Chapter 140: Sleeping Child

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Afterwards, Chris pleaded, “Today isn’t just for Mark, you’re supposed to teach me too,” so we also got Chris to experience the feeling of her body swaying. I was more careful when I channelled magic into Chris and she giggled strangely, “Wah, it tickles. It tickles.” 

And, infants sense magic a lot faster, although she wasn’t as fast as Nico, she was able to perceive magic. I took a breath and wiped the sweat on my forehead. Nii-sama and I did a great job. I turned to Nii-sama and reached out to him, “Nii-syama, howd.”

“Ok, come here.”

Nii-sama picked me up while smiling and swayed me to sleep. So, why does Nii-sama come after lunch?


◊ Luke’s Perspective


“So that’s the infant who was kidnapped and taken to Wester?”

“Yes. She’s my sister, Leila.” I gently put Lei onto the bed that had been placed in the library and answered Prince Albert while putting a blanket on top of her. I could hear her calm sleeping breaths. 

Nico and Chris came to look at Lei sleep since they were curious about something. Mark and His Highness could have renewed their old friendship, but they were also watching Lei sleep, probably because it was a rare sight to see. 

“You can’t shake her.”

“I’ve already tried it, but she didn’t wake up.”

“You’ve already tried?”

“Because Nico said that Lei won’t wake up even if you shake her.”

I was shocked and glared at Hans a little. I felt like I could hear him say, “It’s not like she’s going to wake up anyway, so it’s fine.” Natalie was lightly shaking her head left and right. She was probably saying that she did try to stop them, but it was useless.

I want to come here in the mornings and hang out with Lei all day but can’t because being a student is a hassle. I’m 12 years old now, so I have four more years until graduation. 

Lei had just had lunch, but she was chewing in her sleep. I wonder if she’s dreaming about eating something.

“Now, Your Highness Nico and Chris, Gill’s also here with us, so why don’t we go outside to play.”

“Let’s go.”

“Yeah. I wish Lei could come too.”

“Lei is still a baby, so I heard that she needs to sleep a lot.”

“Then, I’ll come play too?” Mark said to the two. The corners of his mouth were lifted up a bit. He probably wanted to say that His Highness Nico is also a baby.



Gill smiled wryly as he took the three outside. It’s been a long time since Mark has seen His Highness Albert, is it alright for them not to catch up? I brushed Lei’s cheeks and tried to follow after them.

“Luke,” however, His Highness spoke to me. I don’t think it showed on my face that I was annoyed. 

There is a King in Kingdom, and the crown prince, His Highness Lambert is excellent, and they also have Prince Nicholas, a direct line to the throne. They all have ridiculous amounts of magic. Prince Albert, the second prince, has made it clear that he will support Prince Lambert and Prince Nicholas when he graduated from the academy, so there were no fights for succession. He goes to various places for inspection and is the only member in the royal family who moves around a lot. 

The royal family who protect the barrier are even more restricted than the Four Marquises. When Prince Albert said that he was going on inspections, the supervision department had objected. However, he calmly persuaded them, “The King and Crown Prince are in good health, is there anything else stopping me?” So, he could move freely now. 

In the past, there were times when the magic of the Four Marquises wasn’t enough to keep up the barrier. Those times were stormy, but the magic of the royal family and Four Marquises combined is enough to keep up the barrier right now, and I heard that there are no problems within Kingdom. However, I’m still only 12. There are a lot of things I don’t know. I don’t want to think deeply about why the Prince is moving around or why the royal family allowed him to do so. 

“Yes, Prince Albert?”

“I think I saw something amazing today.”

“Hah, is that so?” I didn’t know how to reply since I was thinking about what he was going to say. 

“I went to see my brother before I came here but decided that I would come see Nico since I was worried about him. But I found out that he had playmates now and doesn’t lose his temper. My brother smiled and said that I would see something interesting if I go see Nico straight away.”

Prince Lambert seemed like a mischievous person, and Prince Albert didn’t particularly seem to want to know these things, but it was a bit refreshing to see that Prince Albert was having a hard time. 

“I don’t even know how many surprises I’ve had. However, the maids and guards didn’t try to stop you all. What the heck is going on?”

The maid and guard who were left here were Hans and Natalie, but I could see that they were slightly looking away.

“First, you let a baby manipulate magic. Second, you let a baby hold a magic stone. Thirdly, you let said baby channel magic into the magic stone. Fourth, you let a baby inject their magic into another person. Fifth, you let a baby…”

“I get it. In other words, Lei surprised you a lot, right?”

“And, Nico is acting like this is natural. Don’t tell me you’re letting them hold magic stones too?”

Just like how Otou-sama treasures Lei more than anything else, His Highness treasures Nico more than anything else. However, I will say this. I’m repeating myself, but Lei is more important to us than anything. 

“It would have been helpful if you had heard about this more from His Highness Lambert.”

I implied that I was really annoyed. 

“His Highness Nico’s excess magic caused his tempers. By transferring the excess magic to magic stones, he can remain calm without throwing any tantrums.”

His Highness looked like he understood me. 

“And, the person who noticed this was our Lei. The reason why she noticed….” 

I looked straight at His Highness.

“… was because she faced many dangers in Frontier,” I said in a loud voice.

“Hans, Natalie.”

“Yes, Luke-sama?”

“I came here as a sensei, so I’ll go outside to look after Prince Nico and Chris. Don’t leave Lei.”



This is His Highness Lambert’s residence. If it isn’t safe here, then it isn’t safe anywhere. So, this was my warning to Prince Albert. 

I was implying that I didn’t trust him with Lei since he only thought about Prince Nico.

“Excuse me.”

“Wait.” I pretended that I hadn’t heard his panicked voice. If he has questions, then he should ask Prince Lambert. Then, he should regret it after he realised how much Prince Nico likes Lei. 

“Was there ever a blunt Albans?”

Of course, I didn’t hear his voice. I closed the library door.