Chapter 175: Young Children

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

There were other pictures of Okaa-sama, including when she was little, and I had fun looking at them with Nii-sama, but in the end, we went back to the picture on the stairs. I went to the stairs to look at her portrait whenever I had free time while I was at Ojii-sama’s mansion, but it was a pity that I didn’t have much free time to do so in the first place. 

On the day we arrived, we had dinner then went to bed right away, but on the next day, we had to interact with the children from Farland since we were here. 

Isn’t it time for them to send a little girl here? If it’s too hard to travel or deal with a boy’s tantrums, then why would I, a two-year-old, have to accompany Nico even though I’ve travelled all the way here? I would like to ask this to the person in charge, but there wasn’t anyone in charge, and the result was this makeshift treatment. I miss having Chris around. 

“Since we’re all here, there are a lot of things about the different fiefs that I’d like to talk about. Although Neville and Helford share a border, the climate and vegetation are almost identical. But how do you think the productivity changes with and without the barrier? I’d like to hear your honest opinions.” We were thrown into a large room so that we can interact with each other in a less formal setting, and it was Lloyd who started the conversation. I’m certain he was, “The pershon near weshther.”

He seemed mischievous yesterday, but he suddenly started talking about a serious topic today. When I looked at Nii-sama and Gill, they also seemed to exude a surprised aura. Of course, Nii-sama is Otou-sama’s son. His feelings didn’t show on his face in the slightest. I know since we get along.

“Why do you look so proud?”

“Noth you. Ith’sh Lei.” I politely corrected Lawk’s mistake when he spoke to me. 

“You don’t know my name either do you!?”

I looked at Lawk a little coldly. We introduced ourselves yesterday, didn’t we? 

“Laww. Jeff. Jashper. Lwoud.” (Lawk. Jeff. Jasper. Lloyd) I called their names out in the order that I was looking at them and looked smug. 

“And Lei ish Lei. And thhen Nico.”

I made sure to say Nico’s name so that he wouldn’t be left out. 

“Hmm. Lawk. Jeff. Jasper. Lloyd. You can call me Nico.” Nico nodded coolly, then called out each of their names in confirmation and introduced himself like I had done. The other two youths had their mouths agape.

“Fuha, hahaha! The small Prince and lady are very smart. I think the little ones will do just fine under these circumstances. Jeff. Can I leave it to you?” Lloyd was the first to speak and he laughed in amusement, then he confirmed this with his brother, Jeff.

“I’m fine, Nii-sama,” Jeff said then glanced at Lawk. 

“I’m fine too. I can take care of the midgets.”

I think we’ll be the ones who will look after this Lawk. Lawk’s brother, Jasper, looked a little uneasy. 

“I don’t mind. There are things that the older children want to talk to each other about. Lei and I will accompany these people.”

Why did you include me without permission? Since Nico said it was alright, we had to hang out with the two younger ones. Well, whatever. I’ll just watch over them quietly. 

“Then, what should we do? Shall we study since it’s before lunch?”

“What are you saying?” Lawk said, and his brother Jasper spun around with a tragic look on his face, but his fist didn’t reach here. Nico didn’t seem to mind, and the conversation proceeded as normal. 

“We’re finally away from home, so we’re not going to study. Let’s play!”

“That’s good.” Nico looked happy too. Jeff was quietly watching, or rather, he was keeping his mouth shut. Then, he gently crossed his arms. 

“But you know what? What kind of games can we play that a baby can also play?”

What a nice child to think of a game where everyone can play. But I want to say this, “I’m not a baby.”

“Board games might be a little difficult.”

“I can pway.”

“I know! How about hide-and-seek?!”

I thought Jeff was just being quiet, but he wasn’t listening to us at all. Well, I always play hide-and-seek with Nico and Chris, so that’s fine.

“Then Lei can join in too. But…”


“Lei will fall asleep anywhere if we don’t find her soon.”

I won’t sleep in the morning no matter how much I sleep. Rude. 

“Well, I’ll find that midget straight away, so it’s fine.”

“I hope you’re right.”

Nico looked at Lawk with pity. 

“Then, I’ll be it since I suggested the game. Is 20 seconds enough time?” 

So, we played hide-and-seek. Isn’t 20 seconds too short? It’s not. I already assumed that we would be playing hide-and-seek from the moment we entered this room, so I’ve already memorised the placement of the furniture. Nico also did the same, so we ran to our hiding spots without complaining. 

I can hide behind the couch, under the table, in the curtains or behind the guards and maids in this room. There are also gaps between the bookshelves. 

But I chose to hide under the couch I was sitting on. I got off the couch when Jeff started counting, lied down on the ground and hid behind the carved leg. I barely made it.


“… Pfft.” 

I can hear Natalie’s inaudible shriek and Hans sigh, but it’s okay. Even underneath the sofa was well-cleaned, as expected of an Earl’s mansion. Everyone also seemed to be hiding somewhere, and I couldn’t hear the sounds of footsteps anymore. 

“19, 20. Once more…”


I replied in a small voice as if I didn’t know where they were. 

“The room isn’t that big, so I’ll find them soon.”

Jeff-kun, who was counting by the door, was full of confidence. 

“I guess I’ll start with the curtains.”

I knew his eyes would be attracted to that. I heard the rustling of the curtains. 

“Not here. Which means…”

Jeff’s feet passed in front of me. A moment later, I felt him flip the tablecloth up. 

“Lawk, I found you!”

“Tsk. This room is too small.”

There’s always someone who will blame other people and things. But still, it’s warm in here. It’s nice and warm.

“Next, here! See.”

“It’s easy to find someone hiding behind a pair of legs, after all?”

Apparently, that person was hiding behind Nii-sama’s and others’ legs. Trees hide in forests. Babies hide behind adults. Hmm. Sleepy. 

I don’t remember anything after that, but the next thing I know, I was being dragged from under the couch. 

“I told you, didn’t I? She’ll fall asleep if you don’t find her soon.”

“I washn’th shweeping.” (I wasn’t sleeping)

Nico wiped my mouth with a handkerchief while looking at me with pity as I rubbed my eyes. This is something a lady shouldn’t do. I drooled? 

“Alright! Let’s play something that requires more moving around!”

We’re still going? I reluctantly stood up.