Chapter 159: Childish

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Regardless of what was said, Nico and I, who slept soundly through the night, were energetic, but the adults, who had to stay awake in the cold, and the rowers, were exhausted. They were all going to rest until night time after returning to the mansion, and Nico and I, who were full of energy, were playing quietly inside so that we wouldn’t bother our guards. 

Earl Coulter had small children in his mansion before, so there was a large children’s room prepared for us, and Nico and I happily played with the toys. 

Whenever I go to the castle, I always went as his study buddy, so it was fun to play all day and not have to study. 

We played games that allowed us to move our bodies inside, such as imagining the floor as a lake and the person who dropped in the lake was ‘it’ and climbing on the sofas and jumping off. We were so energetic that it made Natalie want to scream.

Nico, who was in danger yesterday, would sometimes blank out and think about something, but he mostly acted like he usually did. 

After dinner, almost all the adults were present, and were making plans for tomorrow onwards. 

“Anyway, Nico’s guards have to be more alert. If they take their eyes off Nico for even a second, then something like yesterday could happen again,” Prince Albert said, and the guards nodded firmly. Judging from their expressions on the ship this morning, they were probably worried about it a lot. After all, it was Hans, my guard, who had brought Nico back. 

However, no matter how smart Nico is, Prince Albert was the one who took him to a dangerous place even though he was still an infant whose actions couldn’t be predicted. Not only I, but others also cautioned him, but he didn’t listen to them, and as a result, Nico found himself in a dangerous situation. 

It has only been a few days since we’ve started our journey. However, we don’t eat properly, he makes unreasonable plans, and makes us do dangerous things, from what I can tell, I can’t entrust Nico to him. The problem is no one would speak up and exclaim, “If you’re going to take Prince Nico, a young child with you, then you have to match the child’s pace.”

“Nii-syama, down.”

“Lei, do you need the toilet?”


Rude. I puffed in anger a little and walked up to Prince Albert.


“Going home.”

Prince Albert made a face which stated that he didn’t understand what I was saying.

“I’m going home withh Nico.”

I had no choice, so I explained it in detail. How’s that? I folded my arms and raised my face.

“Going home.”



“On thhe Rug Dragon.”

Did he think that we would walk back?

“Lei, what’s wrong? Why’re you saying this all of a sudden?” Nii-sama quickly stood up. He walked towards me and crouched down.

“Nico in danger. The aduwthsh aren’th wathching him properwy.”

“That’s true, but…” Nii-sama didn’t know what to say since he knew what I was talking about. However, it would be more dangerous since we had to split up the guards for Nico and I to go home. Of course, I know I shouldn’t go home.

“You’re just a toddler. You’ll scurry home when something unpleasant happens,” Prince Albert looked down on me and said. How many times do you think that infant has helped you?

“Becaushe shomethhing unpweashanth happened?”

I took a step away from my crouching Nii-sama and confronted Prince Al.

“Thath’sh noth ith. Ith’sh becaushe you’re no good, Prince Aw.” (That’s not it. It’s because you’re no good, Prince Al)

“Shyt, stop it, Lei-sama.” The aura in the room froze, and Hans’s voice sounded as if he had forced it out. 

“You can’t even go home without that useless adult. Whatever. Shut up.”

“I’ww go home.”

“You can’t ride a Rug Dragon by yourself.”

“I can.”

“Lei, that’s enough,” Nico cheerfully interrupted the childish quarrel between Prince Al and I.

“This was all because I was selfish. Uncle and the guards didn’t do anything wrong.” 

Prince Al is really hopeless for making a three-year-old say all this. I’m sure I glared at him. 

“I’ll follow Uncle obediently from now on, so Lei, don’t worry.”

“That’s how it is.”

Why does Prince Al look like he’s won?

“For what?”

“You’re still talking?”

“Why did you bring Nico withh you?”

Prince Al looked as if he had been taken off-guard.

“If ith’sh sho he wouwd behave, thhen you didn’th need tho thawe him withh you.” (If it’s so he would behave, then you didn’t need to take him with you)


“Nico and Lei wiww go home and pway.”

“But the royal capital is dangerous,” Prince Al said before shutting his mouth. Then, he carelessly said, “Toddlers can’t go home by themselves. If you can then try it.”

“The guardsh wiww be withh ush.”

“Take them with you.”

“Nii-syama and Giww wiww be withh ush two.”

“Do what you want.”

He probably thinks it’s impossible. I turned back and walked to Nico, who was sitting down, then I looked him in the eyes.


“Nico and Lei wiww go home.”

He could probably see confidence in my eyes. Nico nodded lightly. I turned back to Prince Al.

“We’ww go home thomorrow.”

“If you can that is.”


That’s exactly right.