Chapter 170: Sneaking into the Matchmaking

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Lei, you need to go over there a little more.”

“They’ww cathch ush if I go over thhere.” (They’ll catch us if I go over there)

Nico and I sneaked around behind the plants as we bumped into each other.

“What are you doing, Lei-sama, and Your Highness?”

“Hansh, be quieth!”

“Yes, yes.”

Hans quickly disappeared behind a tree. Nico’s guards were quietly hiding behind the tree since the beginning, but our Hans is like this. 

“Lei be quiet! The guards have arrived first. I’m sure uncle and his matchmaking partner will show up shortly after.”

I think I was quieter than Hans, and if anything, Nico was louder than me, but I knew that it was better to be quiet, so I nodded silently. 

The guards who came looked at us, then at the trees behind us, but I think we’re well-hidden so we should be fine. I had a feeling that Hans was waving his hands, but when I turned back, he wasn’t. Let me see.

Soon, the double-glass doors to the greenhouse opened wide, and Prince Albert came out while escorting a beautiful young lady. 

The greenhouse led directly to the guestroom like at the Albans mansion, but even though this was the north, it was warm enough with no heating if there was sun. However, Nico and I both have our jackets on. 

“Oh, uncle looks cool.”


Indeed, I’ve only seen the Prince in his travelling attire, and when we stayed at the nobles’ mansions, he hadn’t worn anything gaudy. So, I couldn’t say that seeing him dress in a military uniform and having his hair sleeked back while looking like a noble wasn’t cool. 

But, as a young girl, what I should be looking at is how young women in Farland dressed. I stared at the young woman. Her blonde hair which was as dark as wheat ear, hung elegantly around her small and pale face, and it was tied up high behind her head. Her chest had good volume, and she wore a dark rose-coloured dress over a sheer, thin blouse. She was probably older than Felicia. 


I sighed. I’ll probably wear a dress one day too. And, maybe one day someone will escort me as well. Well, it’s troublesome, so it’ll be fine if such a day doesn’t come. Me aside, the pretty Onee-san looked amazing. 

However, come to think of it, I don’t know what fashion the Onee-san’s in Kingdom wear in the first place. I looked at my poncho. It was a larger version of the poncho I wore last year, but it had more room in the pockets, and was practical. But I can’t tell what fashion they wear just from looking at baby clothes. 

“There are plenty like her at the castle,” Nico was a bit harsh. At least, Natalie and Nico’s maid are pretty, and so is Julia-obasama and Ange-obasama. Ange-obasama had approached me because of nasty rumours, but I think her milk tea hair is very pretty. 

The two people sat down, the maid made them tea and there were sweets on the table. And yet, they only talked while smiling, and occasionally sipped their tea; they didn’t touch the sweets. 

“The shweethsh ath Ojii-shama’sh pwace are yummy.” (The sweets at Ojii-sama’s place are yummy)

“What, are you hungry?”

“I’m noth hungry!”

It’s not like I’m hungry. However, we escaped to this place before snack time, so I haven’t had today’s snack yet. 

“Hmm. I do feel a little peckish.”

Nico rubbed his belly. I had some sweets in my poncho pocket, but they weren’t freshly made and nicely decorated. I looked sadly at the sweets on the table. I can’t believe they’re not eating them even though they were made just for them.

Wait. That snack at the end of the table… can I grab it if I reach up?

There were several large potted plants along the way. 

“Nico, dat.”


“Thath pwathe if we jushth reach outh tho ith…” (That plate if we just reach out to it)

“Hmm.” Nico put a hand on his chin and quietly observed the way to the table. 

“First, we’ll run to that potted plant. Then, we’ll move to that plotted plant. Then, we just need to crouch down and go to the bottom of the table.”

“We can craww for thhath.” (We can crawl for that)

“That sounds like a good idea. But there is a problem.”

“Whath probwem?”

I tilted my head. 

“You can’t run, can you?”

“I can! I awwaysh run!”

“Shh! You’re being too loud.”

I think the woman looked over here.

“Didn’t you hear something?”

“Who knows? The greenhouse is warm, so it might have been a bird chirping?”

“Oh my, I want to see them.”

“N-no, ah… They flew away.”

Nice Prince Albert! The two went back to what they were talking about. 

“Then we’ll do it quickly and without hesitation. I’ll go first and confirm it’s safe before you go.”

“Ai! I goth ith.”

I raised my hand properly. 

Nico stood up from behind the plants. He looked left and right before running to the first potted plant. 

“Ah! Come to think of it, the glass design on that terrace is so exquisite that you don’t see something like that in the royal capital.”

“Really? I thought it was beautiful earlier. Is Your Highness also interested in architecture?”

The moment Nico signalled for me to come; the two adults looked at the building. Now!

I jumped out and started running.

“Ah, you’re tottering.”

“I’m noth thoththering!”

“Hans, Lei, shhh.”

I huffed and quickly rushed over to Nico.


“You don’t have to worry about everything Hans says.”

Nico was angry. 

“Ai. Sowwy.”

“Alright. We’ll go to the next potted plant while those two are looking over there. Now, give me your hand!”


This time, we held hands while rushing over to the next potted plant. Alright, the two adults still haven’t noticed us.

“We’re almost there. Good, now let’s lower our bodies.”


We quickly rustled our way to the bottom of the table.


Ignore Hans, ignore him. We just have to get the sweets. 

“Alright, then I’ll reach for it since my arms are longer.”

Nico extended his short arm. 

“They’re not as short as yours.”



“Whath’sh wrong?” I asked quietly from under the table.

“See, I just stretched my arm out and I got this.”

In Nico’s hand was a plate covered in napkins to keep the snacks from falling out. 

“I can theww from thhe shmeww. They’re definithewy shweethsh.” (I can tell from the smell. They’re definitely sweets)

“You can tell from the smell…?”

Of course, I would? It’s normal. Next, grab the plate and get out of here!