Chapter 152: Purgatory Island

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Should I say as expected of the Four Marquises?” The voice surprised us and made us jump. 

“I’m sorry about this. We thought we should greet you right away, but couldn’t help but look at the night lake,” Nii-sama held me and turned around, before apologising with a plausible reason. A relaxed Oji-sama was standing next to the person who had spoken, and Gill was also standing with them with an impatient look on his face. What I’m trying to say is that the person who looks to be the same age as Oji-sama is probably Earl Coulter. 

Nico was being guided to his room, but he quickly ran this way because he was curious.

“Luke too? You weren’t curious yesterday, but you’re gazing at the lake today. Why?”

“Your Highness, that’s-.” Nii-sama didn’t seem to know how to explain. He had to talk about our theories in order to explain, but he couldn’t talk about this openly in front of everyone.

“Coulter, there two are my precious grandchildren, Luke and Leila Albans.” Ojii-sama changed the conversation and introduced us. 

“I’m Luke Albans.”

“I’m Leiwa Awbansh.”

We introduced ourselves and Earl Coulter looked a little grim. 

“Gilbert Lisburn-dono and Luke Albans-dono. It’s an honour to be able to greet the two key players in the negotiation with Wester. And Leila-dono.”


“I’m glad you were able to return safely.”

“Ai. Thanwsh.”

It was the first time I’ve been told that in this way. Nii-sama straightened up. Earl Coulter looked at us with gentle eyes and turned towards the lake. 

“It’s already been a long time, but Coulter used to be a place for convicts. The island in the middle of Mils Lake is called Purgatory Island. I’ll tell you why it’s called that tomorrow. First of all, why don’t you rest and recover from your fatigue? We also have delicious food.”

Delicious food! He said something that worried me, but I can hear about that later. 


“Do you like fish, Leila-dono? Let’s go see if there’s any fish dishes.”


When Nii-sama put me down, I took Oji-sama’s and Earl Coulter’s hands, and headed to the mansion.

“Prince Nico, I don’t understand it well myself. I’ll talk about it with Earl Coulter later… no tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Alright.”

“Then, shall we go too?” 

Nico held Nii-sama’s and Gill’s hands and headed to the mansion while Prince Albert walked next to them in disappointment. Nico got used to them because he’s always with them during class. 

No matter how much you treasure someone, it wouldn’t get through to them if you act like Otou-sama and Nii-sama did in the beginning and didn’t show their feelings with their actions. 

Or rather, isn’t it because he’s boring? If Nico is that important to him, then he should interact with him during the trip. At least Nico doesn’t hide his love for Prince Albert. 

We arrived late, so we had dinner straight away. Since Earl Coulter is an Earl, his mansion is a few times bigger than the noble we met yesterday. I couldn’t really tell since it was dark, but it seemed like an old building. The walls were thick and scary, but it was well-maintained and comfortable. 

Maybe because we were staying here for a few days, but Nico and I as well as Nii-sama and the others were allowed to go to our room after dinner. 

“Nico, athe thoday. So, I didn’th need tho bring him food.” I said, and Nii-sama and Gill smiled wryly. 

“You’re really observant.”

“Gluttons observe odd things.”

“Food ish importhanth.”

It’s important to eat. If I want to eat then I can just say that I want to eat, but it’s difficult to meddle with the eating habits of others. He didn’t get to eat yesterday, so of course I will be more vigilant. 

“You watch what people eat even if there isn’t a problem, that’s why you noticed what had happened yesterday. I know that’s your good point. But you’re still a glutton.”

Gill patted my head. Aren’t you a glutton, Gill?

Nico was travelling under the pretence of observation and study, so we’ll be staying here for two days, and we’ll be going around to see the industries in Coulter and going out into the lake with a boat. Prince Albert said it was his first time doing these things in Coulter too. 

“Viwwa on thhe wawe.” (Villa on the lake)

There’s a lake a day’s ride by carriage from the royal capital so isn’t it normal to come here in summer to a villa or holiday home? But since the two were looking at me as if they didn’t understand what I was saying, I rephrased my sentence, “Go tho thhe wawe in shummer. Wather cowd.” (Go to the lake in summer. Water cold)

“It’s certainly nice to soak in the lake during the hot summer months,” Gill agreed.

“It makes me feel chilly in a different way. The lake gives me chills. Does Oji-sama know something?” Nii-sama rubbed his arms and Gill tilted his head.

“If I concentrate a lot then I can kind of feel something, but I can’t really tell. And when I studied about Kingdom’s history and geography at school, I don’t think Coulter had any other features except for the lake.”

If you don’t learn it in school, then is it not important? In any case, Earl Coulter said he would explain it tomorrow. So, we can only wait until tomorrow. 

The next day, I went out of the mansion in excitement. Of course, I finished breakfast before going out. 

“When you mention Coulter, you think of the lake. So, we have to go to the lake.”



Earl Coulter smiled mischievously and looked radiant. At least, I think he got a hold of Nico’s and my heart.

Even if we were feeling excited for some reason, what is that? It didn’t matter to me since I felt like that every day in Wester. 

There was a bridge right next to the mansion, but a large building was covering the bridge, and there was a large ship with a roof. Although it was just a houseboat that had been made a little larger, it only had a table and a sitting area to sit in the middle. There were many rowers aboard.

“A small fishing boat would probably have been fine, but it would be dangerous if someone were to fall into the lake.”

Whatever boat we use is fine. I got on enthusiastically. 

Even though winter was over, the wind on the lake was still cold. I was wrapped in a scarf and other winter clothes, but I could still stand firmly at the tip of the boat. 

“Don’t fall down.”

“You thaww thoo much.” (You talk too much)

However, it’s a secret that Hans was holding onto my waist from behind. The boat sailed towards the centre. I waved when I saw fishing boats on our way. Nico also waved next to me. Then, everyone waved back.

“They’re waving back!”

“They probably wanted to wave back since you waved.”

The ship didn’t sway much since we weren’t on the ocean, but it was fun to feel the light sways and see the change in scenery. Finally, there weren’t anymore fishing boats, and no matter what direction I looked in, I could only see the faint outline of the bank. 

No, only one direction was different. We were approaching a small island.