Chapter 163: To the North

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


“Oh, you’re back.”

I asked to be let down from the basket and ran to Ojii-sama, who was waiting.

“Ooh, she’s tottering.”

“Noth thoththering!”

“Yo-you’re right. Well, you walk pretty quick.”

He was obviously flattering me, but it’s better than nothing. Then, Ojii-sama lifted me up high.

“Looks like it all went to plan?”

“Ai! We’ww shthiww be thogethher.” (Ai! We’ll still be together.)

“I see, I see.”

We were talking about mean things, but to others, it looked like a warm-hearted interaction between an elderly person and a child. 

“Uncle, I want to try that.”

“That? Alright.” 

Nico coaxed Prince Al to raise him higher. Prince Al, who was awkwardly lifting Nico up, didn’t have time to pay attention to what we were saying to each other. He really is a handful. 

“I wondered how it would turn out. Honestly, the next generation of the Four Marquises are such mischievous children. But still, couldn’t you at least try to stop the two, Gill-dono?” Earl Coulter approached while looking disappointed. Then, he talked to Gill who looked like he was understanding. Apparently, Nii-sama and I came as a package and he assumed that Nii-sama was reckless too. I’m sorry. 

“I might be a little older than them, but it’s impossible for me to stop these two.”

“So that’s why you followed them and backed them up.”

Gill grinned and shrugged lightly. 

The Four Marquises are equal. Therefore, there was no concentration of power anywhere and no one was under anyone. In regard to Nico and this trip, Gill behaved as if he was on reserve, but that’s not true. 

He was more straightforward than Nii-sama, he’s also frank and takes action. An 11 year old boy wouldn’t have been allowed to come find me and pick me up. Nii-sama was only allowed to go because Gill was with him. 

He was only backing us up because he wanted to. If someone only saw that he was following us, then they must be blind. 

Earl Coulter stared at me in shock while I was in Ojii-sama’s arms, then he squinted his eyes in amusement. 

“Lei-dono, so did I pass?”


Earl Coulter, who could properly assess Gill, is a decent person. Or rather, he was a decent man from the start. 

“It’s a bit late, but we’ve finished preparing, so I think we’ll set off now.”

“Yes. You’re a little behind schedule.”

We’re running late because His Highness wanted to go to Purgatory Island. It’s definitely not because I insisted on returning to the royal capital.

“I know. Don’t look at me like that.”

“I’m woowing ath you normawwy.” (I’m looking at you normally)

“No, you’re not.”

Our conversation was nostalgic. Huu. Is he doing well?

“Uncle, this isn’t the time to play with Lei, right?”

“We’re not playing.”

Prince Al quickly gave the order to leave. Then we started preparing. 



“Now, grab my head,” the dragons gathered. It’s actually easier for me to be put into the basket, but it was hard to ask Hans to put me in the basket since I tried my best to show my hand before.


I opened up my arms and squeezed onto a dragon’s head, and he picked me up. He slowly moved me to the basket, and when I let go, I got put into the basket without a hitch.

“Me too!”


“Nico. You’re riding in the carriage.”

“Why Uncle?”


He didn’t have a reason for this, but he probably felt that it was somehow dangerous. 

“Isn’t it fine if Uncle rides a rug dragon too?”

“That’s…” Prince Al stopped speaking there, and I could tell that he thought it was fun, but he was hesitant because of Nico’s safety. 

“I’m next to Lei.”


Nii-sama smiled as he secured my belt.


“What’s with you? Are you telling me you want Nico to get on?”


“So, you understand me, hurry, hurry,” the Rug Dragon urged Prince Al.

“Alright. Fine. But it’s cold on top of a dragon. If you get tired or cold, then tell me straight away,” Prince Al looked at Nico and said, then he looked at me.

“Leila, you too.”


“It’s strange for you to be honest.”

Rude. I can hear him even if he speaks in a quiet voice. Nii-sama, this isn’t the time to giggle.

“Now, let’s ride on the dragon. Coulter, thanks for looking after us.”

“Neville, it’s alright. I’ll stay here and wait for their return. But, you…” 

I’m sure he wanted to say, “You have to bring the troublesome infants and Prince safely to the place where the marriage interview is being held.”

“What? It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun. It’s exciting to see what will come.”

Without agreeing or disagreeing, Ojii-sama turned his dragon to the north. The only thing left is to leave. The rug dragons glanced this way as if they were expecting something. 

I also felt anticipation from the basket on the other side of the dragon as well. 

“Fine. Nico can ushe shignaw.”

“Are you sure?!”


As soon as the adults turned around to see what was happening, Nico shouted loudly.




Cute children. We’re leaving at last.

“Oi, what, woah.”

I pulled out the flute Otou-sama gave me from my clothes.

“Puu, puu.”



Now, let’s move to this wonderful sound.

“Hey, what’s going on all of a sudden?”



Our comrades are waiting in the north.




“We’re no match for Lei.”

Now, let’s go to Ojii-sama’s place!