Chapter 165: Being Friends is Fine (Felicia’s POV)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I worried over how to talk to her. 

“You know, as long as Kingdom accepts the marriage interview, then you have do it. But that doesn’t mean that he has to be your husband.”


Chris tilted her head cutely. 

“What kind of man do you want as your husband, Chris?”

“Someone like father!”

“Me too.”

Father is a kind man. The Remingtons also trade agricultural produce domestically and internationally, so father is busy inspecting different locations and isn’t in the mansion often, so I miss him. 

“But what if he isn’t like father?”

“Then, I don’t want him.”


Chris had a look that said, ‘so you understand’. I have to talk to her about another difficult matter. I let out a big sigh.

Mother is cold to Chris. Or rather, she’s not interested in her. Chris knows this, and she acts selfish because she wants mother to care about her. She thinks that mother would like her if she does what mother wants. 

But it was pointless. Mother’s interest will never turn towards Chris no matter what she does. 

Why did she say such a cold thing?

I looked out the hazy greenhouse window. 

Chris isn’t the only one. Mother isn’t interested in me either. I’ve been through what Chris has been through. 

How hard have I tried to make mother satisfied and tell me that I’m a good girl? She’s with me when she needs to be because I’m the heiress. But I really understood that she had no interest in children no matter how hard I tried when Chris was born. 

I hated my sister for being born, thinking that the little baby would take away her little love, but I was shocked that mother didn’t show any interest in the baby that was so cute, so I lost my hatred for her. 

I was reassured that the adorable Chris wouldn’t take away mother from me and was able to love her. But children want their parent’s love. She wanted it and was brushed off, and I was surprised to find out that I was the same as her when I watched her struggle for love even though she wasn’t a good girl like me. I felt my heart gradually grow colder when I realised that I wasn’t loved. 

Therefore, it was useless to try to be useful to mother. 

She wouldn’t give us love even if we’re useful to her. 

“But he came to meet me, right?” Chris’s cheerful voice brought me back.

“That’s right.”

“Then, I might be able to become friends with him like I am with Nico and Lei.”

“Not become your husband?”

“That’s right.”

I can’t explain to her that she won’t get mother’s love anyway. If Chris thinks it’s fine to be friends and not make him her husband, then that’s fine.

“I see. You can just think of it as a friendship.”


“It means having countries get along with each other and helping each other. Like Chris said, being friends is nice.”

“Then, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll try not to get angry if they call me Chrish-san.”

I chuckled when I recalled the first meeting between Chris and Lei. I suddenly remembered what the maid said the other day, “So Felicia-sama can laugh out loud too.” Chris was having a great time, and I was also having fun because of her. 

“I’m sure he’s older than you?”

“Then I wonder if he will hold me like Gill and Luke do.”

“Oh my, those two did that?”

“Because they hold Lei and Nico. So, I wanted to be held too,” Chris said. That’s not fair. I want to hold Chris too. 

“Then, I want to as well. Chris, come to my lap.”

“Is it okay?”

I lifted Chris up and put her on my lap.

“Up you go. Oh my, Chris. You’re pretty heavy.”

Chris felt heavy, maybe because I was small. Luke and Gill are younger than me, but I wonder if they feel fine when they hold Chris.

“Nee-sama, isn’t that rude? Gill says I’m light as a feather.”

“Oh my, he did?”

That person’s light-heartedness is something I can’t deal with. Still, I’m jealous that there’s someone who can act carefreely like that. But I have to say this, “You know, Chris. Do you like Nee-sama?”

“I love you!”

“Is it because I’m useful to you?”


Chris looked up at me strangely. 

“I just love you. And Lei, and Nico.”

I hugged Chris tightly.

“Really? So, Chris. You don’t have to be useful to anyone. I love it when you’re happy and laughing not when you’re trying to push yourself.”

“Really? Then I don’t need to study.”

“You have to study.”

The laughter of Chris and I echoed through the greenhouse. Perhaps it isn’t good to think about it too much, but my mind eased a little since whatever happens will happen. 

After a few days, the guest from Easter was invited to the Remington greenhouse for the marriage interview.