Chapter 144: Preparations Done

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

It was troublesome that we had to take the carriage to the pasture. Still, it was rare for Nii-sama, Nico and I to ride in a carriage together, so it was fun. 

“I’ve never really been out of the castle.”

“Nico, you came tho my debuth thhe othher day.”

“Hmm, I haven’t done that in a long time.” Nico nodded in satisfaction.

“If that hadn’t happened, then I wonder when I would have gone out next.”

“But, Your Highness Nico, the castle is huge, isn’t it?” Nii-sama looked as if he was thinking about the castle.

“Hmm. I went to the space between the barrier the other day, but even if it’s big, I can’t go wherever I want.”

“That’s true.”

“There are roomsh thhath lei doeshn’th wnow abouth in her houshe thoo.” (There are rooms Lei doesn’t know about in her house too)

Come to think of it, I haven’t been everywhere in the mansion. I also only found out the other day that there was a room leading to the greenhouse. In the first place, I go to the castle like Otou-sama, so I don’t have time to explore. 

Now that I think about it, aren’t I working too hard?

“What’s wrong Lei? You’re pouting.”

“I’m noth.”

Rude. I crossed my arms. I won’t accept it if someone tells me I am.

“Lei mighth be worwing thoo much.” (Lei might be working too much)

“Working too hard… Guhh.”


I looked at Nii-sama coldly as he held his stomach and laughed.

Nico nodded, and said heavily, “Hm, we aren’t working, but I think we can take more breaks.”

“Thath’sh righth!”

I unfolded my crossed arms and raised my right hand. I agree.



Nico also looked at Nii-sama coldly.

Two young infants were staring at him coldly, but Nii-sama didn’t stop laughing for a while. He’s at an age when even the slightest thing seems funny. Is he going through puberty?

We reached the ranch while we were talking. 

I wanted to jump off the carriage, but I patiently waited for Hans to help me down. I can’t take away his job as a guard.

Then I ran towards the pasture with Nico and stopped at the fence.

“Lei wiww caww her dragon now.” (Lei will call her dragon now)

“Oh! I’m excited!” 

I arrogantly turned towards the fence and cried out in a loud voice, “Minnie!”




The Rug Dragons quickly gathered before me. Of course, Minnie was there too.

“Wow Lei. I didn’t think you had that many Minnies.” Nico looked at me in admiration. Of course I don’t have that many Minnies.

“You’re wrong. Ith’sh thhath shmaww one thhere.” (You’re wrong. It’s that small one there)

“O-oh. Really?”

“Kyee.” The Rug Dragon looked at Nico and said something.




“Wh-what’s wrong?”

She would smell the fence as she squealed and sometimes pressed her head against it. Nico was puzzled. I felt like she was saying that there were more small children now and she was wondering if he was healthy. 

Nico was a little scared but he didn’t try to run away.

“Do thhish ath thimesh wiwe thhish.” (Do this at times like this)

I held the head of the dragon who was pressing their head and nose against me. 


Good child, the dragon left while blowing out their nose.

“Like this?”

Nico boldly put his arms around the Rug Dragon’s head.




You pass, I felt like I heard them say.

“Dragonsh are nice creathuresh.” (Dragons are nice creatures)


The dragons, who were checking Nico out, left in satisfaction, and Minnie, who remained behind sighed.

Enough, everyone won’t remember that I’m Minnie, you say?

I feel like they do remember, and they just come anyway…

By the way, I always wonder this, but what is Nico’s guard doing? I turned around in doubt, and he was frozen with his arms still stretched forward.

“What are you doing?” Even Hans is amazed.

“No, I can’t predict what would happen when Nicholas-sama and Lei-sama are together.”

“Enough of your excuses. Pull it together.”


Oh my, Hans is cool.

“Lei-sama, you don’t understand why I’m the perfect guard for you, do you?”

I thought he was just someone who laughed too much. 

However, Nii-sama gave out instructions and a basket was attached to Minnie’s back. Nii-sama explained to Nico’s guard, “Lei and I have ridden this dragon many times to see if it was safe to ride. Hans.”

“Yes, Luke-sama. When Lei-sama and Luke-sama use this basket, I always accompany them on a good dragon, but nothing happened, and we didn’t have any close calls either.”

“If Luke-sama and Hans-dono say so…”

The guard agreed to let Nico into the basket. Not in a carriage, but in the basket. My first basket ride wasn’t made of good memories, but I think this experience will be nice for Nico. 

Even if the string was tightly attached to us, we could still see around us clearly.

“Oh! Wow! Minnie, you’re cool!”


So you know I am, Minnie cried out and glanced at me.

“Of courshe Minnie ish coow.”


Well, yeah. Minnie raised her head and waited for the signal. 

“Ai. Minnie, go!”


Minnie proceeded pretentiously.

“Ooh!! It’s high! Lei.”

“Ai. The wind feewsh nice.”

Nii-sama rode on his own dragon and happily ran beside us while the guards stayed a distance away.

And, other dragons were following us too.

“Minnie, run!”


Even if I told her to run, she only marched faster, but it was noticeably quicker. 

“She’s fast! Hahaha!”

Minnie, who ran smoothly along the fence, returned half-way to the start, then did another round on her own and stopped when she got back to the starting point. She ran her normal course without me having to say anything and didn’t seem tired. 

When Minnie came back with us, the dragons seemed satisfied and scattered around the pasture. 

“That was amazing.”

“Ith fewth good.”

Nico’s guard watched as we ran around after we got out of the basket and sweated even though it was still cold. 

“This is my first time experiencing this. I knew that dragons gathered together, but they bunched together as if they were protecting Lei-sama and Nicholas-sama.”

“It’s surprising, isn’t it?”

Hans slapped the guard’s shoulder.

“I didn’t know what was happening before I realised that they were protecting the two and panicked.”

It is said that dragons don’t attack anything. But, their bodies are big so if you get trampled on or bumped, then you’ll get serious injuries, and it’s exciting to be in the group. The guard was probably unsettled. 

“Lei-sama, if you feel sorry for the guard, then you should behave yourself a bit.”

“Lei awwaysh doesh.”

What are you saying to a baby who can only totter? Of course, tottering is just a metaphor and I’m not actually tottering.

“Ever since Lei-sama came, I feel more nervous than an ordinary guard.”

Is there a normal guard and an abnormal guard?

“Once more! I want to ride once more!”


I acted a bit pretentiously, and cheerfully rode the basket again with Nico.

“Those two and Luke both look like they’re ready to go to Farland. As expected of my grandchildren.”

We didn’t notice that the adults, who had come to the pasture, were staring at us from a distance and that Ojii-sama was nodding in satisfaction.