Chapter 145: The Third Prince

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Me too?!”

“Lei two?”

When we came back from the pasture and heard what Otou-sama had to say, Nii-sama and I both raised our voices.

Of course, we would. I also didn’t think that I would go on a trip like this, no, I didn’t think that I would end up going to Ojii-sama’s fief. 

It was after Nico, who was shouting happily while riding Minnie, had returned home in a good mood to talk to his Okaa-sama.

Nico, who I normally see, didn’t laugh loudly even if he looked happy and raised his voice. He is a super three-year-old who is usually calm (the person, himself, insists that he’s nearly four). He might complain a lot, but he studies probably, so I’ve only seen his serious side and this side of him was refreshing to see. 

I think he’s probably overjoyed at hearing that he is going to the north. 

“However, Prince Nicholas is a direct descendant of the royal family. He has inherited his large pool of magic from Prince Lambert. The royal family is taking quite the plunge, letting such a person go out of the royal capital.”

“I was honestly surprised. Well, they’ll have to persuade the Supervision Department now, but it is a request from the royal family who usually don’t make unreasonable requests. They’ll say something to get permission. And, Prince Albert is already travelling all over the place.”

Otou-sama answered Nii-sama’s question and said it was probably fine. 

“If I can go to many places, then I would like to go everywhere. This is the second time I’m going to Ojii-sama’s fief, but I was thinking of taking Lei there in the summer, so I’m happy about this, but…” Nii-sama looked down at me worriedly. 

I know what he wants to say. It has only been a few months since I’ve returned to the royal capital. Meanwhile, I ended up being a playmate for Nico at the castle and my debut had just finished not long ago. He might have been worried about whether I could settle down with such a hectic lifestyle. 

Moreover, people normally don’t think about taking two-year olds on long journeys. Especially not me since I have the blood of the Four Marquises and I have been kidnapped before. The culprit had been caught, but he was only the criminal who took me at the end, and the criminal who first took me out of the royal capital and the mastermind are still unknown. 


But I don’t care about those things.

To begin with, if worrying would have caused me not to be kidnapped, then I wouldn’t have been kidnapped. People around me have to think of ways to keep me safe. On top of that, if they want to take me with them on this journey, then well, I don’t mind going with them.

It’s a lie. I’ll be happy to go out if I can. And isn’t that my Okaa-sama’s home? And, I’ll be with Ojii-sama, Nico and Nii-sama. Oh, and Gill too. Isn’t this journey full of fun things? 

However, there is something I’m worried about.


There was an indescribable silence in the room.

“Lei, come here.”


When I approached Otou-sama, he suddenly picked me up and put me on his knees.

“Otou-sama has another job to do. Because of that job, Otou-sama can’t leave the royal capital,” he sounded dispirited. 

“Otou-syama, wonewy.” (lonely)

That’s what worries me the most. I was away for half a year already, so will he be able to endure me being away for another few months?

“Lei! Otou-sama actually doesn’t want to let you go.”

“Dean,” Ojii-sama called Otou-sama’s name in a reprimanding tone as Otou-sama hugged me and cried. Otou-sama’s body jumped a little. I thought.

Something’s going on.

Then, I looked at Nii-sama from the top of Otou-sama’s knees. He nodded.

“Otou-sama. Even if we’re his playmates, there are no reasons for us to follow Prince Nico. If that was the reason for us going, then why isn’t Chris coming along?”

“That’s because the balance would be off if three of the Four Marquis lines go with him.”

“Just having us and Lisburn with him is already too many. And, just me or Gill would be enough, right?”

I can’t go by myself now can I? I tilted my head and Nii-sama answered like this, “I’m really worried with Lei going by herself. If Lei goes, then of course, I, as her older brother, will go as well.”

I see. I looked up from Otou-sama’s knees. Nii-sama was staring at Otou-sama too.


“Haha. Dean, you lost face to your two smart children.”

“I don’t have any dignity at all.”

Ojii-sama laughed at Otou-sama.

“Even I can tell that they’re smart children after spending a little bit of time with them. Especially Luke, he’ll pick up the rumours and come to conclusions on his own after this. So, isn’t it better to explain it to both of them right now?”

Otou-sama swayed me on his knees as if he was hesitating a little. I think he would have told Nii-sama about this sooner or later. He was probably hesitating about whether to tell me.

“Otou-sama, Lei is fine,” Nii-sama said of me.


“The more information we have, the better. You usually don’t tell things to two-year-old and quietly protect them, but Lei is different. No, I think we should protect her, but I think it’s better for her to know everything as well.”

Otou-sama swayed me as if he was worried for a second, then stopped as if he had made up his mind.

“Actually… While Prince Albert is meeting with the noble in Farland, the Easter’s Third Prince will be coming to the royal capital.”

Easter’s Third Prince. The guy with the yellow eyes? I think my eyes turned sharp.


I squirmed down from Otou-sama’s knees, then turned to Otou-sama and Ojii-sama.

“Cathch me even if I’m weaw or even if I diw,” (Catch me even if I’m weak or even if I die) I said in a low voice. Otou-sama blinked and Ojii-sama frowned.

Otou-sama probably had only heard that the man who took me had yellow eyes, resembled Easter’s Third Prince and that the Prince apparently recognised me. 

Because Otou-sama didn’t want to hear about how I was living in Frontier directly from me.

“The Third Prince shaid when Lei ran away.”

“Lei, what does diw mean?” Ojii-sama was trying to decipher my words somehow. 

“A dead pershon. Liwe Hannah.”

Someone gasped. It might have been Jude.

Nii-sama heard the story from Bart and his crew, and I’ve also told him myself, so he knows how painful it was for me. However, Otou-sama had only heard the story from Nii-sama and not directly from me, so he might have avoided telling him what kind of situation I was in.

Thus, they hadn’t really thought that the Third Prince was suspicious. For the time being, I understood that they wanted us to go to the north to keep us away from unpleasant memories. 

“Bad pershon. Otou-sama, be carefuw,” warning him was the only thing I could do.