboard, and Odds-sensei was already waiting for us. But before Odds-sensei said anything, Nico stood in front of the blackboard with his arms crossed. Oh my, he’s pretending to be the senior one. Well…

“Chrish, shith down.”


“Ai, thhere.”

I had Chris sit down before I stood next to Nico and crossed my arms. I’m also a senior.

“Noth decided.”


Nico says one too many words.

“Then, Chris will take an exam to see how much she knows.”


“Your Highness. Leila-sama…”

Odds-sensei seemed appalled but wait a minute.