Chapter 149: Mils Lake

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Wawe.” (Lake)

I got someone to get me down from bed. When I took off the blankets, Natalie moved the things on the bed all over the place and it quickly went back to being a chair.


“Because I practiced.” Natalie nodded in satisfaction. She must have practiced a lot.

“Lei, go to your seat.”


Nii-sama held me and put me on the seat. Then, I stood on the seat and looked out at the lake with Nii-sama. I might have seen it a long time ago. It seemed like we had come quite close to the lake. The lake which could be seen from the carriage was huge and I couldn’t see the bank clearly. No, if I look closely are those hazy things mountains?

“Wewwingthon mounthainsh.”

“That’s right. Mils Lake is a large lake made up of water that flows out from the Wellington Mountains. It’s so big that you can fit a few royal capitals in there.”

“I didn’t think it was this big until I saw the real thing. It’s a magnificent view,” Gill was also looking out the window. However, his feelings were definitely different from just being impressed. I tilted my head and sharpened my sense. There’s nothing better than honing my senses at a time like this.

“Somethhing’sh differenth.”

But it was a presence that I was familiar with. I recalled everything in order, but not through my memories of what happened after I returned to Kingdom. 

Wester’s royal capital, no. The town in the prairie, no. The sea town, that’s it. And Wellington Mountains. Lentforce, the town that I miss. A town protected by a barrier. But, since the town was located at the edge of the barrier, the barrier would shake sometimes.

“There’sh a barrier, buth ith’sh weaw.” (There’s a barrier, but it’s weak)

“That’s it!” 

Nii-sama opened his eyes wide. Scary. 

Kingdom’s barrier doesn’t sway, and it doesn’t sway at all in the royal capital. When I was in Wester, it felt strange to be in a barrier that was created by a barrier box or one that I had created myself. However, I’m always in the barrier since I returned to Kingdom and I’ve forgotten what it felt like to be out of one. The lake and the area around the lake had a weak barrier. 

“Lentforce is on the other side of Wellington Mountains. According to Lei, the barrier could reach Lentforce. If the barrier is weak here, then it shouldn’t be able to reach Lentforce. So then why?”

Nii-sama is smart. However, I recalled the nature of the Hollows when I was travelling with Bart and his crew. Why did they make camp by the river whenever possible?

“Ith’sh thhe wather. Howwowsh don’th wiwe wather. They can’th croshsh warge bodiesh of wather.” (It’s the water. Hollows don’t like water. They can’t cross large bodies of water)

“Lei, is that true? I’ve never heard this before.”

Of course, you wouldn’t have. What’s the use of someone who lives in Kingdom knowing? On the contrary, even in Frontier, only hunters know about this. 

“However, the Hollows being weak to water and the barrier being weak here are two different problems.”

Really? Hollows are masses of magic. If that mass of magic is weak against water then wouldn’t a barrier, which is made with altered magic, also weaken over water?

“Nii-syama, thhe barrier ish magic.”

“A barrier is also a form of magic. Lei, is that what you’re saying?”


Nii-sama pondered and looked as if he couldn’t understand. 

“The barrier can even pass such a high and thick mountain. Why does it weaken by water? Even if it weakens here, it returns to normal in the mountain range?”

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that. Even I don’t know why.

“Well, it seems like we’ll reach the lake while you’re thinking. Anyway, I don’t know. Maybe because we’re by the lake, but I feel like it’s a little humid. That’s all.”

“Then, is that explanation better?”

If the Hollows don’t come even with a weak barrier then there’s no problems.

“Pway! Wather!”

“I hope we have time for that, but it seems like people have come to pick us up.”


It’s disappointing, but I am accompanying Nico after all. The lake is like a bonus. If the local noble wants to pick up Nico and Prince Albert, then I have no choice but to accompany them without playing in the water. 

“Dinner, fishh. Lei wiwesh fishh.”

“Fishh? Ah, fish? I think Mils Lake is famous for fried trout.”

“Giww, amazing! You wnow a woth.”

“O-oh. It’s common knowledge, you know. It’s close to the royal capital, so we eat it a lot there. But we’re next to the lake, so it’s probably fresh.”

If I can’t play, then I’m looking forward to dinner. If the fish is delicious then I don’t care if the barrier’s weak. 

If it’s like the time when I came back from Wester, then we’ll be pampered since we’re part of the Four Marquises. However, compared to the value of the Prince and the King’s grandson going out of the royal capital, we were like rocks on the roadside. 

They also thanked us for coming, but their welcome towards Nico and Prince Albert was magnificent. 

Nico nodded calmly and responded appropriately to the head’s greeting, but I probably wasn’t the only one who noticed that his eyes kept flickering towards the lake. 

I think it was evening by the time we reached the Earl’s mansion. Then, we washed off the dirt from our trip, and greeted the local VIPs as well as the Earl’s family. We dined together, then children under the age of 10 applied to be Nico’s companions.

They treated us the same, and Nii-sama and Gill looked like they were having a hard time surrounded by dressed up girls. I, on the other hand, “Give me, anothher fishh.”

What am I doing, you ask? Apparently, there were no boys here around my age, so I was left alone. Thanks.

As Gill said, the fresh trout here tasted amazing and the large trout that was fried with a lot of oil and garnished with a citrus-like fruit similar to lemon was yummy. I was given a small plate that had the dish cut into small pieces, but it wasn’t enough. I want to eat more.

“Ojou-sama, they will bring out a weli nut cake. Is it alright for you to eat until you’re full?” The waiter, who I asked for seconds, secretly told me.

“Wewi nuthsh! I wove dem!” (Weli nuts! I love them!)

“It’s a specialty in this area.”

“Ai!” I agreed in a whisper since I would be troubled if the waiter gets scolded. But isn’t weli nuts a famous product in Wester? I left a little space in my stomach and was able to eat the weli nut cake to my heart’s content while tilting my head.

Still, the night seemed like it would continue. Nii-sama and the other looked like they were having a hard time, but I went back.