Chapter 150: Hungry

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I was done after I finished eating. Nii-sama and the others will remain behind, and he signalled an apology to me, but I have Natalie and Hans, so I’m fine. I quietly asked the waiter to do something after I caught them and went back to my room first. 

“I’m glad I’m your guard, Lei-sama. Luke-sama is only 12 years old but being a part of the Four Marquises or royal family is so troublesome.”

“Hans, don’t say what you think out loud.” It was funny to see Natalie quietly rebuke the grumbling Hans. As we slowly walked back to the room and prepared for bed, there was a knock at the door. 

“I am here to deliver what you had asked for,” a maid came in with a cart. There were two baskets on the cart.

“We haven’t asked for anything,” Hans spoke with caution. 

“Lei ashwed. Thanwsh.”

“You did? Please tell me beforehand.”


It certainly is suspicious to have something delivered to my room. Still, Natalie took the basket for me. 

“Now we’re going outh.”

“Going outh? What are you saying, Lei-sama? It’s time to rest.” 

Hans rested at night when we were at the mansion, but he’s been nagging since he’s been with me the whole time on this trip.

“We’re going tho where Nico ish.”

“Prince Nico? He should be back soon, but why are you going out again?” 

I stared silently at Hans. Hans scratched his head. 

“Fine. But we’re going back as soon as you’re done.”

“Ai. Natalie, thhe big bashweth.”

“So, I’ll be taking this one with me?” Natalie immediately picked up the basket. Hans had to keep his hands free, so we couldn’t let him hold it. 

There weren’t any guards outside the door, so Hans took me to Nico’s room without hesitation.

“This is Prince Albert and Prince Nico’s room.” 

My room is also shared with Nii-sama.

“Hans-dono, what the hell happened for you to bring Leila-sama here at this time?” The guard in front of the door asked Hans. Shouldn’t you be asking me that?

“Oh, Leila-sama has something to give to Prince Nicholas.”

“It’s true that His Highness has just returned, but now is a little…” the guard hesitated, but I knew.

“Nico!” I shouted a little loudly outside the door, and it opened with a bang. 

“Lei?! Come in!”

“Your Highness, but…”

“Shut up! I want to be with Lei!” Nico snapped at the guard; he was acting like how he was when I first met him. 

“Excushe me.”

The room I had entered was more luxurious than my room. To begin with, this must be the living room since I couldn’t see the bed. It’s not like I’m jealous or anything. However, the clothes were sprawled on the floor, and the maid, who was with Nico, looked nervous. I pointed at him, “Nico, magic big thoday.”

“What?! I channelled my magic into the magic stone before we arrived.”

“Did you do shomethhing differenth?”

“Let’s see,” Nico tilted his head while I made him sit on the sofa, and I climbed up next to him. I love sofas, but it’s a little too high for babies. Then, I took a magic stone out of my pocket. 

“Lei-sama, you carry it with you?”

“Ith’sh a coincidence,” I explained since it seemed troublesome, but I saw how Nico was like at dinner time and put it in my pocket a while ago. I hadn’t felt it when I saw it at noon, but it was obvious at dinner that he had surplus magic. Nii-sama would normally notice, but he wasn’t paying attention because he was socialising with everyone. 

“Sho, channew your mwagic here.”


Nico was used to it since he’s been doing it recently every time Nii-sama comes to teach. By the time he had finished channeling his magic, his magic had settled down, and he wasn’t agitated anymore. 


“Hmm. It feels weird around my stomach.” Nico pressed his stomach and tilted his head. Sometimes there are people like that. People who don’t realise that they’re hungry, some adults are like this, so obviously there will be children like this too. Especially Nico who has never gone hungry. 

“Nico, you’re hungry.”


“You didn’th eath enough.” 

Why do I have to explain his stomach condition to him?

“Nico, thawwed a woth. Your pwathe dishappeared before you couwd eath.” (Nico, talked a lot. Your plate disappeared before you could eat)

“Yes, I was going to eat, but my plate was gone before I knew it.”

Nico held his stomach. 

“It’s miserable to starve.”

“Dat’s wright.” I agreed with him. When I was kidnapped, I had a fever and couldn’t eat even though I was hungry, so I know how important food is. But I knew what it felt like to starve before that, so I might just be a glutton. 

“Lei-sama, were you looking at other people’s plates as well? You’re a glutton.”

There’s a difference between knowing that I’m a glutton and others telling me that I am one. I’m going to tell Nii-sama later.

“Natalie, bashweth.”

“Yes, Lei-sama.” 

Natalie could probably tell what was inside by the feel and smell of the basket. She put the basket on the table and gently opened the lid. 

The room filled up with a nice aroma.

“This is…”

“Dewicioush food, I goth ith dewivered.” I puffed my chest out. There are advantages to being a glutton too. 

“I recommend thhe wewi cawe.” (I recommend the weli cake)

“Cake? I’ll eat the cake after.”

“Lei wiww eath thoo.” 

I wanted to eat it again when I saw it. Hans looked at me as if he wanted to say something, but Natalie stopped him, “Don’t say anything.”

I really shouldn’t eat before I go to bed, but it’s not good to sleep while feeling sad over an empty stomach. Nico ate the fish deliciously, and by the time he shared his cake with me, I was feeling sleepy. Then, when I came to, it was morning. 

“Lei, I didn’t starve thanks to you.” Nii-sama smiled next to me and greeted me before saying that straight away. It seemed that the small basket was useful too. 


I hadn’t prepared anything for Gill, so I asked about him and Nii-sama answered, “Gill could ask for seconds and keep on eating even when people come up to talk to him.” As expected of Gill. It’s better for one person to have a lot of nerves. It’s definitely his growth period. 

Nevertheless, Nico will fall sick if we keep going at this pace. They were planning on taking it slowly on this trip, but isn’t that pointless now? I crossed my arms on top of the bed and looked complicated. 

“Lei-sama, let’s change your clothes.”

“Ai. Food!”

After changing, it’s time for food. I’ll think about it after I eat.