Chapter 147: Meeting

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

They said that guards would be prepared for our departure, so I wondered how many guards they would gather, but it was a let-down to see that they only totalled 50 people. It happened a few days before our departure. 

Prince Albert said that he didn’t need people to wait on him hand and food, so adding up his guards and attendants, he travels with 10 people altogether. 

“There are no thief groups in Kingdom like in the old stories. Even if someone does attack us, their groups won’t be more than 10 people, so it’s okay. If we increase the number of people by more than this, then we’ll be a nuisance in the places we stay at.”

Or so he said. Apparently, it looked bad for a royal to stay at an inn so he would always stay at the residence of some noble in the places he visited. 

Nii-sama and Gill also had guards with them, and Prince Albert had assembled the elite convoy corps. Of course, I have Hans and Natalie with me to look after me. 

I had a deep connection with the convoy corps even though I’m still only two. When I was kidnapped, the convoy corps went with Otou-sama to chase after me and they went to Wester’s border to pick me up too. A young man who looked stubborn led the convoy corps. It seemed like he was serving as the captain this time as well. His name was certainly, “Gracesh,” or so I think. 

Graces said, “You remember me, Leila-sama,” and his serious expression loosened a little. 

“You don’t seem like Milord’s daughter,” I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that mutter. We were meeting each other, but it seemed that Prince Albert also had things to discuss with the convoy corps. 

“It’s because they’re two and three.”

“I’m nearly four.”

“It’s because they’re two and nearly four.” It was amusing to see Graces correct himself when Nico retorted. Prince Al talked to Graces about our journey. 

“Still, Leila-sama is used to travelling. She was able to come back from Wester on a schedule that could be compared to an adult’s.”

“But, Nico is three.”

“Nearly four.”

“Nico is almost four years old, and I don’t think he would be able to stay still in the carriage. I think we should take a lot of breaks and get to an inn early.”

Shouldn’t you have made plans beforehand and informed all the nobles in the places we’ll be visiting? I think that it would be a nuisance to the nobles in the places we’re going to since they still haven’t decided on a schedule. However, we weren’t in a rush on this trip. My precious Otou-sama is waiting for me at the royal capital and Nii-sama will always be with me on this trip. I don’t feel anxious at all. 

“Nico, shthudy. Can’th be hewped even if we’re thogethher.” I said to Graces. Even if this was for Prince Al’s marriage interview, Nico also had to study. 


“Whath are you doing?” 

Prince Al crouched down in front of me and pinched my cheeks with both his hands. 

“Even though you’re only two years old, and not used to travelling, you’re still trying to get a say in the itinerary. Ooh, it feels soft.”

“Leth go.”

Stop rubbing and pinching my cheeks. Then, someone finally stopped His Highness. 

“Prince Albert, please let go, that’s childish. Just because Prince Nico gets along with Lei-sama, doesn’t mean you can act shamefully towards her.”

“Hans, you’re saying too much. Even if that’s true, you’re being disrespectful. And, it’s not Prince Nico, it’s Prince Nicholas.”

“Luke-sama, I’m sorry.”

It was Hans and Nii-sama. Hans bowed admirably and rephrased what he had said, “Prince Albert, please let go. It’s indecent even if Leila-sama is close with Prince Nicholas.”

“Just because you say Prince Nicholas doesn’t mean that the rest of your sentence isn’t disrespectful.” Prince Al scolded Hans while taking his hands away from my cheeks and standing up. Good grief.

“Lei, are you alright? My Uncle acts like a child sometimes.”

Nico gently touched my cheeks. He was really different from his Uncle.

“Nico, I thought you were on my side.”

Prince Al looked depressed. Why don’t you decide on the itinerary instead?

“I thought we could visit various places ahead of time, but we shouldn’t push ourselves. Let’s keep to the original schedule and take it slowly. It’ll be easier to stay in Neville since the Albans are with us.”

I have uncles in Neville and there are Rug Dragons there too. Apparently, they had already decided on a schedule, but they were discussing whether we should come back earlier or not. I’m fine, but I think they should make a schedule that gives us plenty of time since Nico is coming along. 

“That’s fine. Lei seems used to travelling, but she needs time to nap. She sleeps a lot after all. Uncle, you should consider this little matter and travel slowly.”

“Nico, impreshshive!”

It seemed like Nico’s words were the deciding factor. The guards got lively. I also want to discipline Nico as his study partner. I praised Nico, crossed my arms and nodded.

“Why do two young children have the right to decide?”

“Well, because we’re only going over what we had already decided.”

Prince Al sighed for some reason, but Nii-sama was looking at him as if saying he was reaping what he sowed. After it was decided that we would go on a journey, Nii-sama gathered information from the Academy and talked to Mark. 

The day when I came back home from preparing for the trip, Otou-sama secretly told me, “I don’t know if you’ll understand me even if I tell you this, but Prince Albert is going on this trip so that it wouldn’t cause trouble to the other side, but he’s not travelling for pleasure. So, he thought it would be fun if he took his beloved nephew with him. The royal family is pressured more than the Four Marquises to stay in the royal capital. Prince Albert has hated that ever since he was little, that’s why he wanted to take Prince Nico out while he still could.”

I don’t care about the reasons, but I think it’s good for Nico to travel. 

“The problem is that we were conveniently dragged in. To be honest, I wanted to confront the Third Prince with Otou-sama.”

“Lei two.”

“You can’t Lei.”

Nii-sama was lying down next to me and he shook his head. 

“I felt like there was a bigger problem in the royal capital rather than the north. I’ve talked to Mark about the situation, and have had a serious discussion with you, but what will happen?”


I looked at Nii-sama as if saying was it really alright to talk to him about it? Nii-sama giggled and poked me in the cheeks. 

“He seems to have his guard down around us and does act childish, but he’s still the heir to the Molesey House. You can trust him. Having said that…” 

Nii-sama looked up at the ceiling anxiously. 

“He’s not close with the Remingtons. There’s nothing he can do about Felicia and Chris.”

I didn’t understand why Chris’s name was mentioned at that time. I only thought that it would have been great if Chris could come along too.