Chapter 143: Unexpected Suggestions

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“That’s not all. The partner from Easter’s side is also a noble, and a royalty will accompany him because of his studies, so it’s kind of hard to refuse.”

“That’s rare.”

Since nobles and royalty from the other three Frontier countries aren’t forbidden from travelling, they may come to Kingdom under the pretence of sightseeing. Even so, it was rare for royalty to come here. 

“And it’s the Third Prince.”

“What did you say!?”

I reflexively stood up.

I don’t know the truth. However, Lei said that the Third Prince had attacked her in Frontier. It was only something a baby said, but I reported this to the royal family. 

“According to your report, the Easter’s Third Prince appeared calmly at Wester castle. He honestly couldn’t have done that if he was the person who had attacked Lei. And he definitely wouldn’t be able to show up in Kingdom.”

I’m worried about this too. Even when I investigated rumours about the Third Prince, nothing showed up that supported such a thing. He isn’t the son of the Princess Consort, but he’s recognised as the Third Prince because he has the eye colour of the royal family, and he travels everywhere like Prince Albert does. 

Just from that, he could go into Wester and Kingdom under the pretence of an inspection, and if he does his business in secret while on those trips, then he would be able to hide what he was doing. 

However, what benefit does it bring to the person in question? And, if he isn’t doing this for personal gain and it is something that his country wants, then what the heck is Easter trying to do? I don’t understand why they kidnapped Lei and tried to make her into the deceased. 

“Don’t you want to meet him? It’s a good opportunity to see if what Lei said is true or not. At least, you could see what kind of person he is with your own eyes.”

“Certainly. That’s true, but…”

I was a little annoyed that Prince Lambert just casually called Lei’s name, but on top of being a foreign prince, someone who I couldn’t investigate was coming here himself. This is a good opportunity. 

“But Lei probably won’t feel safe with him around. No, she probably won’t want you to meet him. So…”

Prince Lambert looked at Prince Albert meaningfully. 

“I was able to travel the country freely because I’m the second Prince. As a result, I gained a lot of things, and if there’s a chance, then I think the royal family should see more of Kingdom.”

Although they are royalty, the current King and Prince Lambert cannot move freely around the royal capital. Which means…

“That’s right.”

Prince Albert nodded.

“But, Prince Nicholas is only three, even if he’s smart, he’s too young to learn anything even if you take him with you. I’m not part of the supervision department, but if I think about his safety, then it seems reckless to take the pivot of the next generation with you.” I pointed out calmly. 

“But I think it’s a good opportunity. The Four Marquises who I never imagined would leave the royal capital went outside of Kingdom. The supervision department was gradually forced to give permission. And, Albert is going everywhere. Until now, the royal family hardly left the royal capital.” Prince Lambert was the one who said it was a good opportunity. 

“Nico will surely be the next King. So, he won’t be able to move freely for long.”

The past Kings were like that too. Their movements were restricted more than the Four Marquises. 

“So I thought I’ll let Nico follow Albert for training purposes this time. It’s a marriage interview that Farland is pushing for. I desperately want to protect Nico.”

He finally brought it back to the main subject. But what does that have to do with the Albans? 

“So, I would like Gilbert Lisburn and Luke Albans to accompany them as educators.”

“You want Luke to?”

He said something surprising.

“By the way, if you let Lei go with them as Nico’s classmate, then at least she wouldn’t meet Easter’s Third Prince.”

So that’s his point? I nearly laughed at her being called a classmate and folded my arms while thinking. 

Luke has also heard about Easter’s Third Prince. He hadn’t put this into words clearly, but I feel that Luke has a bit of an attachment to him. If any royals come, then Luke must go meet them as one of the Four Marquises. I also want to observe what happens when those two meet. 

But I don’t want to make Lei meet him. I don’t have to make her meet him since she’s still a baby, but it’s still safer to keep a distance between them. I’ll be away from Lei and Luke for a while, but what can I do? 

I seemed to have been thinking for a long time. I came back to my senses with a single sentence from Prince Lambert, “Do you not want to separate from your children that much?”

“Because she’s been away for a long time.”


I was stunned. I was distracted by Prince Lambert and forgot about my father-in-law.

“Prince Albert would have his usual attendants and guards with him, but that won’t be enough if Prince Nicholas goes with him too. And, it’ll be quite a big deal if the two families, the Albans and Lisburns go with him too.”

“Of course, they also have guards in the castle. Earl Neville, can’t we do something about this?” 

Prince Lambert turned to my father-in-law.

“If that’s what you want to do, then I can only answer that I don’t mind. However, we must protect the children. For me…” 

My father-in-law looked at me and raised the corners of his mouth. 

“I thought I had to wait until summer holiday, but if I can see Luke and Lei at my fief, and travel with them there, then I would welcome it.”

“Father-in-law! That’s…”

I wonder if I can go with them somehow. I remembered when I brought Lei back home from Wester when the Rug Dragons surrounded her in the basket at the prairie. Whenever I raised my face, Lei was there and so was Luke. The Rug Dragons would speed up as if they were dancing whenever the puu sounded. 

During the break, we would sit on the grass and drink directly from the water canteen. When we made new grass whistles and tried it, the dragons would get excited and the guards would get angry. 

“That’s not fair. I want to go to Neville too!”

“Albans…” Prince Lambert muttered as if he was looking at someone disappointing. 

“We’ll be troubled if you don’t stay in the royal capital.”

My mind knows that. 

Thus, Lei, who had finally returned home, will go out on a long trip again. 

Easter’s Third Prince. I hope nothing happens, but if something happens, then I’ll destroy it.


I’m only thinking this, Father-in-law.

“Kuku, that face that tries to trick people is exactly the same as Lei’s, haha.”