Chapter 137: An Adult is…

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Now then, I’ll show you how to channel magic into the magic stone before someone disturbs us.”

“You can’th.”

He can’t do that. If you show a baby how to channel magic into a magic stone, then they’ll want to try it for themselves, wouldn’t they?

“Lei, why? I want to see.”

“Nico. You can when you geth bigger.”

Mark glanced at us, and ignored me, then he began channelling magic into the light coloured magic stone that belonged to the Moleseys. 

Since it’s already like this, then it’s better not to disturb his concentration. Nico and I had no choice but to watch him. It started getting noisy outside. The magic stone gradually darkened. Mark frowned while focusing.

Then, the door opened with a bang not long after.


I wondered who it was, and it was Nico’s Otou-sama. Nico’s Otou-sama glanced happily at Nico, who had called his name, then he looked at the magic stone on the table and Mark, around the room, returned his gaze to Nico, then looked at myself and Mark. 

“Molesey. What are you doing?”

“I’m showing them around the castle., Your Highness. Since I wanted to show them a bit of the castle.”

“I allowed you to show them around the castle, but I didn’t give you permission to show them between the barrier.”

Marcus raised his eyebrow in surprise. 

“You didn’t tell me what I couldn’t show them.”

Normally, you wouldn’t take small children to an important place like this. Nico’s Otou-sama probably didn’t think that Mark, who looked like he had frozen, would bring us here. 

In fact, I don’t think there’s a rule that states that no one but the Four Marquises, the royal family and their direct line can enter this place. That’s probably why the guards at the door had let us in, and Nico’s Otou-sama couldn’t press Mark hard.  

However, this is under the premise that everyone knows that other people shouldn’t enter here. No one imagined that the heir of a Four Marquis family would do something reckless like this. 

“You can’t bring them here. No matter how smart they are, children are beings that make you want to tease them. At any rate, if these two were to faint, then we must not let anything interfere with the Kingdom Barrier.”

His Highness Lambert can only reason quietly. Mark gently removed his hands from the magic stone while Prince Lambert was talking. The magic stone had been filled to a dark colour, and there was a bit of sweat on Mark’s forehead. He had only channelled his magic for a short amount of time, but I can tell that he had consumed a considerable amount of magic. 

“And, why did you show them how to channel magic!? It’s alright to show Nico, but why did you show Lei as well? She’s the most reckless child in a way!”

Rude. Didn’t I try to stop Mark?

“Father, Lei tried to stop Mark-dono. She’s a good girl.”

“Nico, I didn’t say that she wasn’t. I said that she’s reckless.”

Nico’s Otou-sama looked awkwardly at me.

“After all, Lei has probably done some reckless things.”

I haven’t, what did I do? I folded my arms and turned my head to the side. 

“Argh, if Albans knew about this…”

“What about Albans?”


I ran up to him, and he picked me up right away. At that moment, I felt like I saw Hans behind the door. Hans must have gone to get Otou-sama. He is indeed my guard.



Otou-sama looked at me suspiciously when I explained what we were doing.

“Touring thhe cashthwe.”

“I see, so you were on a castle tour. Lei is so smart, you know everything.”


I puffed my chest out proudly in Otou-sama’s arms.

“But, why did you show them the room between the barrier, Mark-dono?” Otou-sama’s voice was so cold that it was below freezing point. 

“Be-because I thought I should show them the most important place in the castle first.”

“I see. But, I don’t think you needed to show little children who don’t even have enough power to fill magic stones how to channel your magic into one.”

Mark started sweating and averted his gaze.

Mark said he is 20-years-old. He is older than Gill and Felicia, and is the oldest out of the Four Marquises children that I have gotten to know recently. But, he is still younger than Bart and Mill who are 22, and their 23 year old group, and also younger than Prince Huu.

And, he is carefully cared for since he is the heir, so he’s been living his life carefreely. 

I squinted and looked at Matk. 

What I’m saying is that Mark is a child. 

He is different from Bart and his crew who constantly work to support themselves and raised their name up as hunters. He’s also different from Prince Huu, who is supporting his country as the second prince and thought of his country and people first. 

He’s only a little younger than them, but he only thinks about himself so he ended up like this. 

I’m sure he didn’t have some hidden agenda behind this. He simply wanted to add this to our studies by taking us out to play, surprise us along the way, and wanted us to respect him a little. 

I could tell when I saw him channelling magic into the magic stone. 

Mark is a lot worse at manipulating his magic than Nii-sama. He also doesn’t come close to Alistair’s level, but he manipulates his magic more efficiently than Bart and his crew.

In other words…

“Marw noth sensei.”

The room that had been surrounded by a heavy atmosphere became quiet. 

“Marw shhouwd shthudy more.”

The adults looked like they had frozen in surprise, and Nico looked at Mark, pitifully. 

“Marcus-dono, how about you come when Luke is teaching? Let’s study about magic together.”

Then, he patted Mark’s thigh as if to encourage him.

“Wha, I’m…! I can already channel magic as part of the Four Marquises! Why are you saying this when I can already do it!”

“It’ll be useful for you. You go to the Albans house to learn how to manipulate your magic sometimes, don’t you? You should learn from Luke with the children.”


Mark looked like he had messed up, and the current head of the Molesey House finally showed up.

Mark probably brought us to between the barrier in secret, and took a different path here so that he couldn’t get caught. Nii-sama wouldn’t do something as sloppy as that. No, Nii-sama wouldn’t do sloppy things in the first place. 

“I’m sorry. It’s shameless as a parent that my adult son has to be told these things. He will accept any form of punishment you wish to give him. It’s absurd for him to be a sensei. Like His Highness Nicholas said, he should learn how to manipulate magic for a while from Luke-dono with the children.” Mark hung his head down in shame at his father’s stern words. Up until now, he hasn’t been excessive or inadequate in his political affairs or when filling the magic stones. 

“You know that there are no punishments for those who sustain the barrier,” Nico’s Otou-sama said in annoyance. Indeed, for example, if Otou-sama can no longer channel his magic into the magic stone, then the barrier will be rendered useless. 

“Albans. I want you to reason with Marcus since you know the importance of young children. Now then, everyone is dismissed. “

Which means, Nico and I should go back to our rooms. So, what will happen to our tour?


“What’s wrong?”

I asked Otou-sama to put me down, sat down and took my snack out of my pocket. 

“Nico, sweethsh.”

“Lei, you…”

“If we’re going tho go bacw, den I’m going tho eath dish.”

“That’s right, we’re exploring the castle after all.”


Nico sat down next to me and received his snack. 



“I can only see a table.”

“Dat’s wright.”


That wasn’t Hans. I turned around and saw it was Nico’s Otou-sama.”

“Alright. Marcus. Take them to the courtyard. Return to the room after they’ve finished eating their snacks, and receive your lecture from Albans.”


Marcus is a little useless as a teacher, but it might be alright for him to lead our tour. That day ended with a visit to the courtyard.