Chapter 178: Separate

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam and SenjiQ

So, Nico and I, who were liked by the group of little kids from day one, spent time with them whenever we had spare time. 

Even so, the main purpose of this trip was Prince Albert’s matchmaking. They thought that they should quickly have the matchmaking done from the first day, just like how the children’s group suddenly played together on the first day, but it wasn’t easy to have a date with just the two of them as we all met for dinner and went to the ranch to look at the Rug Dragons together for a few days. 

Apparently, Prince Albert and Farland’s royalty had a good relationship, and the lively Princess Tessa argued with Prince Albert as if she was his matchmaking partner. 

On the other hand, his real matchmaking partner, Sienna, blended in with the group, and spent her time smiling without asserting herself. Maybe she didn’t want to have an arranged marriage, or maybe she was just being considerate towards her own Princess. 

Honestly, it was tiring playing with the boys, but I don’t mind prolonging our stay. After all, Ojii-sama, Oji-sama and Oba-sama are here. It was also fun to see traces of Okaa-sama everywhere. 

It was also interesting to observe the situation around Prince Al during our meals together. But I don’t think Nico found it very interesting. 

“Was Tessa-dono uncle’s matchmaking partner?”

“No, ith’sh Siehna.”

“Siehna? Ah, Sienna? But uncle is only speaking to Tessa-dono.”

“Thath’sh becaushe…”

I wanted to say that it was probably because of politics or part of diplomacy, but it’s hard to say it as a two year old. I put my mouth next to Nico’s ear and whispered, “Lei and Nico wiww go home afther thhe mathchmawing ish over.” (Lei and Nico will go home after the matchmaking is over)

Nico looked at me, startled. 

“That’s bad. No, it’s not, but I don’t want to go home too quickly.”

“Then don’th worry abouth ith.”

“You’re right. They won’t get started unless everyone separates.”

It’s a bit weird to say separate. Apparently, the person who was taking this matchmaking more seriously than anyone else, was Nico. I couldn’t help but give him a pat on the head. He’s a good boy. 

“What is it?”

“Good boy.”

“I’m almost four.”


But you’re still a child, I didn’t say. 

“Honesty that is hard to believe in a royal or a Four Marquis. I don’t think we were like that when we were little.”

“Really? Is there an environment where you can’t be honest in Farland?”

At that time, the words that were said in the room made me feel that Prince Albert was indeed honest. It wasn’t something that should be asked out loud. Sienna chuckled nearby while looking at us. In terms of age, both of them should be younger than Prince Al, but as expected, women were more mature.

“I would like to go to Neville-dono’s Rug Dragon ranch again tomorrow. I’d like to hear more about the small Rug Dragons.”

“Sure, that’s fine. Lei has the Rug Dragon with the best personality, but since she’s returned here with her, why don’t you have a look at her?”


If the Princess is going alone, does that mean that it’s finally time for the matchmaking tomorrow? 

“Finally? I’ll have to check her out myself,” Nico muttered to himself, but I don’t think anyone heard him because his voice was so low. 

We played outside that day until I was exhausted. 

I had a bath earlier than usual and stuck to Nii-sama in our room while dozing off, then there was a knock on the door. There were guards at the door, probably because I was targeted a lot. The knock indicated that the guards had given this person permission to enter the room.

“Come in,” Nii-sama looked at me for a brief second and gave the person permission to enter.

“Hmm. Sorry for visiting you at night.”


I was startled awake. Nico came in quietly with his guard. We played together a lot during the day, what did he want? 

“Well, I’d like to have a private conversation with Lei.”

Nii-sama looked at me, and I made an expression that said it was fine. Having said that, we only moved to a corner of the room. 

We crouched down next to the wall with our backs turned towards everyone else.

“Whath’sh wrong?”

“Mm. Well, I heard that uncle will finally have his matchmaking tomorrow.”


“Yes, finally.”

If that’s all, then well, it’s a good thing, isn’t it?

“Aren’t you curious about what kind of person Sienna is?”

“Noth reawwy.”

I think she’s a calm person, but I wasn’t curious about her. 

“She might become my aunt!”

It doesn’t matter to me even if you say that. It’s not like she’s becoming my aunt. 

“So whath do you wanth tho do?”

I had to ask him frankly. I’m sleepy.

“Hmm. Let’s go watch them.”

We were talking to each other, but I suddenly felt like everyone in the room was listening to us. Nico didn’t notice. 

“Thwo, uh, thhe mathchmawing ish for thhe thwo of thhem onwy.” (Two, uh, the matchmaking is for the two of them only)

Nico said something weird, so I also spoke weirdly from panic. 

“You’re an idiot, Lei.”


Can you believe that he called this super smart two year old an idiot?!

“Of course, we’re going to do it secretly.”


My momentary rage instantly subsided. Sneaking around sounds pretty fun. 

“We’ll leave the Farland children alone tomorrow.”

“Thath’sh importhanth.”

“We’ll watch the matchmaking in secret.”


I grinned. His Highness also grinned. 

“Your Highness and Lei…” If Hans was here, I’m sure he would say something rude like, “Your bad influence has rubbed off on him,” but Nii-sama’s surprise exclamation was nothing. Nico and I spun around. 



I’ll be troubled if he becomes an accomplice.