Chapter 146: Are You an Adult or Not?

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Did Otou-sama understand what I wanted to say? I want to believe that he nodded seriously at that time. 

In short, I understand that a noble from Easter will be coming to the royal capital and that the Third Prince will accompany him under the pretense of observation. 

And, it seemed like they were trying to make it so that the Third Prince and I wouldn’t meet even though he had come up with some sort of excuse. 

Just like in Wester castle, I don’t think either side would make a fuss even if he comes to the royal capital since I’m being protected by everyone. Therefore, Prince Lambert and Otou-sama’s concerns weren’t necessary. 

Rather, I felt like I wanted Otou-sama to see how the Third Prince would behave when we’re around him. 

However, there’s no helping it. As Prince Nico’s playmate, no, study partner, if the royal family tells me to go, then I can only go.

“That’s not fair. Just Lei and Nico.”

“It would have been nice if you could come too, Chris,” Nico comforted Chris in disappointment. 

If Prince Albert was leaving alone, then he could leave at once, but it took a long time to prepare since the heirs of the Albans and Lisburn families were coming with him, so my study session with Nico was conducted normally the following week after our trip was decided. 

In other words, Chris and I were studying with Nico in the castle. 

I heard from Otou-sama over the weekend that Chris wouldn’t be going, but Chris had only heard this for herself this morning, so she was in a bad mood. I think she wants to go. 

“If Lei can go, then I can too!”

“Lei is Nii-syama’s exthra,” I made a lame excuse. Nii-sama was going as Nico’s magic teacher and I will also be joining them. 

“Now, Chris, I’ll take you home if you continue to be angry.”

“No, I don’t want that, Nee-sama.”

Chris was reprimanded by Felicia and finally quietened down. Even so, Felicia didn’t just reprimand her, but also hugged her tightly as well.


“I know how you feel. Even Nee-sama wants to go with them.”

Chris clung tightly to Felicia’s waist. 

“Nee-sama will stay behind with Chris, right? I’ll try not to work too much and make time for us to be together.”


“Really. I’m usually a good girl. So, I have to get my reward to play with Chris.”

Felicia muttered as she looked at Chris who was bouncing around happily, “I won’t let you do anything to Chris. I’ll protect her.”

What do you mean? I couldn’t ask her what it was about. Nico said, “Now, it’s time to study. I’m the best today too,” and Chris replied, “Oh my, I don’t know about that. I’m the oldest one here.” I don’t know what they mean by that. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in studying. 

“Ah, Lei is already half-way up the stairs!”

“She’s slow, so she went ahead!”

They noticed me. I’ll say it again, winning or losing doesn’t matter. But I’ll say this, “Lei ishn’th shwow.” (Lei isn’t slow) 

That was rude. It’s just I might be a little short, that’s all. After all, I went ahead. This time, I decided that I would climb the stairs ahead of time.

Chris had given up on coming along, but Mark seemed unsatisfied. 

“I’m already an adult, and I take turns to fill the magic stone with my father and fulfil my duty as a Molesey. So, isn’t it fine for them to take me along as a reward for my hard work?”

I doubted whether Mark was an adult or not when he said something like reward. And, I want him to say that to Prince Albert who was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and reading a book instead to Nico and I who were reading. However, Chris wasn’t supposed to be here today, so I was glad that he didn’t remind Chris about how she wanted to go.

“Hey, Al. I want to go.”

It seemed like he was finally done with complaining to infants. This time, he was grumbling to His Highness.

“If I take you with me, then there will be two bachelors of the same age on the trip. 『I don’t mind marrying into the Molesey’s either』, if their target changes to you, they will prepare a lot of noble ladies to marry into both the royal family and the Molesey House.”

“It’s the same even if I stay at the royal capital. Once you accept it, I’m sure they’ll send people to the Moleseys as well as the Remingtons.”

“Mark,” His Highness quietly called Mark’s name. Mark was surprised and looked back at us, but Nico and I clearly heard what they were talking about.



Nico and I both said what was bothering us. They were talking about the marriage interview. Which means, the Remingtons are also participating in this.

“Fewicia, marriage intherview.”

“Uncle, who are they?”

Nico and I both said what was on our minds and Mark shrugged as if it was bothersome, and Prince Albert looked up at the ceiling.

“I really can’t let my guard down around these two,” Prince Albert muttered to himself, then told us, “This idiot was talking about adult stuff. It’s not something children should hear or be involved with. You two just need to think about your trip to the northern fief.”

Sometimes, isn’t it nice to have an adult who cuts into a conversation like this? Since we’re only two and three years old. However, if we couldn’t listen to this conversation, then they wouldn’t have talked about it. 

Nico pretended to get a new book and moved to the back of the library. I took the picture book and followed after him. Nico seemed worried about what book to choose, but he spoke to me in a small voice. From a distance, it looked as if we were discussing which picture book to take.

“Lei, who are they? Do you know?”

“Otou-syama shaid Eashther.”


It seemed like Nico was only informed that we would be following Prince Albert. Of course. His head was already occupied with going on a trip.

“Uncle is going to the fief for a marriage interview. It’s the same for Mark even if he stays behind. In short, the Remingtons and Moleseys also have marriage interviews.”

“Fewicia, marriage intherview.”

“I didn’t know that Felicia wanted to get married.” 

“Lei eithher.”

It may be unavoidable considering her age, but Felicia had her hands full with becoming the next head and with Chris, so I don’t think she’s thinking about love or marriage. 

“Although, Mark should get married soon. Since even Uncle is going to a marriage interview.”

“Marw ish shthiww a chiwd.” (Mark is still a child)

“Lei you shouldn’t say rude things. Mark is the same age as Uncle even though he’s like that.”

“A certhain Prince ash weww.”

“What about me?”

Nico and I froze while still facing the bookshelf. We could feel Prince Albert behind us.

“Me too. Mark is what?”

Mark was there too. In the end, we were lectured again and told to think about our trip to the north. I think adults who pry are the bad ones too.