Chapter 168: Those Golden Eyes (Otou-sama’s POV)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Both Luke and Lei told me to be wary of the Third Prince, now then.”

“Don’t say that, Dean.” 

Stan shook his head beside me, but honestly, I couldn’t make up my mind. If the Third Prince was the one who kidnapped Lei in Wester, then I can’t judge him fairly if I see him as that person from the beginning. 

That said, if he really was the person who had kidnapped Lei, then I want to expose his intentions and bring him to judgement. However, I can’t speculate why he’s the only person who wants to harm the Albans while the diplomacy between Easter and Kingdom has remained the same as it has since the past. I have no other evidence except for Lei’s testimony and Luke’s intuition. It was decided that I would have an audience with the Third Prince while I was still hazy on things. 

“Well, to tell you the truth, you’re not good at judging people. Even if you say you’ll look at him with unclouded eyes, it can’t be helped if you miss what you can’t see,” Stan said as if he was looking down on me. I can feel that he was saying I’m a troublesome guy. 

“Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration? I’m rarely troubled socially or commercially.” I don’t think I’m a good judge of character, but I’ve never been troubled because of it either. I counterargued.

“If you were a good judge of character, then you wouldn’t have gotten divorced in the first place.”

It was slightly painful to be told that. 

“And whether someone is good or bad, you aren’t interested in them at all and don’t even glance at them if they don’t affect you or only affect you a little. You reap what you sow.”

Stan is very stern today. But it’s true that I’m not interested in others, so I obediently kept my mouth shut. 

“Listen, Dean. You don’t have to have any preconceived notions about the Third Prince. But be interested in him. I don’t think we’ll have many opportunities to talk to him, but it’s important to take advantage of the few opportunities we have and try to read them as much as possible.”

Being interested is a little difficult for me, but if the Third Prince is really the person who harmed Lei, then I will have to get to the bottom of it. I prepared myself and headed to the Remington House’s party. 


“Oh my, Dean, Stan and Julia, I’m glad you’re here.”

“Thank you for the invite, Broad, it’s been a while.”

Ange was as beautiful as ever and she greeted us happily. Even if a royal person came here, Kingdom hadn’t personally invited them, so they didn’t need to be officially welcomed at the castle. Therefore, the Remingtons hosted a party to welcome the Prince. 

“I’ve been busy with work, you know. I’m glad you both look well, Dean and Stan, but I also wanted to see Luke and Gill.”

Broad loves his daughters, but he didn’t have any sons, so he cared about Luke and Gill. Just like how Julia, Stan’s wife, cares about Lei. But he was devoted to his job, so he’s not in the royal capital often, therefore it’s been a long time since they’ve met. 

“So, how’d it go?” Stan asked straightforwardly. Ange raised her eyebrows, but he wasn’t asking her so Broad smiled wryly. 

“I knew that it would be difficult to find her a fiancé because she’s a tomboy, but while I was busy, she had grown up to be a considerate person. She had probably learnt a lot with His Highness Nicholas. Well, it seems like they’re a great match, but it’s still too early to tell. It’s enough if we can get one of the candidates to be her fiancé.”

Did they come all the way to Kingdom just to find out if they had chemistry? I wasn’t really interested since I was focused on keeping Lei away, but this abrupt matchmaking has always made me slightly uncomfortable.

“Anyway, I would like to be introduced.”

“That’s rare, Dean. I thought you wouldn’t be interested in him even if he’s part of Easter’s royal family. I even thought you wouldn’t come like Molesey.”

How uninterested in people does he think I am? And, Molesey didn’t come after all?

“Royalty aside, Chris’s potential partners are probably the same age as Luke, right? It wouldn’t hurt to meet them once,” I lied so that they wouldn’t think that I wanted to meet the Third Prince. 

I looked around the wide hall and saw that Remington’s daughter, Felicia, was with a man with golden hair. Chris was bouncing at their feet. Her light milk tea coloured hair stood out more to me than gold. She was probably entertaining him instead of her parents who were greeting people as they came. She’s a diligent child. 

“You see, you’ve only just become interested in Felicia, and have no clue about what she’s like,” Stan whispered, and I couldn’t argue back since it was true. Lei and Chris were friends, and because of that, I finally took interest in Felicia. 

However, the person who I should be looking at is the Third Prince. Golden hair and a sturdy body which made him look more like a guard than a noble. And…

He must have sensed our arrival, since he turned towards us, and his golden eyes were the same as Kingdom’s royals’. 

“Oh, they’re the same golden eyes as the royal family’s just like the rumours say they are,” Stan muttered reflexively. But the look in his eyes bothered me more. You can find golden eyes everywhere if you go to the castle. 

He had turned those eyes towards us because he was curious, but I couldn’t see any value in them before he turned. That’s certainly because I’ve seen them somewhere before. 

They’re eyes that aren’t interested in others. They’re eyes that don’t even care about themselves. They’re eyes that always stare back at me in the mirror. 


I looked down spontaneously and smiled wryly. I’m sure I’ve seen them somewhere before.


“Huh, nothing. It’s nothing.”

Now, it’s time to meet the Third Prince who Lei told me to be careful around even though she doesn’t hate people.