Chapter 179: Hepatica

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

The matchmaking was in the afternoon on the next day. Actually, we played until we were exhausted in the morning, and I had already finished my nap.

“Nii-syama, quicwwy.” (Nii-sama, quickly)

“I know. Those children are a bit annoying for your Nii-sama too.”

“Ith wash more annoying for Lei.”

What is Nii-sama saying? What’s the point of forcing a two year old to deal with children who are annoying even for a 12 year old?

Well, whatever. I held back my shock and asked Nii-sama for help. It wasn’t something difficult even though I had asked Nii-sama for help. All he had to do was keep Lawk and Jeff from finding Nico and I. 

In the meantime, Nico and I will sneak into the matchmaking place with our guards. 

“It’s alright. I asked their Nii-samas to help me today. Their Nii-samas should be keeping them in their rooms.”

“Leiilla and Prinnccee Niicoo.” I can hear Lawk’s voice from across the hall.


“Tsk. They’re useless.”


 I wonder if he can feel my dismay. 

“Lei-sama, it’s a time of crisis, so let’s go back and take the long way around the stairs over there. Up you go.”

Hans is a guard, so he doesn’t carry me since he couldn’t protect me if his hands were full. But with my graceful, leisure steps, Lawk might catch up to us. It can’t be helped.

“Ai.” I reached out to Hans and asked him to pick me up. 

“Let’s change plans. How about Hans holds Lawk back and I carry Lei to the greenhouse?”


No. A guard had no right to stop the actions of a foreign noble.

“Hansh weth’sh go.”

“Okay, then Luke-sama…”

“Fine. I’ll leave it to you.”

And so, I secretly moved around. 

I’ll be meeting Nico in front of the greenhouse. We went out of the balcony in the room in the middle of the building instead of through the front door and went around to the greenhouse from the outside. 

“Ith’sh cowd.” (It’s cold)

“Because it’s winter, Lei-sama.”

“The wind ish shthrong.”

“Because we’re outside, Lei-sama.”

Hans and I chatted peacefully, then we arrived at the greenhouse.

“Phew, thhath wash rough.”

“For me.”

He just carried a cute baby, but he was acting like this. 

“You’ve gotten pretty heavy.”

“Peopwe caww thhath growing up.”

It’s rude to say it in a way that sounded as if I had gained weight. Doesn’t this mean that I’m growing? However, Nico was already at the greenhouse waiting for me.

“Lei, aren’t you late?”

“Thath’s becaushe…”

Nico looked at me pitifully when I told him that Lawk had almost found me.

“Well, whatever. Let’s go!”


This was how the matchmaking scout mission began and was completed.


◊ After the matchmaking (The matchmaking scout mission is in chapter 170-172) ◊


“If you were going to go see the matchmaking, then you should have told me too. Don’t be secretive.”


“Anyway, just put Lei down.”

Lawk held me as he walked quickly and he was quite strong for a six year old, so it wasn’t very comfortable to be in his arms. Jeff didn’t care and just whistled. Don’t you have any desire to tell your friend off? Jeff looked calmed, but he probably didn’t care about others around him. 

Lawk finally put me down after being told to by Nico. Phew. 

“Now then, let’s go play.”


Lawk and Jeff. They might be hopeless people when put together. 

“Where are we going?” 

Nico’s eyes were sparkling. He might be hopeless too. How about the boys just go off on their own? 

“You know, Princess Tessa is going to see the Rug Dragons today. We’ll go too.”

“Let’s go.”

“Let’s go.”

“Noth going.”

The last opinion was ignored.

“We’ll have to take a carriage if we’re going to the ranch or we won’t make it there until the sun sets,” Nico’s guard, who was normally quiet, told us. 

“It’s fine. I want to drop off somewhere first,” Lawk refused this selfishly. 

We went to the back of the mansion instead of the ranch. The odd group of toddlers and guards were honestly moving slower because of me. However, neither Lawk nor Jeff told me to ‘hurry up’ or ‘move quickly’ when we played together for the past few days. 

Jeff was whistling while walking leisurely, but he occasionally looked in my direction to check his pace, and Lawk and Nico were picking up branches and swinging them around, but they were always careful not to hit me. 

Still, aren’t we going to see the Rug Dragons? We walked quite a bit, then Lawk stopped. It was a fairly large hillside. There were also trees. 

“We’re here.”

There were no Rug Dragons. But there was something else. 

At the end of winter, and the faintest hint of spring, Lawk pointed to a field of pure white flowers.

“I heard they’re called ‘hepatica’,” Nico told me since I couldn’t speak. 

“You’re always napping. We found this when the three of us were playing together.”

“Laww.” (Lawk)

“This is the flower that your Okaa-sama was holding, right? It’s not a painting. It’s real.”


The three of them were smiling. They must have brought me here to show me these flowers. 

I crouched down and plucked a hepatica. It faintly had the scent of spring soil. 

Okaa-sama’s favourite flower must be waiting for spring. 

“Let’s make a bundle like the one in your Okaa-sama’s painting.”

“No, ith’sh fine, I’ww jushth thawe thhish.” (No, it’s fine, I’ll just take this)

They’ll die if we pluck them.

“Laww, Jeff and Nico. Thanwsh.”

“It’s fine,” they said before smiling. 

“Well, there’s more. Lei, stand up.”

“Eh, un.”

I stood up. Then, I heard a loud voice calling out to me from the direction of the mansion, but I didn’t know what they were saying. When the guards turned towards the mansion, Lawk took my hand. 

“There’s a big hole on the ground over there. Let’s go.”

I think that’s a place we definitely shouldn’t go. 

“Waith,” I couldn’t say. We fell when we got to the other side of the trees. Right down.