Chapter 171: The Reason Why I Don’t Want to Go Back

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Nico and I suppressed our urge to eat the snacks and looked above the table.

“Say, Prince Albert.”

“W-what is it?”

“I think there was a plate here before.”

“You’re imagining things,” His Highness declared. 

“But the sweets that the Neville chefs made are excellent. I heard he sent his chefs to train in the royal capital to make his sick daughter happy.”

That daughter must have been Okaa-sama.

“This greenhouse was also built for her because she was too sick to go outside. He wanted her to have fresh air, even if like this.”

“So, it’s designed so that she could go directly to the greenhouse from her room.”

Otou-sama must have seen this and rebuilt our greenhouse replicating it. If I look closely, it looks just like our greenhouse.

“That lady has…”

“She passed away not long after she married Albans, one of the Four Marquises. I’ve met her before too, she was cheerful and showed no signs of being sick.”

Prince Al, you’ve met Okaa-sama? That’s nice. I wanted to meet her too. At that moment, Prince Al let out a slight cough. 

“Since we’re here, let’s order more sweets. We’ve had nothing but tea for a while now, right?”

“I’m actually curious about the sweets.” 

The lady giggled. Aren’t they getting along well?

“Why don’t we take a look around the greenhouse while we wait for the sweets?”

“I’d love to.”

We huddled against the table legs. The two slowly walked to the back of the greenhouse without looking at us.

“I thought we were going to get caught.”

“Thath wash cwoshe.” (That was close)

“Uncle and the lady probably won’t be back for a while. Let’s eat here.”


We stretched our legs and sat under the table, then Nico placed the plate on his legs and removed the napkin. 

“Ith woowsh dewicioush!” (It looks delicious)

“The colours are pretty.”

Who cares about the colour or shape? I feel bad for the person who made it if we don’t eat it.

“Bon appethith.” (Bon appetit)

“Let’s eat.”

Normally Nico would use a fork. He was good with a fork, but he learnt to be resourceful as he spent time with me. 

In other words, he could eat with his hands even if he didn’t have a fork.

“Lei, there’s cream around your mouth.”


I can wipe it with my sleeve, since I don’t have a napkin.

“There’s a napkin here, isn’t there?”

“I can’th reach ith.”

“I have no words for you, Lei.”

Nico rubbed my face with the napkin even though I’d already wiped it away.

“It looks like His Highness and the lady will be back soon.”

“But first, we need to put more sweets on the table.”

I heard the maids’ voices.

“Okay, let’s hide before Uncle and the lady comes back.”


Nico gently placed the empty plate back on the table.

“It should be fine like this.”

“I’m fuww now.”

“Let’s go!”

We went back to where we came from by hiding behind the potted plants.

“Phew, we got back safely.”

Nico wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. I didn’t sweat. Going there and coming back was a simple mission. Hans spoke to us in a quiet voice, “Lei-sama and Your Highness.”

“Whath Hansh?”

“So, did you take a good look at Prince Albert’s partner?”

Nico and I looked at each other. Oh yeah, we snuck out because Nico said he wanted to see Prince Al’s partner. I’d forgotten all about it. I came out for another reason.

“Hmm. They’re getting along and she doesn’t look bad,” Nico said seriously even though he had forgotten the reason why he’d come out. 

“Well then, let’s go back to the mansion since we’ve accomplished our goal.”

“I don’t mind. Lei?”

“I don’th wanth tho go bacw.” (I don’t want to go back)

I looked down.

“Oh my. You have it tough too, Lei-sama. You just have to put up with it for one more day. There are a lot of people coming to Farland too.”

“Too many.”

Apparently, there is a communication network in this world as well, and the information about the marriage interview partner for the Four Marquises coming to Kingdom’s royal capital from Easter has also reached Farland. Incidentally, they didn’t use a fast horse for communication, instead they used a fast dragon.

Rug dragons can run fast for a long period of time. I know that even if I don’t want to.

Therefore, the information about people from Easter arriving at the royal capital was conveyed to Farland in no time at all. They were going to meet at the border, but since people from Easter were invited to the royal capital, they thought it would be fine if they go to Farland or another northern border.  It wasn’t just Prince Albert here, but also Nico, Gill, Nii-sama, so the noble children were quickly sent to Ojii-sama’s house because they could meet the royal family and the Four Marquises. 

Ojii-sama was greatly troubled. 

But it seemed that the northern fief was like that. 

“Large numbers of soldiers can come to the border as well when push comes to shove. I heard they haven’t come here for a while, but as you can see, this mansion is pointlessly large, and it’s only annoying to have more guests, but you still have to welcome them.” 

Ojii-sama patted his chest to tell Nii-sama and I not to worry. I’m sure he was annoyed. 

Still, there were a lot of nobles who sent their young children to meet the royal family and the Four Marquises in Kingdom even though it was cold. There were a few children around Gill and Nii-sama’s age, and a few children under six too. 

For the record, I had just turned two even though I’m cute. Nico is three.

“I’m nearly four.”

I don’t have to answer in my head. 

But can you have feelings for a two year old other than feelings towards a sister? The answer is no. Can you be friends with someone who is a different age to you even if you’re unwilling to? The answer is this. However, that’s only if the six-year-old is gentle and kind to the younger one.

I sighed softly. If you don’t know how to make friends with someone younger than you, then don’t.

“Wait! His Highness and the lady are getting to know each other better! You can’t enter!” A panicked voice came from outside the entrance of the greenhouse along with the thudding sounds of a child’s footsteps.


“Lei-sama, one more day. Please bear with it.”


I tried to get up and run away, but it was too late.

“I found you!” I was grabbed from behind.