Chapter 180: At the Place Where We Fell

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

It was like I had suddenly lost my footing. Lawk and I fell down while still standing and holding hands. 

I looked up stunned and could make out the faint hint of the sky even though it was dark. It seemed like we had fallen through a tiny gap in the ground. It may seem impossible, but in fact, people can easily fall through even the tiniest gap between the train and the platform. 

I can’t get up because my eyes are unaccustomed to the dark, but I don’t seem injured either. 

“There reawwy wash a howe,” (There really was a hole) I mumbled and the hand that was holding mine twitched. He seemed to have come back to his senses because of what I had said. Lawk probably wasn’t injured either since he wasn’t crying. But the words that he said back to me was a surprise, “Not this one.”

“Noth thhish one?”

What’s not this one?

“This isn’t the hole I wanted us to go to.”


“There’s a hole in the hill up ahead. One that someone had dug up.”

I see. So, no one might know about this hole and the ceiling might collapse because of people running.

“Laww yeww in a woud voice.” (Lawk yell in a loud voice)

“In a loud voice?”

“Yeww for hewp.” (Yell for help)

That’s right. We were able to stay somewhat calm since the both of us were here, but we’re in an emergency. Lawk looked up while stunned, like I had done earlier, and shouted into the hole. 


I see. It was certainly easier to yell ‘hey’ rather than ‘help’. I’ll do that too.



We immediately felt the presence of people from above as we were both yelling and the first thing we saw was dirt falling. 



We moved around on all fours and brushed the dirt off our heads. 

“Lei-sama?” Then a familiar voice came from above my head.


“There you are! They’re here! Wait! Don’t run!” Hans’s voice was as pleasant as always, but he had never sounded so relieved. Hans laid on his stomach and gently reached into the hole. Then, he carefully touched the walls. But dirt fell down from the places where he touched. 

“Hansh, thhe dirth ish fawwing.” (Hans, the dirt is falling)

“Lei-sama, you’re okay. Stay calm. I’ll definitely get you out.”


“But how did you fall down from such a small hole?” He was probably speaking to himself. But I’ve seen people fall into gaps like this in my previous life. Surprisingly, people can fall from narrow holes, even more so when they’re children. 

Lawk stood up and did his best to reach out. However, we had fallen deeper than we had expected, so his hands didn’t reach Hans, and the hole was only big enough to fit an adult’s shoulder. 

“Lei-sama, I’ll have someone get me a rope, so please behave yourself down there.”


It’s a good idea to have them make a loop with the ropes and pull us up by the armpits. So, we’ll just sit down and wait somewhere so the dirt doesn’t fall until then. 

“Laww shith down.”

“Okay. Sorry, Lei.”

“Ith’sh awrighth. They’ww geth ush outh righth away.” (It’s alright. They’ll get us out right away)

My eyes grew accustomed to the light as we both huddled together, and the light shining through the hole gave me a vague idea of what was happening on the other side. 

“It’s a long way down isn’t it?”

“Ith’sh wiwe a cave.”

“Yeah. There’s a hole like this on the hill and it leads all the way down.”

It didn’t look like a big hill. 

“I heard there was a battle around here long ago, and they widened the original hole to make a maze so that they could hide. I was told that we weren’t allowed to enter.”

Of course. Caves and mazes were places that a six year old boy should never be allowed to enter. When I observed our surroundings, I felt that the wall was smooth at the end and a person’s hands could pass through.

On the other hand, the walls in the area where we fell were soft and people couldn’t put their hands through. 

“Thath’sh where thhe howe wash made wather.” (That’s where the hole was made later)

I guessed. While I was observing, there was a lot of activity above us. 

“I didn’t expect you to come this way. I told you it was dangerous cause there were holes here, didn’t I?”

“I, I thought you were talking about the holes over there.”

It might have been Nico’s guard who was angry. Hans didn’t seem to know about this. I wish the guards shared information with each other. 

“I’ll bring the rope as quickly as I can, but it might be quicker to walk around to the hole in the hill. I’ll bring some light with me too.”

“It’s connected to the other side?! If we can get there safely, then it might be safer for Lei-sama that way rather than trying to get her out with a rope.”

“Well, we’ll try both ways. I’ll get more people to help.”

Hans and the people from the mansion were talking above us. I’m sure Nico’s guard must be flustered. 

“Connected… from over there?” Lawk whispered next to me. I have a bad feeling about this.


“Let’s go!”


Lawk stood up and ran towards the passage that was vaguely visible from the hole. 

I suppose I have to call Hans. However, Lawk said that this passage is a maze. Is the important thing to get myself out first or not to leave Lawk alone? 

“We can’th sheperathe, Laww.” (We can’t separate, Lawk)

I also stood up and began to move towards Lawk. Briskly, of course.