Chapter 166: Doubt

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Both mother and father were here for the first time in a long time, and although the adults were nervously preparing things around the mansion, Chris seemed happy. 

Chris is thought to be tomboyish and selfish, but her soft, milk-tea coloured hair and big eyes, with the same colour, give her a gentle impression if she kept her mouth shut. In order to keep her gentle aura intact, she was made to wear a light cream dress with dark brown layers and ornaments. 

Chris was in a good mood since she was able to spend time with mother even though she was forced to try on different dresses. 

Mother really has good taste in clothes. I happily squinted my eyes at Chris’s adorable appearance as she clung onto mother and father. 

Chris has the same hair colour as me, as she had also inherited mother’s hair colour. She also inherited father’s kind brown eyes, albeit, a bit lighter. When the three stood together, it looked as if she had inherited all of father’s and mother’s wonderful features, which looked really cute.

“The guest is nearly here,” the butler said, and everyone moved outside to greet the guests. In Kingdom, the Four Marquises didn’t have to bow to the King, but they needed to give courtesy to guests from other countries, and a member of Easter’s royal family was coming. 

It was a sudden decision, so pictures of the two haven’t even been exchanged. Even so, mother had said, “It’ll probably be fine if they meet as children.” Where does her confidence come from when that comment is so baseless?

The candidates were a pair of siblings; one 10 and the other 15, and it didn’t matter who we chose. However, common sense told me that the 10 year old would be Chris’s partner. 

“We don’t have to decide on either one, right Okaa-sama?”

If she said, “Either one is fine,” then it would sound like Chris had to choose between one of them. I confirmed this once again to let Chris hear that she didn’t have to choose. 

“Of course, Felicia. Even if it’s a marriage interview, nothing can be done if the person in question doesn’t feel the same way.” Mother laughed weirdly. I was a little relieved. 

“Yes, yes, Felicia, you look properly as well.”

“I’m like an extra right now and considering that the other person is 15 years old, I think it’s best to keep a low profile.”

I inherited mother’s looks and am apparently beautiful. To be precise, I look fleetingly like I’m fragile and need to be protected. It’s impossible for the current head of the family to look fleetingly like that. Stupid. I snorted. Oh my, I wonder if I sounded like Lei. I sneaked a peek to the side to see if I had been caught doing so. It seemed like I hadn’t. 

However, I would stand out a lot if I dressed up. It doesn’t matter if they’re 10 or 15, their eyes would naturally be attracted to a 16 year old rather than a 5 year old girl. Chris is the star of the show this time. I’m going to stay in the shadows. 

However, I couldn’t disobey mother and was dressed up properly as always. 

A few carriages lightly approached us straight away as we waited outside. 

From the leading carriage, a boy hastily got off and then another boy rushed to stop him. Those boys are probably Chris’s husband candidates. 

“Hey, Harry. I told you that the chamberlain is supposed to get off first!”

“Sorry, Nii-sama. I wanted to quickly get out.”

The boys seemed lively and both had loose, wavy, dark golden hair and green eyes. They had the same hair and eye colour as a typical noble in Kingdom. 

“Ith’sh bashicawwy thhe shame.” (It’s basically the same) For a moment, I thought I heard Lei’s voice and I chuckled to myself for behaving like an Onee-san.

The chamberlain was late to rush out of the carriage, and a person also got down from the carriage behind them. 

I widened my eyes in surprise for a second. 

Golden hair and eyes. The same as Kingdom’s royal family. I heard that Easter’s royal family had similar colours to Kingdom’s royal family, but I didn’t think it would be that similar. 

But, something’s different. I couldn’t just stare at him rudely, I only saw it for a brief moment, but what was different? I asked myself. He’s two years older than Prince Albert, and yet he looks calm and collected. If his hair and eyes were a different colour, then his slightly hanging eyes, thin lips and firm build would make him look more like a guard than a noble.

“Welcome to the Remington residence,” mother’s soft voice echoed. 

“Thank you for your invitation. I am Bran Ladislas. This is my brother…”

“Harry Ladislas.”

Normally, royalties should be introduced first, but this time he was only here under the guise of sight-seeing and chaperoning, so the Prince was introduced afterwards.

“I’m their chaperon, Silas Easter,” his low voice was devoid of any emotion. Was he uninterested because he was forced to be a chaperon? Or is he good at hiding his emotions? I continued to look down as I waited to be introduced. 

“It’s been a while.”

“Yes. Angelique-dono and Broad-dono, you two are the same.”

I tried hard not to let out my surprise. I didn’t understand everything about what kind of socialising adults do.

How did mother and father know the Easter Prince when they have never travelled out of the country?