Chapter 157: Leaping Shadow

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“This certainly does hurt,” Earl Coulter muttered. He seemed to have calmed down a lot. 

In Lentforce when Amy was captivated by the Hollow with Noah’s Otou-san’s appearance, I was calm. When I saw a Hollow take on Hannah’s appearance. I didn’t have time to act. 

However, when I saw how people close to me were being affected by the Hollows, I realised how important it was to see them.

“Earl Coulter, what should we do?” Gill said quietly.

“We’ve achieved our original goal of showing Prince Nicholas the Hollows. Now, we just need to…” Gill said, and he looked straight at the Hollows who had the appearance of the old people before looking at the Rhodolite sword on his waist. 

“Are you going to kill them?”


I think it’s amazing that Gill could say those words even though he knew that the Hollows had the appearance of people who Earl Coulter knew. 

“It seems like there aren’t many Hollows on this island. If we defeat all the Hollows that we can see, then we could probably leave this island. It isn’t a good idea to stay up all night in the cold with children. If we can return, then I would like to.”

Moreover, he adapted himself to the circumstances. I looked at his side profile in admiration because he resembled Alistair. 

“Putting aside if we should defeat them or not, I don’t think you should think about going back now. They might think that Hollows are things that take on human appearances because that’s what they’re seeing, but there are some who take on the appearance of small living beings too. See.” 

Nii-sama pointed at the ground, and a small mouse was moving in the light. And above that was a bird flapping around in the air without sound. 

“Riding the boat is the most dangerous thing to do right now. Sorry. Luke-dono and Gill-dono. If the Princes are alright with it, no, if the small children are okay with it, then could you… the Hollows…” Earl Coulter quietly sighed once. 

“Won’t you defeat them?”

Nii-sama gently let go of my hand and looked at Hans before nodding. 

“Lei-sama, please hold hands with Prince Nicholas and sit down,” Hans instructed. Hans had to keep both his hands free, so he couldn’t hold my hand. 

Gill let go off Nico’s hand, looked at Prince Albert and confirmed again, “We’re going to defeat the Hollows now, but is it alright to show this to Prince Nicholas?”

“Why aren’t you two worried about Lei seeing this?” Prince Albert said in irritation. Gill glanced at me and returned his gaze to Prince Albert. 

“Lei said that she went hunting with the Hunters in Frontier. She has already seen Hollows being defeated. Therefore, it’s safer for her to stay where we can see her instead of having her hide in the tent. However, this will be a new experience for Prince Nicholas.”

“We’re already here. I want him to see everything.”


No matter how much experience he says he has, Nii-sama is still only 12 years old. The 15 year old Gill, who was as tall as an adult, was reliable when he was being decisive. However, does Earl Coulter not employee Hunters to hunt on this island? He probably doesn’t, I answered the question that floated into my mind straight away. If he had someone like that, then he would have information about this island. 

Gill and Nii-sama walked towards the end of the barrier and brandished their Rhodolite swords. They could tell where the barrier ended because the Hollows were being repelled from there. 

Gill cut down the Hollow that was reaching out its swaying hands. 

I heard the adults gulp. Nico held my hand and sat in silence. 

The Hollow that was cut stopped as if its body was slipping off, then it shrunk, and a magic stone fell from where it was.

“What does this mean… So, it is from the Hollows?” I heard Earl Coulter mutter. He looked like he couldn’t accept this no matter how much it is explained to him. I think Nico’s fine, but did Prince Albert understand this? 

Nii-sama and Gill, both continued to proceed forward while cutting down the Hollows. They started with the bigger ones. Soon, the moving Hollows disappeared from before our eyes and Nii-sama and Gill retreated. 

“It’s better to pick up the magic stones tomorrow. But, look.” 

Gill had picked up a magic stone and gave it to Nico. It was pretty big. Nico let go of my hand and took the magic stone. 

“Magic stone. The magic stones that I always see came to me in this way.”

“That’s right, Prince Nico. There aren’t any Hollows in Kingdom, so we buy the magic stones from Frontier Hunters.”

“I see.”

There were some people who thought that the magic stone was disgusting because it had the appearance of a Hollow earlier, but apparently, Nico didn’t think it as such. 

“Gilbert and Luke, good job. Now then, it’s about time for the children to rest,” Prince Albert said, and Nico returned the magic stone to Gill before standing up. Now, I have to go to the tent too. I’m a good girl who doesn’t cause trouble. I carefully stood up because my body felt a little stiff from the cold, and Nico walked to the tent first. 

We’re both children, so he could have waited for me. I won’t even ask him to help me, but he could have waited. I pouted. It’s not like I’m jealous that he could walk briskly. 

When I finally got up and made my way to the tent, Nico stopped before he entered and looked at the lake. I was also curious and looked at the lake too. 

They were probably having a late meal. The scales of the jumping fish shone in the light. 

Nico looked at them, then walked towards the lake with his eyes sparkling. It was only yesterday when he was allowed to touch the fish in the bucket. It was only normal for him to think about wanting to touch them again. 

I thought I had to run, but my body wouldn’t move because I was feeling frustrated. Everyone took their eyes off Nico because they felt safe after the Hollows were defeated. 

Nico noticed it. Why isn’t the water making any sound even though the fish is jumping in it? He noticed that the fish was dancing on the water without touching the surface.