Chapter 154: Reflecting a Human’s Appearance

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Is it polite to visit a lady’s room at night?” Even if one of the servants said this, isn’t it fine? Unfortunately, no one pointed out that I’m still an infant and not a lady yet. 

“Whath’sh wrong, Nico?”

“Hmm, there’s something I want to ask.” 

Our room also had a living room this time. I offered the sofa to Nico. 

“Isn’t it fine to sit around the table? Don’t climb onto the sofa one by one,” Hans said in amazement, but I like the sofa, so isn’t it fine? The problem might be that the sofa is too high. I sat next to Nico and tilted my head. Isn’t hospitality important here?

“Nathawie, shnacwsh.”

“Leila-sama, if you have snacks now, then you won’t have any appetite in the morning.”


I thought we should eat snacks since Nico was here, but Natalie gently refused. It seemed like the snacks from the other night were an exception.

“Lei, it’s fine. I’m full today.”

Nico rubbed his stomach. 

“I know how it feels to be hungry, so I know how it feels to be full now.”


I rubbed my stomach too.

“I feew wiwe I can shthiww eath more.” (I feel like I can still eat more)


“Lei-sama, it’s your imagination.” As expected, Natalie stopped me. Well, even I think that I’m imagining it. But there’s no loss in saying it. However, when it comes to the difference between Natalie’s abilities and Hans’s incompetence. I gave up and Nico started talking, “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you at the castle since you turned one.”

I was surprised when he suddenly brought up something from long ago but tried to recall what had happened back then. 

“Lei wash ath home when I wash one.”

“I thought you weren’t going to come, then one day, father looked serious. He said that you might not come to the castle.”

“Lei wash ath Weshther at thhath thime.”

“Hmm.” Nico nodded heavily.

“I was still only two at that time. I only found out about what had happened to you a few days before you came to the castle.”


“I heard you were kidnapped, then Hunters rescued you, and that they made an exchange to get you back from Wester.”


‘You don’t know much at all.’ But he knew the gist of it so I nodded. Nico turned his body to face me. 

“Lei, did you see Hollows in Wester?”

Nico’s always serious yellow eyes. They reminded me of the bad guy at the beginning, but Nico’s eyes are so beautiful since they’re different and his personality is different. I wondered how to answer, and Nico reached out and stretched my cheeks. 

“Your violet eyes look pretty when I look at them like this.”


That bad guy also said my eyes are purple. However, Nico was purely complimenting them, and his words meant something completely different from the bad guy’s. And the guy who’s laughing right now will get a pay cut.

“Nico’sh ish preththy thoo.”

“Really? I’ll look at them in the mirror next time.”

The conversation has shifted a bit, but I have to answer him.

“Lei hash sheen Howwowsh.”

“So, you have.” Nico nodded as if he understood and the rest of the room gasped. Natalie and Hans were calm, but I didn’t miss that they closed their eyes for a second. Did Otou-sama not tell them about this?

“The peopwe who shaved Lei are hunthersh.”

“Hunter. The people who reap Hollows.”

“Yesh. We go reap thhem thogethher ath nighth.”

This time, the whole room fell silent. They probably thought that I saw Hollows by chance. 

“Ojou-sama, don’t tell me…” Natalie was so surprised that she called me Ojou-sama instead of Lei-sama.

“There aren’t any barriers in Frontier. What did you do while they were hunting Hollows?”

“Lei woowed afther thhe barrier box. Lei wash inshide thhe barrier.” (Lei looked after the barrier box. Lei was inside the barrier.)

“Barrier box. So, it does exist…?” Hans put his hand on his chin and thought about something. Even Hans hasn’t been to Frontier?

“I’m a former escort, so I’ve never been to Frontier even if my position was high.” 

I looked at Hans in surprise. I didn’t know he was an escort.

“Same ash Gracesh.”

“Graces is a former subordinate.”

So that’s why they can cooperate?

“Lei, what did you mean when you said that appearance remains?”

“Nico, thhath’sh…”

He’s asking in detail. How should I explain it?

“In Weshther, thhere wash an Othou-shama who wash wiwwed by a Howwow.” (In Wester, there was an Otou-sama who was killed by a Hollow)


“Yesh, thhe Howwow had thhe Othou-shama’sh appeawance.”

I’m talking about Noah’s Otou-sama.

“The chiwd reached outh tho hish Othou-shama. Buth thhe Hunthersh wiwwed thhe Howwow.” (The child reached out to the Otou-sama. But the Hunters killed the Hollow)

“Cutting something that had the appearance of Otou-sama…”

“If thhe chiwd thouchesh thhe Howwow thhen hish wife wouwd have been shucwed away.” (If the child touches the Hollow then his life would have been sucked away)

“Of course, it would.” Nico said as if it was obvious and I shook my head. 

“The chiwd goth angry. Why did you wiww Othou-shama, he ashwed.” (The child got angry. Why did you kill Otou-sama, he asked?)

“Lei-sama, when a Hollow is killed, they should turn into magic stone. Did the child also see that?” Hans asked an important question.

“Buth ith’sh pointhweshsh. Hish hearth…” (But it’s pointless. His heart…)

I pushed on my chest.

“Hish hearth probabwy didn’th thhinw thhath wash good.” (His heart probably didn’t think that was good)

“His heart.”

Nico pressed his stomach.

“Thath’sh your shthomach. Your hearth ish here.” (That’s your stomach. Your heart is here)


“Ith feewsh happineshsh, pain and shadneshsh.” (It feels happiness, pain and sadness)

The two of us pressed on our chest. 

“The pwace thhath threashuresh Okaa-syama, Otou-syama, and Nii-syama.” (The place that treasures Okaa-sama, Otou-sama, and Nii-sama)

“It hurts here when your loved ones are gone.”

“Ai. Ith’sh painfuw even if you undershthand.”

Both me and Nico stayed quiet as we pressed our chests. 

“Lei, thanks for talking to me.”

It’s not something he should thank me for. I only said what I knew. However, the following day,  I thought that it would have been better if I hadn’t told him.