Chapter 183: Everyone Gets Scolded

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I didn’t do much. I just fell directly underneath and walked just a few meters away. 

You were rustling around the greenhouse before? I have no memory of this. 

It was almost dark when help arrived, so I was quickly taken back to the mansion, bathed, fed in my room and tucked in bed by Nii-sama. 

“Whath abouth Laww?”

“He seems to be okay.”

“And Nico and Jeff?”

“They didn’t fall, you know.”

That was the last thing I remember of that day. When I got up the next day, I was surprised that my body was sore everywhere. 

The impact of the fall must have been great, and honestly, it was mentally draining to be in the dark. 

I’m proud of myself for keeping calm despite the circumstances. 

“What’s wrong? You’ll tumble over if you puff your chest out too much.”

I wasn’t puffing my chest out. I was just complimenting myself for what I did yesterday.

“Yeshtherday wash thiring.” (Yesterday was tiring)

“You did your best didn’t you, Lei?” Nii-sama sat down beside me on the bed. It was very like him to say something that had a hidden meaning behind it. 

“The chiwd feww.” (The child fell)

“I didn’t fall, and I haven’t heard many stories about children falling. You should be angrier, Lei.”

I didn’t know there was a hole there and I didn’t care because I was saved, so I was already preoccupied with breakfast. 

“I wonder whath’sh for breawfashth thoday.” (I wonder what’s for breakfast today.)

Why did he suddenly hug me then? Well, it’s fine since it’s fun.

A concerned Gill came to our room to check on me and the three of us had breakfast together. Speaking of which, how did the matchmaking go?

“How wash Prince Aw’sh mathchmawing?” (How was Prince Al’s matchmaking)

“Hmm, well.”

“We were all preoccupied with something else.”

Nii-sama and Gill looked at each other and smiled wryly. 

“On the contrary, I think it went rather well for Prince Albert though,” Gill said a little mysteriously. 

“After all, no matter which of the three Frontier countries he chooses a wife from, there will always be conflict somewhere.”

“Weshther didn’th sheth a mathch for him.” (Wester didn’t set a match for him)

A group from Easter might be in the royal capital right now, but Wester hasn’t said a thing. Well, they did approach Nii-sama and Gill when we were in Sebel, Wester’s royal capital. 

“If His Highness were to marry someone from Farland, then it would be disastrous afterwards. With me, they’ll probably try to introduce someone to me through Alistair.” Gill looked off into the distance. I looked at Gill asking him about Nii-sama’s case. 

“I wonder if that stupid Wester will go that far?”

“They would. Probably without any ill will.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

Nii-sama and Gill arrived at Sebel before me and a lot of things seemed to have happened during that time, so something probably happened to them then too. The two of them agree with each other. 

“I wonder if Awishthair ish weww.” (I wonder if Alistair is well)

“He’s probably fine. Don’t worry, he’s got his four guardians looking after him.”


I have a feeling that he’ll come visit us this summer once he’s gotten used to his studies. 

“I’ww grow bigger by shummer.” (I’ll grow bigger by summer)

I pictured myself being slim and well-proportioned. Then, “Lei, you’ve gotten big.”

“You’ve gotten faster.”

They told me. How is it? 

“You won’t be that much different by summer, will you?”

“She probably won’t.”

It seems that reality is like this. Well, the three-year-old Nico wasn’t slender and well-proportioned, so of course a two-year-old wouldn’t be either. 

“Lei’s question was about the matchmaking, wasn’t it,” Nii-sama brought the topic back. 

“The matchmaking itself went well, or rather it went well for the Farland group. It’s not just about the matchmaking, but also practical matters such as exchange of grains and magic stones, which often progress further if people meet and talk.”

“A lot of things that needed to be done were settled, and the last thing that needed to be done was the matchmaking. Well, I heard they made a good impression on each other, but they’re lacking a deciding factor.”

I can kind of imagine. If they had been from the same country, then an arranged marriage would be successfully set up if they could talk peacefully. But, if she’s not the kind of person that Prince Albert wants to be his wife, then there will be no further discussion on this. 

“In the end, Farland couldn’t manage their children because of their greed, and that’s why yesterday’s incident happened.”


It certainly felt like Farland was hoping that things would work out if their children met with us, so we had a hard time dealing with the children. I don’t have a very good impression of Farland. 

However, having said that, my impression of Wester isn’t a good one either. Huu and I got along in the end, but his attitude and that of his country’s wasn’t very good. 

Easter is out of the question as far as the Third Prince is concerned. 

And, even my impression of Kingdom, where I live, isn’t a good one.

Oh, aren’t I being harsh? Nii-sama talked to me yesterday when I was thinking about something else. 

“Lei, you went to sleep early yesterday, and that’s fine since you’re both the victim and you also helped out a lot, but it was tough on the rest of us.”

“Did you geth shcowded?” (Did you get scolded)

“Yes. Prince Al also lectured Prince Nico at length about his lack of awareness as an heir.”

But I don’t think Nico actually did anything bad. 

“Not to mention Lawk. Jeff didn’t try to stop him either. Of course, Jasper and Lloyd also got scolded for their lack of control over their brothers. And most of all, the guards.” Nii-sama’s face became stern. 

“Whath abouth Hansh? Hansh didth whath he had tho do.” (What about Hans? Hans did what he had to do)

“Hans also took his eyes off you for a second. That’s why Hans also got scolded a bit by Ojii-sama and Oji-sama.”


I didn’t mind complaining about Hans myself, but I hated the thought of others scolding him for some reason. 

“And most importantly…” 

Nii-sama chuckled, and Gill’s expression said, “Here we go.”

“The royal family’s guards also got scolded. Of course, I’m sure Prince Albert would have reprimanded them later, but they were lectured by Hans.”

“Hansh didth?”

“You might not know this Lei. Hans used to be the captain of the Special Forces, like Graces.”


I didn’t think he was such an amazing person. 

“I heard he’s been out of the royal capital many times. He always goes on and on about what guards should be like. It seems he’s been putting up with the other guards on this journey…”

A lot of things did happen. 

“So, the matchmaking has ended, and we were able to crush Farland’s momentum since they had gotten the Four Marquis involved in something outrageous, and well, things turned out great.”


That means that we will be back at the royal capital already even though we’ve only been here for a few days. I’m a bit disappointed.