Chapter 142: Marriage Interview (Dean’s POV)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“If you’re going to Neville, then shall I make the preparations for that?” The first person to cut the fuse was my father-in-law. He looked like Lei and Luke’s kind Ojii-sama just before, but now he looked like the proper Earl Neville. He didn’t look like he was blaming anyone, but he looked suspicious about what had happened.

“I was supposed to rest for a week after my inspection before heading to Neville fief. I came here today to greet you and talk about the schedule,” Prince Albert said. 

“But, Albans, as you know, Easter is…”

It’s no secret that Easter would look for partners amongst their own nobles if they just wanted a marriage interview. Prince Lambert looked as if this matter was troublesome. So, I don’t know how it is for the royal family. 

“At any rate, I thought it would be fine to do the marriage interview if you are going to refuse it anyway, but the other side wouldn’t mind having a marriage interview with a Four Marquise either.”

“With a Four Marquise?”

We never thought of that. The bloodline of the Four Marquises must never leave Kingdom. Unlike the clear rule of the head of the Four Marquises not leaving Kingdom, this is only a custom. The Lisburn child is currently in Wester.

For example, the head of a Four Marquise House, or an adult heir cannot leave Kingdom, but they can if they have yet to become adults. If someone insisted that this is a custom and not a rule, then a lot of things can be done. 

“If Albert goes to Farland, then Easter wants to have a marriage interview with one of the Four Marquises. They hope to meet Molesey or Remington.”

“That’s stupid. We can’t let the next head of the House leave.”

“They won’t be leaving. The Easter blood will enter Kingdom.”

“What meaning will that have?”

Even if I say so myself, their tone is gradually becoming rude, but there is little profit for the Four Marquises to marry. I heard from Luke, who went to Wester, that even royalty didn’t have much magic, and the third Easter Prince, who may have been involved with the people who had kidnapped Lei, has no magic. 

Still, what benefit does this bring Easter?

“They’re probably reaching out to Kingdom to keep an eye on the next generation.”

“Does that mean it’s better to let Wester’s royal family develop a barrier in their fief?”

Easter borders the large mountain range in Wester, but they don’t have any large mountainous districts; they have rich plains and is said to be a peaceful country without any damage from the Hollows. If I had to say it, then they gain no benefits from the magic stones obtained from the Hollows, but if they are looking for benefits from the magic stones, then it’s a problem since they will have no choice but to get expensive magic tools from Kingdom. 

Thus, Easter is supporting Kingdom with food, and they haven’t had any complaints about this so far. 

“I wonder if the peaceful era has lasted for too long?” Prince Lambert said.  

I heard that there was an era when Kingdom couldn’t maintain the barrier even though they had it up and there was unrest. Wester and Farland have also attacked Kingdom before. There has also been a civil war within Kingdom. However, the relationship between Kingdom and the three countries have stabilized for some time, and Kingdom has continuously been protected by a strong barrier, so there are no disputes from within. 

“I wonder if they can’t be satisfied with the world we are in, or something more than that.”

“Then, shouldn’t they do their best in their domestic affairs?” 

Prince Albert struck the table with a bang. 

“We should turn our surplus energy towards our people in peaceful times. Even in Kingdom, there are people who can’t survive and live on the streets if you go outside. The only way to fix this is to create new jobs. There is still land which can be turned into farmlands out of town, but they’re just left as they are. That’s why we can become self-sufficient and won’t need to rely on Easter. And it’s the same for the three Frontier countries.”

These may be his thoughts after inspecting Kingdom for several years. 

“Certainly, activities are restricted at night because of the Hollows. However, we’ve faced Hollows for many years, and we should be able to produce things without damage from them if we’re not reckless. I don’t think it’s bad for Wester to attempt putting up a barrier. It would be a problem if they didn’t do anything for their people.”

It might be good that the people who stand at the top are burning with ideals. However, I have to say something.

“I think it’s luxurious if the effects towards the people only depend on the abilities of some people.”

“It’s luxurious, you say?”

Wester’s royal family is burning with ideals for their people. However, their ideals won’t manifest if they don’t rely on the magic of those from a foreign country. 

“How can we say that our powers will always stay stable? Even in Kingdom, if one of the Marquises doesn’t have enough power, then it’s over. It’s a dangerous plan, Prince Albert.”

“But even then, it would be fine if my brother or I can fill up for the missing portion of power.”

“This is a luxury because we’re in an age where we have a lot of rare magic users. If we look back at history, there have been a lot of times when only one person in each family had enough power, and the times were dangerous. If you create a system that relies on magic users, then what will you do if there are less of them in Prince Nicholas’s time?”

Prince Albert was at a loss for words. 

“It’s good to create jobs for the people and open up farmland, but that’s only if you can create a system that doesn’t rely on magic users. I think it should be a system that can carry on even if the number of magic users decreases.” 

Is it too early to talk about this to a man who is still only 20 years old? Prince Albert went silent and Prince Lambert hit his shoulder. 

“Hahaha. Albert is lucky to have Albans say this much when you don’t normally express your thoughts.”

What’s amusing? However, Prince Lambert’s expression quickly changed back, then he looked at me.

“We’ll talk about internal affairs slowly afterwards, about Easter however…”

“Yes, what’s wrong with them?”

“The Remingtons are interested.”


The Remingtons are interested?

“Felicia-dono is certainly at a good age. However, I don’t think Angie would make her daughter get engaged to someone who doesn’t suit her since she follows her own thoughts.”

“Albans, so there’s something even the wise you can’t see? Remington is ambitious. And who said it would be Felicia?”

“No way.”

“She didn’t state this. But she’s probably thinking about Christine.”

Am I also a pampered Kingdom noble since that thought hadn’t come to me at all? Prince Lambert was laughing since he hadn’t seen a surprised Albans’s face before, but I was so surprised that I didn’t care at all.